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New Tesla Board Interviews / Tesla's FSD 12.4.1 / Elon's Next Comp Plan ⚡️

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Welcome to Electrified, it's your host Dylan Lumis. First up today, huge shout out to Amy as she has obtained council to challenge the plaintiff's fee request in Elon's comp plan case. Remember that six billion with a B dollar fee that they were requesting? Well, Amy is now fighting back against that on behalf of all of Tesla shareholders. So Amy, Godspeed, the word is she has a pretty killer legal team, including the former SEC commissioner. If you want to follow along with the case, I'll have this link below. A user on the TMC forum shared a picture of the Model S in the new lunar silver color. In this case, I think it's fairly apparent that pictures are not going to do it justice, but for now, it's the best we have. Tesla board member Robin Denholm gave a new 15 minute interview to CNBC. Here are the highlights and we do have to read between the lines. If the pay package is not approved by shareholders, what do you think would happen? Yeah, well, obviously that's something the board has spent quite a bit of time deliberating. And when we were assessing all the different options after the January judgment came out. This is the best option ratifying the plan is the best option. Clearly, if it doesn't pass, then there are other alternatives, but none of them are as good from a shareholder position.
欢迎来到Electrified,我是你的主持人Dylan Lumis。今天首先要特别感谢Amy,因为她已经获得法律顾问,准备在Elon的薪酬计划案中挑战原告的费用请求。还记得他们要求的那60亿美元费用吗?现在,Amy正在代表所有特斯拉股东反击。所以,Amy,加油,有消息称她有一个非常强大的法律团队,其中包括前SEC委员。如果你想跟进这个案子,我会在下面提供一个链接。 一个TMC论坛的用户分享了银色月光新款Model S的照片。在这情况下,我觉得照片未必能完全展现它的美,但是目前这是我们所拥有的最佳参考。 特斯拉董事会成员Robin Denholm接受了CNBC的一个15分钟的新采访。以下是采访的要点,我们必须仔细解读。如果薪酬方案未能获得股东批准,会发生什么呢?嗯,显然董事会在这方面已经花了很多时间进行讨论。当我们在一月判决出来后评估所有不同的选项时,这个方案是最佳选择。很明显,如果没有通过,那么还有其他备选方案,但从股东的角度来看,没有一个能比这更好。

So, I think the perspective is actually ratifying the plan. There are some lawyers who have suggested, even if it is approved by shareholders again, that a court could strike it down and not accept this new ratification, if you will. Well, that is possible. But quite frankly, if you sit back, that's actually quite detrimental from a shareholder primacy perspective. And again, if this for some reason is not approved, or if a court were to try to prevent this from being approved, what would the next steps be? Is it possible that Elon Musk, by the way, could ultimately sue Tesla? Well, the good part about the legal system in the US is anybody can sue anybody. But by the same token, that's not something that he has talked to the board about or anything like that. It is possible. Is it probable? I don't know.

But from an option perspective, in terms of different alternatives, as I said, putting in a new compact package is an alternative. But none of those alternatives are actually as good as ratifying the plan for shareholders. Because as we talked about before, there'd be an increased cost, there'd be demotivation at the end of the day.

So when you read different questions about incentives, longer term, for Elon, which is, he's obviously enormously wealthy. How are you going to incentivize him in the future? I know we're really only six years into what is a ten year plan, and there's still five years of vesting that have to take place. And I'm not sure shareholders always appreciate that piece either.

So when we constructed the 2018 plan with outside help and also understanding the motivations, obviously big audacious goals are what drive Elon in terms of motivation. But we wanted to put this in for the long term. So it is a ten year plan. Even after he exercises the shares, he must hold them for another five years. And that hasn't even started yet. So he has not exercised one share under this, this program.

So we have a lot of runway under this existing plan, which is why we want it ratified. I think many people, including myself, were thinking, well, if Elon gets his 2018 comp plan back and settled in 2025, maybe they start talking about and announce a new pay package sometime in 2026. But from Robin's comments, it may not be until 2028 or later. This is not at all something I'm ready to predict, but for me, it was a slight shift in my expectations.

