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Elon's Fading Relevance...What Happened?

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Not too long ago, Elon Musk was by far the most cherished billionaire in the world. Many felt that Elon was not just making the ...



Not too long ago, Elon Musk had one of the largest and most impressive fan clubs of any billionaire in the world. People not only admired his accomplishments and goals, but many even saw him as a savior as he tackled problems like climate change, clean energy and space colonization. In transition to sustainable energy. Save a Elon! There was almost a culture around his personality that defended anything and everything Elon would say and do. In fact, in early 2021, a whopping 66% of American meals viewed Elon favorably, giving him a plus 45% net rating. He didn't rank as well among women, but even amongst women, he still boasts today various strong plus 10 net rating.

Fast forward a couple of years though, and the sentiment around Elon has fallen off a cliff. By late 2022, only 13% of Americans held a favorable view of Elon Musk. 29% held a somewhat favorable view, 18% held an unfavorable view and 23% held a very unfavorable view. And if you analyze social media comments, things are looking even worse for the tech billionaire. In fact, only 19.2% of social media comments are positive about Elon Musk. 42.6% are neutral and 38.2% are negative. In other words, Elon now comes in at a negative 19% net favorability rating. A catastrophic fall from plus 45 among men and plus 10 among women.

In fact, I think we witnessed this drastic fall firsthand on this channel. Back in 2020 and 2021, we used to make a bunch of videos about Elon Musk, SpaceX and Tesla. One video that's especially insightful is this video that was posted in January of 2021, how Elon Musk made $142 billion in a single year. Obviously, this was an obscene amount of money that no one needed, and almost all of these gains were from Tesla's stock hype. Yet, if you read the comments, they're overwhelmingly positive. The man who is absolutely worthy of his billions, yet disposing it for the future of humanity, what a brilliant man. For the struggles and hardships he has faced, for the hard and smart work he has put, this manner really deserves at least this.

Fast forward to February 2024 and we posted this video, why shareholders sued Elon Musk for $56 billion and won. This is less than half the amount quoted in the previous video, and this was something that Elon was legally owed due to a contract, as opposed to just stock price exploding. The board voted for it because he stacked the board with cronies and yes men, no other reason. He stacked the board like crazy and had connections with all of them. That's why the board approved the plan. Robbed, LaMalle, oh no, somebody think of the poor billionaire. Clearly, the tides have turned for the once cherished billionaire.

So, what in the world happened to Elon Musk? If you're interested in deeper dives, interviews with insiders and exclusive tech analysis, consider subscribing to our free weekly newsletter. But anyway, to really understand why Elon was able to lose his variability so quickly, we first have to understand why he was so popular and cherished in the first place. If you read fanboy comments from the surface, you'll be inclined to think that it was because Elon was working on important issues. He wasn't creating a photo sharing app or infinite doom scrolling.
那么,埃隆·马斯克究竟发生了什么事?如果你对更深入的探讨、内幕采访和独家的技术分析感兴趣,可以考虑订阅我们的免费视频周报。 不过,要真正理解埃隆为什么会这么快失去人气,首先我们得明白他为什么一开始会如此受欢迎和喜爱。如果你只是看表面上的粉丝评论,你可能会觉得这是因为埃隆在解决重要问题。他并不是在开发一个照片分享应用或是让人无休止刷屏的东西。

Instead, he was working to solve climate change and leading the effort to make our species multi-planetary. But all of that only tells half the story. You see, there are a lot of billionaires and powerful people who have done great things, but people are quick to gloss over them. For example, back in 2000, the World Health Organization reported that 60% of worldwide measles deaths occurred in Sub-Saharan Africa. Fast forward to 2015, and several African countries had vaccination rates higher than North America, coming in at nearly 100%. A large part of this was obviously due to Bill Gates' African vaccination effort, but Bill never had the same fandom as Elon. And even better example is Jeff Bezos.

Jeff's rocket company Blue Origin actually predates SpaceX. And Jeff's goal with Blue Origin has always been to move manufacturing and heavy polluting industries into space and other planets so that we can preserve Earth. But when Jeff works on rockets, people see him as the bald-lax-luther, copping Elon Musk and deploying money on space tourism. Luckily, the best example though is Mark Benioff, the Foundryf Salesforce. Mark has been working towards a vision of planting or conserving one trillion trees. Now, he's not even close to accomplishing this goal, but so far, he has already conserved or planted 3 billion trees.

I bet most of y'all don't even know who Mark is. Conversely, I bet all of y'all know about the time that Mr. Beast planted 10 million trees. With that being said, I don't think Elon's fan club was ever due to what he was building or why he was building it. Cora of Elon's fan club was always rooted in Elon's underdog persona. The bottom line is that it's hard to get excited about Bill Gates, someone who has been one of the richest people in the world for decades at Resing Vaccination. Or Jeff Bezos spending a few billion of his Amazon fortune on rockets, or a background billionaire with insane connections planting one trillion trees. All of these guys only started working on these groundbreaking ventures when they already had infinite resources and credibility.
我打赌你们大多数人甚至不知道马克是谁。相反,我打赌你们都知道Mr. Beast种植了一千万棵树这件事。话虽如此,我认为埃隆的粉丝团从来不是因为他在建造什么或为什么建造它。埃隆粉丝团的核心一直是他那种逆袭的形象。说到底,很难对比尔·盖茨感到兴奋,他已经是世界上最富有的人之一几十年了,专注于疫苗接种。或者是对花几十亿亚马逊财富上火箭的杰夫·贝佐斯,或一个有着疯狂人脉背景的亿万富翁种植一万亿棵树感到兴奋。这些人在拥有无限资源和信誉后才开始进行这些突破性的项目。

Elon, on the other hand, started working on these issues when he was a nobody. Yes, Elon had 100 to 200 million from PayPal, but in the face of developing and commercializing EVs and rockets, that was nothing. And the fact that everyone doubted Elon every step of their way only made his underdog persona even stronger. For example, in 2002, Elon went to Russia prepared to buy three ICBMs for $21 million. The Russians, however, quoted him $21 million for each ICBM, and when Elon tried to negotiate, they mocked him saying, Oh, little boy, you don't have the money?

