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The Tesla and xAI Situation / Tesla Energy Market Just Got Much Bigger / Solar Price Reversal ⚡️

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Welcome to Electrified, it's your host, Dylan Loomis, quick shout out to Manuis Patrons, O&R, Harry and Ains. Thank you for choosing to support the channel. In case you didn't know, the X-Account Wall Street Cinec is widely believed to be Jim Chainos, who has for a long time been a short seller of Tesla stock and publicly against Elon and Tesla. The way I see the world spending any time on Jim Chainos is a waste. However, I'm seeing this line of thinking that he recently shared permeate the Tesla community. Jim said the Tesla faithful, Tesla's not a car company, it's an AI robotics company and we have to pay Elon 50 billion so he does not start developing similar tech at his other companies. Elon says, come join my separate AI venture, referring to XAI.
欢迎来到 Electrified,我是你们的主持人,Dylan Loomis。首先要感谢一下我们的赞助者,O&R,Harry 和 Ains。感谢你们选择支持这个频道。或许你不知道,X-Account Wall Street Cinec 被广泛认为是 Jim Chainos。他长期以来一直是特斯拉股票的做空者,并公开反对埃隆·马斯克和特斯拉。在我看来,花时间在 Jim Chainos 上是浪费。然而,我看到他最近分享的观点在特斯拉社区中传播开来。Jim 说,对于特斯拉的忠实粉丝们,特斯拉不是一家汽车公司,而是一家人工智能和机器人公司,我们必须支付埃隆 500 亿美元,以防他在其他公司开发类似技术。埃隆则表示:“来加入我的独立 AI 项目”,指的是 XAI。

Exhibit A, here's that sentiment in the Tesla community which got a fair amount of traction. Neil said first, FSD AI resources were redeployed to Twitter and then to XAI. As far as we know, that was a short term temporary thing, lasting for a matter of days or weeks. And don't forget, Twitter actually paid Tesla for borrowing those resources. He said second, NVIDIA chip orders prioritize for XAI over Tesla. I would say we don't have any confirmation that that's true, I would also add that Tesla is already telling us they're no longer compute constrained. And on the third front, XAI's plans to develop its own supercomputer as far as we know that's going to be largely dependent also on NVIDIA chips. So at this point, I'm not sure what that would have to do with Dojo because remember, Dojo was custom built specifically for video training data and FSD.
展览 A,这里是关于特斯拉社区的一些看法,并且引起了不少关注。Neil 首先表示,FSD AI 资源最初被重新分配到 Twitter,然后又转移到了 XAI。据我们所知,这只是短期的临时措施,可能仅持续了几天或几周。而且别忘了,Twitter 实际上支付了特斯拉费用来借用这些资源。他第二点提到,NVIDIA 芯片订单优先分配给了 XAI 而非特斯拉。对此,我们没有任何确认信息,我还要补充一点,特斯拉已经告诉我们他们不再受计算资源的限制。第三点,XAI 计划开发自己的超级计算机,据我们所知,这在很大程度上也将依赖于 NVIDIA 的芯片。所以,目前,我不确定这与 Dojo 有什么关系,因为要记住,Dojo 是专门为视频训练数据和 FSD 量身定制的。

Lastly, Neil said he wanted a plan where all AI initiatives were inside of Tesla. In a perfect world, would that be the case? Maybe, but we have to remember AI is now such a broad term. It encompasses many different types of tech. The way I see it, XAI developing a large language model to understand the meaning of existence is very different than Tesla's real world AI when it comes to FSD and Optimus. Now in Neil's defense, there is some muddied water here because as he said at the close, he wanted Tesla to have a stake in XAI which Elon has publicly acknowledged and said he would look into. Sure, that would be awesome. But given the current legal challenges that Tesla and Elon face and the current legal environment, it may not be something they can get done in 2024.

Then it's certainly part of the long game but if Grok ever does make it into Tesla vehicles, that would clearly be Tesla shareholders ultimately benefiting from an XAI endeavor. Back to what Chano said, no, we're not being blackmailed by Elon for 50 billion. We already had a contract with Elon in which we would pay him 50 billion if he did certain things which he did. As we've said many times, Elon's comments on taking AI outside of Tesla is only because he has fears about the control of the company and that's where math comes into play and Elon wanting 25% voting control not 25% financially of Tesla. They may end up being one in the same but technically they don't have to be.