From a Tesla perspective, so we have built out a significant compute with GPU capability already. We have a second phase. We're actually building a new data center in Texas. As we speak, it won't come online until August. What do you tell him about speaking publicly about politics? Everyone is entitled to their own view. So from our perspective, we monitor. Do you monitor his tweets? Absolutely. How does that work? It's very interesting, actually. The range and breadth of tweeting that happens.
从特斯拉的角度来看,我们已经建立了一个具有强大GPU功能的计算系统。我们还有第二阶段,现在正在德克萨斯州建一个新的数据中心。这个数据中心要到八月份才能投入使用。 你们如何看待公开讨论政治?每个人都有权表达自己的观点。从我们的角度来看,我们会进行监测。你们会监测他在推特上的发言吗?当然会。这是怎么实现的呢?其实非常有趣,推特上的发帖范围和广度都很惊人。

But definitely, if things that he talks about that are not associated with Tesla but are associated with politics or anything else. And we, as bored, aren't comfortable with the point of view or they've been misinterpreted or whatever, we'll lean into that conversation. Again, not in public because, quite frankly, that's not helpful to anybody.

Tesla has released a limited edition Mescal, Smoky and Flora with a smooth finish with a pretty slick looking black bottle. There are some differences between Mescal and Tequila, but typically, Mescal is a bit on the pricier side due to the limited production. Tesla's bottle is $450. For now, it's only available in select states. It'll be produced by Nesotros, Tequila and Mescal, and orders will begin shipping in three to six weeks.

As I said over on X, in a few years, I'll be ready to celebrate. Tesla's offering a new three-year APR of 1.99%, but this is for a limited time and only for the Model 3 and it excludes the performance variant. Cybertruck owners are getting a letter from Tesla telling them they're eligible to receive a $2,500 voucher to buy PowerShare home backup equipment.
就像我在X上说的,再过几年,我就准备好庆祝了。特斯拉现在提供一个新的三年期年利率1.99%的贷款,但这是有时间限制的,而且只适用于Model 3,不包括性能版。Cybertruck的车主会收到特斯拉的一封信,告诉他们有资格获得一张价值2500美元的代金券,用于购买PowerShare家庭备用设备。

If they don't want to use it for that, they can also use the voucher to buy items at the Tesla shop, but there are some stipulations. For the PowerShare install, it's only for owners who have a Tesla certified installer in their area. And for the voucher in the Tesla shop, the word is you're limited to one transaction. We don't cover X much on the channel, but there is no shortage of interesting developments happening at Elon's newest venture.
如果他们不想用它来做那个,他们也可以用代金券在特斯拉商店购买商品,但有一些规定。关于 PowerShare 的安装,仅限于所在地区有特斯拉认证安装师的车主。而在特斯拉商店使用代金券,据说只能进行一次交易。虽然我们在频道上很少讨论 X,但埃隆最新的企业确实有很多有趣的进展。

Content censorship is full of landmines, and given the current media landscape, no one is immune to being fed propaganda. And that's just part of why I'm such a big supporter of Ground News, the sponsor of this video. Ground News is how I get my breaking news because I can instantly discern any political bias.
内容审查充满了陷阱,而且鉴于当前的媒体环境,没有人能免于被灌输宣传。这也是为什么我如此支持Ground News,这个视频的赞助商的原因之一。通过Ground News,我能及时获取突发新闻,并且可以立即辨别出其中的政治偏见。

For this story about YouTube censorship, 10 of the sources lean left and 4 lean right with the remainder in the center. One of my favorite things about Ground News though is it's not algorithm based, so there are no echo chambers. Every reader sees the same unbiased newsfeed. Many of you have reached out to me unprompted to tell me how much you've been enjoying the platform.
关于这篇有关YouTube审查的报道,其中10个来源偏左,4个偏右,其余的在中间。不过,我最喜欢Ground News的一点是,它不是基于算法的,所以没有回声室效应。每个读者看到的都是同样的无偏新闻内容。很多人主动联系我,告诉我你们多么喜欢这个平台。