I think one of the easiest ways to boil this all down though is just because two companies are working on AI does not mean those two companies are competing directly with each other. In case of Tesla and XAI even if there's never a direct financial or regulatory link that does not mean that the companies won't benefit from the advancements of each company. And also to be fair, Elon selling Tesla stock to buy Twitter in the first place is 100% on Elon. That's a big reason why he only owns 13% of Tesla now. However, that decision Elon made has nothing to do with the contract we all agreed to for Elon's 2018 compensation plan. Let me remind everybody there were no clauses in that plan that said, well if Elon decides to sell some Tesla to do whatever else then he's not going to get this plan at all.

So at the end of the day right now we just have to focus on Tesla in a vacuum. Are we pleased with the progress they're making on Optimus, on FSD, on Robotaxes. For now I think we need to focus on answering those questions because the reality is for XAI to have any chance of surviving and competing they have no choice but to buy as many Nvidia chips as they can get. The truth is it's just far too early to tell how this will all shake out for Tesla and XAI. I've said on the channel in the past 5, 10, 15, 20 years from now there could be anti-trust and monopolistic concerns that are brought up against Tesla and in that event if Tesla was forced to divest certain branches of the business that may not play out well for shareholders but Elon having separate ventures that still have the ability to cross pollinate and benefit from each other may be in the long term a wiser way to go about it.

So I'm very confident in a long run Tesla and XAI will have a very mutually beneficial relationship for both parties and there's still no guarantee that at some point Tesla shareholders don't actually get a stake in XAI as Elon has alluded to. I know there's a fair amount of uncertainty right now but we just have to hold tight and remember that takes like this are just super lazy and lack all of the required nuance. It's quickly absolutely no shade to Neil here I actually think he brings up some fair points I just saw it as an opportunity to provide some of the counterpoints as I see things a bit differently. I'm guessing many of you have missed the news that the CFTC has approved a new trading strategy for retail investors like you and I yet most people have no clue. This can be a great way to hedge your bets if you're into that and to turn your knowledge into potential profits.

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I have a lot of fun with it it keeps me engaged with different probabilities and ultimately gives me a chance to turn my knowledge into profit. Chris saying who has been a source of sorts for Tesla in China has said some odd things of late but this time around he has a screenshot to back it up. Some Tesla China employee cars have had the words employee FSD beta program registered on the cars but right now no features are actually enabled. Possibly in the weeks ahead Tesla will roll out some employee testing of FSD in China for initial validation. The German energy giant RWE is pressing on with its proposed 8 hour big battery in New South Wales and has decided to contract Tesla to supply its megapack for this 400 megawatt hour project. What's special about this project is this ratio right here 50 megawatts for the power and 400 megawatt hours for the capacity.

We'll come back to that shortly but this is going to be the first 8 hour battery to be built in Australia. RWE said as a battery storage pioneer we develop, build and operate battery storage systems in Europe and the US and soon here in Australia. The head of RWE renewables in Australia said Tesla will supply the tech and beyond energy solutions will provide the balance of plant works. The battery will connect into the existing substation with construction to begin in the second half of 2024 and commissioning planned for late 2025. Duration, which is usually short for discharge duration, just tells us wherever the sweet spot is between power and energy for a select system.
我们很快会回到这个话题上,但这将是澳大利亚建造的第一个8小时电池。RWE表示,作为电池存储的先驱,我们在欧洲和美国开发、建造和运营电池存储系统,而很快也将在澳大利亚进行。RWE在澳大利亚的可再生能源负责人表示,特斯拉将提供技术支持,而Beyond Energy Solutions将负责平衡设备的工作。该电池将连接到现有变电站,计划于2024年下半年开始施工,2025年底进行调试。持续时间(通常指放电持续时间)只是告诉我们在某个系统中找到功率和能量之间的最佳平衡点。

AKA, where that system is the most cost efficient and is going to be the most profitable. The easiest way to find the technical definition of duration is just by taking the energy, which in this case is going to be one Tesla megapack which has 4 megawatt hours of energy storage capacity. Then you actually divide that by the power or the greatest amount of energy that the system can discharge at any given moment. Obviously this ratio would give us a 2 hour duration megapack which is one of Tesla's offerings and right now their only other offering is a 4 hour duration megapack. The difference however lies in the denominator of this ratio because the 4 megawatt hours stays the same for both variants of the Tesla megapack but with the 4 hour duration battery it's actually a 1 megawatt denominator or power capacity. Here it is, Tesla's other megapack variant 4 megawatt hours energy capacity divided by 1 megawatt for power capacity gives us the 4 hour duration. And it's actually Tesla's 2 hour megapack that will cost a bit more because that battery requires some extra inverter capacity to actually supply the extra power. So a battery's duration is just how long it can actually supply its name plate power capacity before it runs out or is fully discharged.

Given there's 4 megawatt hours in each Tesla megapack and this project will be 400 megawatt hours that's 100 Tesla megapacks but we also know that Tesla's smallest power capacity megapack has been 1 megawatt per megapack. But in this case for this project they're only looking at 50 megawatts of power capacity. Fortunately right now we do not have any specifics on what type of hardware or software changes will be involved with this project given how current Tesla megapacks are structured. But by far the biggest takeaway here is that Tesla is now tapped for a longer duration energy storage project outside of just the 4 hour duration that many people know it for. Speaking of Tesla energy on LinkedIn their official account shared join us at InterSolar EES in Munich to learn more about Tesla energy.
鉴于每个特斯拉Megapack有4兆瓦时的容量,而这个项目需要400兆瓦时,意味着需要100个特斯拉Megapack。但我们也知道,特斯拉最小容量的Megapack每个只有1兆瓦。不过,在这个项目中,他们只需要50兆瓦的功率容量。目前,我们尚未掌握该项目将涉及哪些硬件或软件更改,因为我们还不了解当前特斯拉Megapack的具体结构。但最重要的是,这次项目中,特斯拉将参与一个时间更长的能源储存项目,而不仅仅是众所周知的4小时储能。说到特斯拉能源,LinkedIn上的官方账号发布消息,邀请大家参加在慕尼黑举行的Intersolar EES展会,了解更多关于特斯拉能源的信息。

EES stands for Electrical Energy Storage and this is Europe's largest and most international exhibition for batteries and energy storage systems. Great for Tesla to get involved and it sounds like an awesome networking opportunity so if you're in the area Tesla will be there from June 19th to the 21st at booth C2.231. If you vote your Tesla shares you can now win a factory tour of gigatexis with Elon Franz and some other Tesla executives no matter how you vote. The tour will take place on June 12th the day before the annual meeting and you will also have a reserved seat at said meeting. The deadline to submit proof of voting is Friday June 7th at 11.59 pm central time. I'll have a link to this page below if you want to submit for a chance to attend.
EES代表电能存储,这是欧洲最大和最国际化的电池和能源存储系统展览会。特斯拉参与其中是个好消息,而且这听起来是一个很棒的交流机会。如果你在附近的话,特斯拉会在6月19日至21日出现在展位C2.231。 如果你持有特斯拉的股票并参与投票,现在就有机会赢得与Elon Musk、Franz以及其他特斯拉高管一起参观Giga Texas工厂的机会,无论你投票的结果如何。参观将在年度会议的前一天,即6月12日进行,你还将获得会议的预留座位。 提交投票证明的截止时间是6月7日星期五晚上11点59分(中部时间)。如果你希望申请参观机会,下面我会提供提交页面的链接。

Policymakers in California are now considering another new tax who would have funked it a new mileage based tax to offset the loss from the gasoline tax that's being caused by more people switching to EV. They're planning a pilot program for this in August of this year and they said maintaining California's road network costs around $8.5 billion every year. On average Californians pay around $300 per year in state gas taxes. EVs have a $100 annual registration fee that's a $200 million a year loss. They're thinking about anywhere from $0.02 to $0.04 per mile and yes this would require the government actually tracking the number of miles you drive every year and they're testing different ways to do that tracking. This pilot program will help determine whether the road charge should replace the state's gasoline tax. I'll be honest I don't know what the right answer is to replace this lost tax revenue but what I do know is this one specifically feels somewhat counterintuitive given the state's large push towards sustainable energy. If EVs, solar and battery storage really are what your state desires then why not keep increasing the taxes on the things you're trying to actually eliminate rather than penalizing the people that are adopting the technologies you said you wanted in the first place.