With the bias comparison feature within seconds, I can see what each side is emphasizing. Ground News gives you direct links to all of the sources, and they have these tags, so it'll tell you who owns each source, and it'll tell you the factuality, which helps me to avoid reading fluff pieces. I have a custom list for breaking Elon and Tesla news, but this year I found the most value in the election page.
通过偏见比较功能,我可以在几秒钟内看到每一方的侧重点。Ground News 提供所有来源的直接链接,并且它们有标签,显示每个来源的所有者和真实性信息,这帮助我避免阅读不实报道。我有一个专门针对埃隆·马斯克和特斯拉新闻的定制列表,但今年我发现选举页面最有价值。

This is where you can get the latest news on each candidate and check the blind spot feature to see what stories are being disproportionately reported by either side. You can head to ground.news.electrified linked below to get 40% off the vantage plan, which is what I use, or if it's easier, you can use the QR code right on the screen. In case you saw this post from Sawyer about Tesla's inventory discounts being back, he did correct himself, this was just a mistake. And checking the inventory confirms that there are currently no discounts. Greg on X shared a screenshot from Jeff Roberts drone flyover video showing some new eager equipment being delivered to Gigatexas. It's still just speculation at this point, but there is a good chance the new equipment is for the next gen vehicles. For warning, if you don't want your blood pressure to rise, just skip this chapter. Listen to what former Tesla board member Steve Wesley has to say. I assume you're still, and I might be wrong, a shareholder, but either way, I'm curious as to how you would vote on the compensation package. Yes or no? Well, I think I told him to vote. No. Look, Elon's done an extraordinary job. He's built one of the transformational companies in the age that asked him for a $55 billion pay increase, precisely the time when you've missed quarterly numbers, growth is slowing down, and you've laid off 15% of the workforce is, I'd say, cubers would say least. This is already factually incorrect from Steve. Elon is not asking for a pay raise. He's just asking to be paid.
这就是您可以获取每位候选人最新消息的地方,并检查盲点功能,看看哪些新闻被双方不成比例地报道了。您可以前往下面链接的ground.news.electrified网站,享受40%的优惠,这是我使用的计划,或者如果更方便,您可以使用屏幕上的二维码。 顺便提一下,如果您看到了Sawyer关于特斯拉库存折扣回归的帖子,他已经更正了自己,这只是个误会。检查库存后确认,目前并没有折扣。 Greg在X平台分享了一张截图,来自Jeff Roberts的无人机飞越视频,显示一些新的设备被运送到Gigatexas。目前这只是猜测,但很有可能这些新设备是为下一代车辆准备的。 提醒一下,如果您不想血压升高,请跳过这一章节。听听前特斯拉董事会成员Steve Wesley怎么说。我想您仍然是(但可能我错了)一个股东,但无论如何,我很好奇您会如何对薪酬方案投票,是或否? "我认为我告诉他投反对票。看,Elon做了非凡的工作,他创建了这个时代一个具有变革性的公司,但在季度业绩不佳、增长放缓并裁员15%的时候要求55亿美元的加薪,我会说至少是令人吃惊的"。 Steve的这段话已经在事实上不正确。Elon并不是要求加薪,他只是要求得到应有的报酬。