The proxy firm Glass Lewis made it official over the weekend. They are encouraging Tesla shareholders to vote against both Elon's 2018 comp plan and Tesla's redomestication into Texas. They also made it seem like the following was a negative thing and that the package would concentrate Elon's ownership making him the largest shareholder by a healthy margin. When in actuality getting Elon close to that 25% ownership and a voting control number is what's going to take Tesla to the next level from a market cap standpoint if they can execute on its AI endeavors. We won't dive into this all again if you missed the video a few weeks back I got into this in detail so I'll have this video linked below and in the card above if you're interested.
代理咨询公司Glass Lewis在周末正式表态。他们鼓励特斯拉股东投票反对埃隆在2018年的薪酬计划和特斯拉迁移总部至德克萨斯。他们还指出以下情况似乎是负面的,即该计划将集中埃隆的所有权,使他成为最大的股东并拥有较大比例的股票。然而,实际上让埃隆拥有接近25%的股份和投票控制权,才是提升特斯拉市场市值的关键,尤其是在公司能够成功落实其人工智能项目的情况下。如果你错过了几周前的视频,我详细探讨了这个话题,感兴趣的话可以查看下面链接的视频或上面的卡片。

Back in 2018 Glass Lewis made the same recommendation to vote against the plan and as we know it passed with around 73%. It's also true that percentage wise institutional shareholders own less Tesla stock now than they did back in 2018. However these recommendations are obviously being seen by Tesla shareholders and they may not have any of the background or the context on these proxy advisory firms. Again if you'd like to learn more about this I'll have this video linked below but I would just say hang in there guys we have just over two weeks and this vote will be behind us.
早在2018年,Glass Lewis就同样建议投票反对这个计划,但我们知道它还是以大约73%的支持率通过了。确实,现在机构股东所持有的特斯拉股票比例比2018年少了。然而,这些建议显然是特斯拉股东们看到的,他们可能不了解这些代理咨询公司的背景或上下文。如果你想了解更多,我会在下面链接这个视频,但是我只想说,坚持一下,大家,我们还有两周多一点,这次投票将过去。

Over the weekend Yawn Lecun a chief AI scientist at meta and Elon have had some choice words for each other. All I want to highlight is Yawn saying that he was largely responsible for inventing a key technique that led to convolutional neural networks which in a sense has laid the foundation for a lot of the autonomous tech that we see today. To that Elon said we don't use convolutional neural nets much these days to be honest to which yawn replied curious to know how you could possibly do real time camera image understanding in FSD without CNN's to be honest. Elon did not say what Tesla is using more of these days whether it's vision transformers or something else.
在周末,Meta公司的首席AI科学家扬·勒昆和埃隆·马斯克之间有了一些言语交锋。我只想强调的是,扬声称他在很大程度上是卷积神经网络(CNN)这一关键技术的发明者,这从某种意义上为我们今天看到的许多自动化技术奠定了基础。对此,埃隆表示,坦率地说,我们如今并不常用卷积神经网络(CNN)。扬回复道,坦诚地讲,我很好奇你们如何在没有使用CNN的情况下实现实时相机图像理解用于全自动驾驶(FSD)。埃隆并没有说明特斯拉目前主要使用的是视觉变换器(vision transformers)还是其他技术。

All I do know is that these convolutional neural nets did play a huge role in helping Tesla get to where they're at today. I'm not trying to pick sides here I just want everybody who wants to be informed on the details like this to know what's being said. Tesla is still in the process of rolling out its spring software update and as part of that they've made two new changes we've talked about the other ones in the past. One the adaptive headlights for Europeans with matrix headlights will now adapt when you go around curves. Still no update for North America but the word is maybe sometime later this year.

The second one is minor but at specific supercharger locations there will be leaderboards now for beach buggy racing too. And when it comes to autopilot strikes five is still the number for suspension but now Tesla will remove a strike for every seven day period the driver goes without receiving a strike. Energy Sage put out its 2023 report and if you're into sustainable energy I would highly recommend checking out these reports I'll have their link below. For 2023 they said for the first time in over two years the median quoted solar price on Energy Sage went down dropping to $2.80 per watt 3.5% lower than the first half of 2023.
第二个变化虽然小,但在特定的超级充电站位置,现在会有海滩赛车游戏的排行榜。关于自动驾驶的违规次数,仍然是累积五次违规后会被暂停使用,但现在特斯拉会在每个七天周期内,若司机没有收到新的违规记录,就减少一次违规记录。Energy Sage发布了2023年的报告,如果你对可持续能源感兴趣,我强烈建议你查看这些报告,我会在下面提供他们的链接。报告中提到,2023年是两年多来第一次太阳能报价中位数下降,现在降至每瓦2.80美元,比2023年上半年降低了3.5%。

Dating back to 2014 solar prices in the US have steadily been coming down as we've known then we had the sickness blip where prices went up now hopefully we are resuming our downward trend. Energy Sage started tracking battery storage prices back in 2020 and since then the median price for batteries quoted has increased during every six month period but in the second half of last year that trend has finally reversed. With the median price dropping 6.4% compared to the first six months of the year this drop in prices was driven by a 19% decrease in quoted storage prices in California where they've seen a nearly 45% storage attachment rate since the net billing tariff went into effect.
自2014年以来,美国的太阳能价格一直在稳步下降。然而,如我们所知,由于疾病的影响,价格一度上涨。现在,希望我们能恢复下降趋势。Energy Sage从2020年开始追踪电池存储价格,自那时以来,电池报价的中位数每六个月都在增加。但是在去年的下半年,这一趋势终于逆转。与上半年相比,中位数价格下降了6.4%,这种价格下降主要是由于加州的存储报价下降了19%,自从净计费费率生效以来,加州的存储安装率接近45%。

If you're not familiar net metering is when your utility company can actually compensate you for excess electricity generated you can provide to the grid. On that front this new net billing tariff or net energy metering 3 basically dropped the rates that these consumers were being compensated by around 75% compared to net energy metering too. Now we're here I feel like I should have mentioned this to you guys before it's been in my description for a long time but if you're looking for a reliable solar installer around you that offers competitive pricing I have found Energy Sage to be by far the best resource and no before you even think it this is not at all a sponsored segment by Energy Sage I've just found them to be very helpful. They offer a free service that makes it easy for you to adopt solar. They have hundreds of pre vetted solar installers so you can make sure you get the highest quality solutions and you can save up to 20 to 30% compared to the going market rate. Maybe the best thing Energy Sage is actually free to use you don't even have to provide your phone number and you get access to their energy advisors which in my experience are actually unbiased because they have multiple options to choose from since their actual mission is getting you the best deal on the market.
如果你不熟悉 "净计量"(net metering),它是指当你能够将多余的电力回馈到电网时,电力公司会付给你的补偿。在这方面,新的净计费政策(或称净能计量3)基本上将消费者的补偿率相较于原来的净能计量政策降低了约75%。 现在说到这里,我觉得应该早点告诉你们,这点在我描述中已经提到很久了,如果你在寻找一家可靠且价格合理的太阳能安装公司,我发现Energy Sage是目前最好的资源。先说明,这并不是Energy Sage赞助的内容,我只是觉得他们真的很有用。他们提供免费的服务,让你更容易采用太阳能。他们有数百家预审合格的太阳能安装商,确保你能获得优质的解决方案,与市场价相比,你可以节省20%到30%的费用。也许最棒的是,Energy Sage实际上是免费的,你甚至不需要提供电话号码,并且你可以接触到他们的能源顾问,据我的经验,他们确实是公正的,因为他们有多种选择,毕竟他们的使命是让你在市场上找到最优的交易。

Again if you've missed it I've had their link in my description now for months dating back to when I actually started looking into solar for my own home. Simply put if you need education in the solar world which can be a very daunting task if your new Energy Sage is an awesome resource and again they're free to use so they'll always be linked below.
再说一次,如果你错过了,我已经在我的描述中放了他们的链接好几个月了,从我开始研究为我自己的家安装太阳能的时候就开始放了。简单来说,如果你需要了解太阳能方面的信息,这可能对新手来说是一项非常艰巨的任务,Energy Sage是一个非常棒的资源,而且他们是免费的,所以我会一直在下面附上他们的链接。