The real story here is going to be that an awful lot of the world's pension funds, including CalPERS and CalSTRS, raised on the board. Highly likely to vote. No, I think that's what's likely to push a no vote. It's going to be pie-troll in the next week. I think everybody's going to be watching me first. So why, you know, why judge it now as opposed to think about, well, isn't he deserving of something that he was contractually due? Well, let me tell you exactly what. If you look at his performance over those years, it was spent. 2021 Tesla had 71% growth. 2022, 51% growth. These are software type numbers. That's why Tesla rocketed into the top 10 market cap companies of the world. And I think at that point, he probably deserved it. But if you look at what's happened with growth over the last few years, last year down to 19%, this year could well be in single digits. Profitability coming down. The facts on the ground have changed. And I think that's why you're likely to see shareholders coming back with a very different perspective.
这里的真实故事是,世界上很多养老基金,包括加州公共雇员退休系统 (CalPERS) 和加州教师退休系统 (CalSTRS),都已经准备好表决。高度可能会投反对票。我认为这可能会推动反对票的出现。接下来的一个星期会非常关键。我想大家会首先关注我的立场。那么,为什么现在就判断,而不去考虑他是否应该得到他合同上应得的东西呢?让我告诉你具体原因。如果看他这些年的表现,实在令人关注。2021年,特斯拉增长了71%。2022年增长了51%。这是软件行业的增长数字。这就是为什么特斯拉冲进了全球市值前十的公司之一。在那时,我认为他可能是应得的。但如果你看看过去几年的增长情况,去年的增速下降到了19%,今年可能跌到个位数。盈利能力也在下降。实际情况已经发生了变化。这就是为什么股东们可能会有非常不同的看法。

The world is moving electric, but the world is increasingly and at a quicker pace moving to hybrid. The growth is not in high risk now or in the foreseeable future. If you're the fastest point segment in the EV market, it is still all in units. Look at BYD. The reason for that is the constant batteries continues to go down. I mean, how detached from reality can one be? There was no asterisk in Elon's 2018 comp plan that said after he hits those targets, if then things go south, well, then he's not going to get any money. There was a contract put in place, all of the targets were hit, and at that point the contract should be sealed...

Anything happening after that has nothing to do with this comp plan. And more minor, but Steve said currently growth is not in hybrids. Well, maybe he's not paying attention to the latest data because it actually is. And referencing BYD doesn't actually make his case the way he thinks it does because they're still selling 50% hybrids. But for a former Tesla board member to come out publicly with this take when he was at the company back in 2007 and watched Elon closely build it from what it was to what it is today, to me it's just crazy, but here we are.
在那之后发生的任何事情都与这份方案无关。而且还有一个小问题,Steve说目前增长不在混合动力车上。嗯,也许他没有注意到最新的数据,因为实际上增长是存在的。而且,用比亚迪作为例子并不能支持他的观点,因为比亚迪仍然有50%的销量是混合动力车。但是,对于一位前特斯拉董事会成员来说,公开发表这种看法真是让人难以置信,尤其是考虑到他自2007年起就在公司,亲眼见证了Elon Musk将公司从过去打造成今天的模样,但现在事情就是这样。

China has granted approval for the first group of nine automakers to roll out level three automated driving. In the plan, drivers in the test vehicles are allowed to take their hands off the wheels with automakers and fleet operators taking responsibility for safety. The ministry said the trial would pave the way for further commercialization of more advanced automated driving. The only mention of Tesla in the article was reminding us that they're preparing to deliver FSD to China users within the year. I just wanted to say I would not take this news to mean this is bad news for Tesla because they were excluded, but Tesla's FSD is still technically level two, and this approval seems to be only for level three, the automakers ready to take that responsibility.

There have been a fair number of Tesla owners actually unsubscribing from FSD with the hopes that after they do that, then they'll be upgraded to the new spring software update since that's on a future branch. However, you may not need to roll the dice or wait any longer. Chuck Cook said 12.4.1 is going out to employees now is on build 2024.15.5. He said that's good news for catching up to the spring update, but it gets better as Sawyer said 12.4.1 includes the spring update. So maybe just another two weeks or so before a wide release of 12.4.1 which would include the spring update. With this one, if you're not familiar, Holmars has been known to be sarcastic at times so we can't always take him at his word, but he did say FSD has been achieved internally. If this were to be true, which is a major if just means that one of the future software updates Tesla is already testing, whether it's 12.5 or .6 or version 13, whatever it is, it would be looking so promising that the bleeding edge technology has it figured out, which is typically six to 12 months ahead of what the public is seeing.
有相当多的特斯拉车主为了能升级到包含春季更新的新软件版本,而选择取消订阅完全自动驾驶(FSD)。不过,你可能不需要再碰碰运气或等待太久了。Chuck Cook 说12.4.1版本的更新已经开始推送给员工了,这个版本的构建号是2024.15.5。他表示这是赶上春季更新的好消息,更好的消息是Sawyer提到12.4.1版本已经包含了春季更新。所以再等大约两周左右,12.4.1可能会全面发布,并且包含春季更新。如果你不熟悉情况,需要注意的是,Holmars以往有时会说些讽刺的话,所以我们不能完全相信他的话,但他说FSD已经在内部实现了。如果这是真的(这是个很大的“如果”),这意味着特斯拉正在测试的某个未来软件更新,比如12.5、12.6或者13版本等,看起来非常有前景,领先的前沿技术已经被掌握,而这些技术通常比公众看到的早6到12个月。