We got the weekly number 4 Tesla China it came in at 13200 comparing it to the same weekend quarter one that number was 10800. But again quarter over quarter Tesla making up ground now sitting 17.5% ahead of the pace from quarter one. Then year over year this week in 2023 came in at 12800. Thus year over year Tesla China is still down 4.8% but still closing the gap. Personally I'm not sure how reliable the breakdown between Model 3 and Model Y sales are but I do think it at least gets us into the right neighborhood. If the numbers are correct this week for Model 3 sales it was the highest number we've seen since I started tracking this metric dating back to October of last year. It came in at 5400 but that would also mean there were only 7800 Model Y sales.
我们获得了第4周特斯拉中国的周度数据,达到了13,200辆,相比于第一季度的同一个周末,这个数字是10,800辆。但从季度角度来看,特斯拉的表现有了明显提升,目前比第一季度的进度高出17.5%。再看同比数据,这周(2023年)销量是12,800辆。因此,尽管同比下降了4.8%,特斯拉中国的表现仍在逐步追赶。 个人而言,我不确定Model 3和Model Y销售数据的准确性,但我认为这些数据至少可以让我们对整体情况有个大致了解。如果这些数据正确的话,本周Model 3的销量是自从我从去年十月份开始记录这个指标以来最高的一次,达到了5,400辆。但这也意味着Model Y的销量仅为7,800辆。

If you missed my community tab post on Friday Reuters did report that Tesla in China has cut Model Y production by around 20% for the period from March through June. After tracking the tea leaves Tesla has been offering a slew of incentives in the Chinese market. Most recently Chinese customers who take delivery between May 25th and June 30th will have the chance to win a free mont factory tour of course in the US. Tesla will cover the vehicle owners airfare and transportation costs. For Tesla's production in the US rumor has it Model 3 production is back to normal at free mont. Finally Tesla has avoided a jury yet again this time with a conditional settlement we get no details about from a fatal crash 8 years ago.
如果你错过了我周五在社区标签上的帖子,路透社报道称,特斯拉在中国从3月到6月期间将Model Y的产量削减了大约20%。经过一番观察,特斯拉在中国市场上提供了许多激励措施。最近,中国客户如果在5月25日至6月30日之间提车,将有机会赢得一次免费的弗里蒙特工厂参观(当然是在美国)。特斯拉将承担车主的机票和交通费用。关于特斯拉在美国的生产,有传言称弗里蒙特的Model 3生产已恢复正常。最后,特斯拉再次避免了陪审团审判,这次是通过一个有条件的和解,与8年前的一起致命车祸相关,具体细节尚未透露。

In a new interview we got some comments from Lucid CEO Peter Rawlinson. In a new interview with the BBC so you read flags should already be up. Rawlinson said what I'm seeing now is a worrying trend towards a sort of distraction. Tesla seems to be distracted there's an interest in social media even politics and it's kind of losing its way. I don't see it having that singular sense of purpose and I think it really falls to Lucid to take the technology to a whole new level now. In fairness Rawlinson did have some positive things to say about Tesla but it was when he was still at the company. He continued I think it's very concerning and as I say I think there's a clear distraction there from the leadership which perhaps does not best serve those who are looking for an electric future. People rally to a sense of mission and Lucid has that mission. My honest reaction the first time reading these comments was just wow.
在一次新的采访中,我们得到了Lucid首席执行官Peter Rawlinson的一些评论。在接受BBC采访时,Rawlinson表示,现在他看到了一种令人担忧的趋势,一种分心的趋势。特斯拉似乎分心了,它对社交媒体甚至是政治有兴趣,有点迷失了方向。我觉得它不再有那种单一的目标感,我认为现在真正要把技术提升到一个全新水平的责任落到Lucid肩上了。公平地说,Rawlinson之前在特斯拉工作时对特斯拉还是有一些积极评价的。他接着说,我觉得这非常令人担忧,如我所说,我认为领导层显然有些分心,这可能对那些希望看到电动未来的人们没有最好服务。人们会聚集到一个有使命感的公司,而Lucid就有这样的使命。我第一次读到这些评论时的真实反应就是哇。

First of all Tesla itself is not distracted by social media or politics. Let's go ahead and separate Elon from Tesla because yes a lot of people think they're one and the same but they're two separate entities. So just because Elon may post about political things on X the platform he owns by the way does not mean that Tesla's engineers are now somehow distracted. And to say that Tesla's leadership that's responsible for everything Tesla has done to date on both the auto and the energy side does not best serve those looking for an electric future has to be the height of stupidity and insanity. There's no way you can call out Tesla for not being a mission driven company after reading its impact report. Then to add to that I'm not sure what Lucid's mission actually is but so far their best accomplishment is selling a few thousand high priced vehicles per year. So for Peter to paint Lucid as somehow being a superior mission driven company to Tesla is just lunacy.