Finally, I would add the major caveat that solving it internally is a very different thing than solving it publicly. In Tesla's API, you can also now see a rider quality score. For people that use a future Tesla ride-hill service, they can actually be given a rating. It also provides a username, email, and profile picture, which would pave the way for only accepting riders that meet certain criteria.

There are people out there complaining about how Tesla's handling the situation. Someone who just bought a Cybertruck separated from his wife, and he's now forced to live in an apartment with a parking garage that can't really accommodate the size of the Cybertruck. The word is, Tesla is refusing to let him return it or sell it. It would be great if Tesla could solve everyone's problems, but I think this is a simple case of opening the can of worms. If Tesla were to do something like this for one person, then that opens the door for them to have requests like this all the time. I understand I may be in the minority with that take, but I would be curious to hear what you guys think about this. Speaking of the Cybertruck, some accounts out there were saying that the first Cybertruck delivery in Europe took place, but that's just not accurate. First of all, I believe that technically Monaco is not an EU member state. But even if it was, Prince Albert II is just driving the Cybertruck for an event not actually taking delivery. The Cybertruck is just serving as an exhibit before it hits the road again for its European tour. So yes, the Cybertruck will be making its way around Europe, but no deliveries in Europe are not a thing.
有人在抱怨特斯拉处理问题的方式。最近有个人刚买了Cybertruck,就和妻子分居了。现在他只能住在一个带停车库的公寓里,但那个车库根本放不下Cybertruck。据说,特斯拉拒绝让他退车或卖车。大家都希望特斯拉能解决所有人的问题,但我觉得这就是打开了一个潘多拉的盒子。如果特斯拉为一个人做了这样的事情,就有可能不断接到这样的要求。我知道我的看法可能是少数,但我想听听大家的意见。 说到Cybertruck,有些消息称第一辆Cybertruck在欧洲交付了,但这并不准确。首先,我认为摩纳哥技术上不是欧盟成员国。不过即使它是,阿尔贝二世亲王只是为了一个活动开Cybertruck,并不是实际交付。Cybertruck只是作为一个展示车,然后会继续它的欧洲巡回之旅。所以,Cybertruck会在欧洲各地展示,但并没有在欧洲实际交付。

Tesla's self-serve driving demo is now expanding to Canada. If you're not familiar, it's just a program where you can schedule a test drive only for a Model 3, Model S and X are currently not involved in the program. You do the whole process without the need for a Tesla employee. The first Canadian locations to offer the service will be in Quebec Monday through Friday 11 to 7.
特斯拉的自动驾驶演示现在正在扩展到加拿大。简单来说,这只是一个你可以预约试驾Model 3的项目,目前Model S和Model X不包括在内。整个过程不需要特斯拉员工的参与。加拿大第一个提供这项服务的地点将在魁北克,时间是周一到周五的上午11点到晚上7点。

Rivian has dropped the details for its refresh of its R1 line, the R1S and R1C. They're saying deliveries will begin immediately, but if you go on their website, it's actually saying between August and September for the refreshed version. There are actually hundreds of changes here, so we won't be going through all of them, but some of the major ones. These vehicles will now include a heat pump, and they will have a fully re-engineered suspension system.
Rivian 已经公布了其 R1 系列的新改款细节,包括 R1S 和 R1C。他们声称交付会立即开始,但在官网上显示,改款版本的交付时间实际是在八月到九月之间。这次改款有上百项变化,我们不会逐一介绍,但会提一些主要的变化。这些车辆现在将配备热泵,同时还拥有全新设计的悬挂系统。

As someone who's using FSD more and more, I'm always curious what the 8-ass on these new vehicles is like. These new Rivian vehicles will have 11 cameras, 5 radars, and 10 times more compute power than the previous system thanks to using Nvidia chips. There are new, more premium interior options for the 2025 models.