On LinkedIn George Behadu has said that after being let go from Tesla and the supercharging team he has now been rehired. He shared what I think is a timely quote from Rebecca Tenuchi. You work at Tesla because you hope to have at least a small impact on our collective future. Aspirationally to leave the world better for our children and our grandchildren and their children and grandchildren by accelerating the transition to sustainable energy and that mission is too important to allow any distractions. The hope is when the dust settles Tesla will have a new lean mean supercharging team and a quick lightning round for you because it's been a while Toyota has unveiled plans for a new generation of combustion engines. Specifically these ones will be designed to be used alongside batteries in hybrid vehicles. The engine should be ready for production toward the end of 2026 and the investment in these new engines will be a magnitude smaller than the funding being poured into EVs and batteries.
在LinkedIn上,乔治·贝哈杜(George Behadu)表示,他在被特斯拉及其超级充电团队解雇后,现在又重新被聘用。他分享了一句我认为非常及时的丽贝卡·特努奇(Rebecca Tenuchi)的名言:“你在特斯拉工作,因为你希望对我们共同的未来至少产生一点影响。理想情况下,通过加速向可持续能源的过渡,为我们的孩子、孙子以及他们的后代留下一个更美好的世界,这个使命太重要了,不能被任何干扰所打断。” 乔治希望,当一切尘埃落定时,特斯拉将拥有一个新的精简高效的超级充电团队。此外,顺便提一下,因为时隔已久,丰田最近公布了新一代内燃机的计划,这些内燃机将与电池一起用于混合动力汽车。这些发动机预计将在2026年底准备就绪,并且在这些新发动机上的投资规模将远小于对电动汽车和电池的投资。

Toyota said the engines will be between 10 and 20% smaller and will allow for greater output when paired with batteries. XAI did a series B and raised $6 billion. Elon said their pre-money valuation was $18 billion which would take their post-money valuation to around $24 billion. In theory this should drastically reduce the chances that Elon needs to sell more Tesla shares to fund XAI in the future. I'll repeat, I think if XAI is very successful Tesla will in one way shape or form benefit from that success in the long run.

BYD just unveiled a new hybrid powertrain that's capable of allowing a vehicle to travel more than 2000 km or 1250 miles without recharging and without filling up. The first two vehicles to debut this technology are set to be the Chin L and the COS 6. Kathleen McCormick, the judge that voided Elon's 2018 compensation plan, said she felt assured by Tesla that it would not use the upcoming shareholder vote to attack her ruling. The legal team for the shareholder that brought that suit in the first place were concerned that Tesla was going to use this redomestication into Texas to unwind that Delaware ruling. But in court papers Tesla called that rank speculation and they said Delaware would retain jurisdiction over the paid dispute.
比亚迪刚刚推出了一种新的混合动力系统,能够让车辆在不充电、不加油的情况下行驶超过2000公里(1250英里)。第一批搭载这种技术的两款车型将是秦L和COS 6。 推翻了埃隆·马斯克2018年薪酬计划的法官凯瑟琳·麦考密克表示,她对特斯拉保证不会利用即将进行的股东投票来攻击她的裁决感到放心。最初提起诉讼的股东法律团队担心特斯拉会利用重新迁址到德克萨斯州的机会来推翻特拉华州的裁决。但特斯拉在法庭文件中称这种担忧是毫无根据的猜测,并表示特拉华州将保留对薪酬纠纷的管辖权。

Comments Judge McCormick took as an assurance that the company would not attempt to work around her previous ruling. Judge McCormick must decide if the shareholders legal team should get that $6 billion they requested from Tesla as a legal fee before Elon and Tesla can appeal. So whatever happens with the vote on June 13th, it looks like Tesla's appeal of this verdict will indeed take place through the Delaware courts. Tesla's thought closed the day at $176.75 down 1.39% while the NASDAQ was up 0.59%. It was a very low volume day for Tesla trading about 36 million shares below the average volume the past 30 days.

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