One of the most talked about is this electronically tinted glass roof that you can change with the touch of a button. They said the headlights have been redesigned to eventually include adaptive drive beam technology, which should be activated with a software update later this year. So now it's not just Tesla owners waiting for this, but Rivian owners as well. The new software UI does look pretty cool, almost like a video game, which makes sense because it's powered by Unreal Engine.

The new keyless entry option that can be added to your Apple wallet or some Google pixels. Sadly though, they're still using a CCS port, no NACs yet. Your range will obviously vary based on the trim level and wheels and all of that, but the new MAX range is 420 miles, which was up from 410 before. The highest end R1T now has 1,025 horsepower and does 0-60 seconds in under 2.5 seconds, and the Cyber Beast does it around 2.6 seconds.
新的无钥匙进入选项可以添加到你的Apple钱包或一些Google Pixel设备中。不过,令人遗憾的是,他们仍在使用CCS接口,还没有NACs接口。续航里程显然会因车型和轮子的不同而有所变化,但新的最大续航里程为420英里,比之前的410英里有所提升。高端的R1T现在拥有1,025马力,可以在2.5秒内完成0-60英里的加速,而Cyber Beast大约需要2.6秒。

These updates are really nice, but for Rivian it's still going to come down to when they can get close to making a profit because so far they're still not close. One thing not many people are talking about was that this refresh had a major goal of driving significant COGs reduction, so we'll wait to see what Q3 and Q4 look like. Part of that cost reduction will be driven with the battery packs, and now some of these vehicles on the entry level trims will use LFP packs.

And for the pricing, for the R1S, it'll start at $75.9,000, and for the R1T, it'll start at $69.9,000. I would love to see Rivian succeed and be thriving 5-10 years from now, but they're still losing $40,000 per vehicle sold, and anybody can make a great car. The question is, can you do it while making a profit before you run out of money or before you lose the ability to raise capital?

Overall, it's a great looking update. Things like the camera fidelity and quality has been improved significantly. There are new wheel and aesthetic options, the prior generation of radars have been replaced for new ones which are supposed to have better accuracy. They're now using a high pressure die casting system to improve the pack's structural integrity, and they're saying the autonomy platform will enable hands-free driving by the end of this year. The EV transition desperately needs more options, and I think these are very attractive vehicles.

As I said, let's see if Rivian can get their costs under control. We have GM with yet another EV-related delay. GM is now reassessing its timeline for production at its plant in Ontario, which is being converted to build electric drive units. They said we will continue with our long-standing strategy of building to demand for our propulsion technologies. Clearly, demand for their EVs is not where they had anticipated.

Adam Jonas and Morgan Stanley put out a new Tesla stock note, basically just using a lot of words to say that in the future, the data center electricity demand will be much higher than it is today. Their conclusion of how that's relevant for Tesla, they said Tesla's capability in distributed energy generation, solar and storage, power wall megapack, may hold some important cards in the evolution of the US grid as energy usage of compute and data grows. You know, not to be too harsh, but I'm thinking in my head, thanks for that one captain obvious.

Tesla stock closed the day at $177.94, up 1.68% while the NASDAQ was down 0.09%. It was another low volume day for Tesla trading about 15 million shares below the average volume the past 30 days, which has also been steadily on the decline.

We don't really cover SpaceX on the channel, there are many other channels that do it much better than I could, but all I have to say. Awesome stuff achieved by their team. What Elon said really gets to the core of one of the main reasons I started supporting Tesla over a decade ago, in the first place, he said nothing unites us more than working together towards inspiring objectives.

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