Fast forward a couple of years and both Tesla and SpaceX would be on the brink of bankruptcy during the 2008 financial crisis. Elon had burned everything he had on these companies. In fact, he had to borrow money from friends to pay rent. Both companies would end up surviving, but only buy the skin of their teeth. Fast forward a couple more years and Tesla and SpaceX were finally somewhat stable, but the mainstream media and authoritative figures were still doubting Elon. In fact, there's a famous clip of Elon nearly crying when told that his heroes were against him. You know, there are American heroes who don't like this idea. Neil Armstrong, Gene Sernan, have both testified against commercial spaceflight in the way that you're developing it, and I wonder what you think of that.

I was very sad to see that because those guys are, yeah, those guys are yours and mine, so it's really tough. No, I wish they would come and visit and see the hardware that we're doing here. And I think that would change their mind. They inspired you to do this, didn't they? Yes. And to see them casting stones in your direction. It's difficult. Did you expect them to cheer you on? So they hope in their work. And as for the EV set of things, Tesla was literally the most shorted stock of all time. If you don't know what shorting is, basically out of any company that ever existed, Wall Street was betting bigger than ever that Tesla would go bankrupt. Looking back, these events may not seem like a big deal because you know that he made it to the other side.

But in real time, these were the events that created the Elon fan club, not the big rocket launches or crazy visions. It was the fact that Elon was trying to do something good, but he was being beaten down at every step of the way, just like the average person. I can make entire videos about Elon's hardships, and in fact, I have, and these are some of my most viewed Elon videos. All of the haters and doubters basically made Elon into a martyr, and 2020 was the era of reckoning. This was the year that SpaceX became the first private company to put humans in orbit, and it was the same year that Tesla finally achieved consistent profitability and got added to the S&P 500.

The man who had been put down for 18 years by everyone in power had somehow made it against all odds. And in making it, he bought the entire retail community with them. When Tesla stock 25xed, it wasn't the big institutional investors and venture capital funds that made a bunch of money. All of these guys were betting against Tesla, and they lost $38 billion as Tesla rocketed. The people who actually made money were Tesla's employees and retail investors, who bought a few dozen or a few hundred shares. Retail support for Elon simply went into overdrive when he supported the Game Top movement and the Dogecoin movement, leading us to the peak of Elon's variability.

May 8th, 2021, the day he went on Saturday Night Live. Even before Elon went on a dollar, we were starting to see some inklings of an unfavorable pop-up. Most of the criticism around this time centered around how Elon was basically promoting and enabling degenerate gambling. While the movements behind GameStop and Dogecoin were intrinsically good, a lot of people were just blindly gambling. And while some may have made life-changing amounts of money, the vast majority lost at all. And as someone of rising power and influence, was it really a good idea for Elon to be promoting this? Probably not.

But what really turned the crypto community against Elon was when Tesla announced that they would stop accepting Bitcoin, and that they may have sold some Bitcoin. Tesla had only bought into Bitcoin a couple of months before this, and it was one of the driving reasons behind Bitcoin's run from 30,000 to 65,000. So for Tesla to immediately sell, it kind of felt like a pump and dump. Elon was no longer the retail hero that was taking on Wall Street short sellers. Elon was the one that was selling. The crypto community almost immediately turned on Elon. In fact, here's what happened at the Bitcoin conference just a few weeks later. F**k Elon! F**k Elon!
但真正让加密社区反感埃隆(Elon)的是,特斯拉(Tesla)宣布将停止接受比特币付款,并且他们可能已经卖掉了一些比特币。特斯拉在这之前购买比特币仅仅几个月,而这也是比特币从3万美元涨到6.5万美元的主要原因之一。所以,当特斯拉立刻就卖出比特币时,感觉就像是“拉高出货”(pump and dump)。埃隆不再是那个对抗华尔街空头的平民英雄,反而成了那个卖家。加密社区几乎立刻对埃隆倒戈了。实际上,几周后的比特币会议上发生了这样的事情:“F**k Elon! F**k Elon!”

Fast forward 10 months and out of nowhere, Elon would purchase a 9.2% stake in Twitter, immediately making him Twitter's largest shareholder. Elon initially insisted that this was just a passive investment, but just a few weeks later, Elon still took over a tent. Twitter had no interest in selling to Elon, but because Elon's offer was so stupidly high, they had to accept. But this also meant that Elon was no longer the kid that was being mocked for not being able to afford a $21 million ICBM. Elon was now the guy who could throw around $44 billion to force the hand of a Fortune 500 company on a whim, just because he felt like it. And after he bought Twitter, he simply further polarized his base by getting political.

He would become one of the leading supporters of Ron DeSantis, and many of his statements seem to indicate that he's pro-Trump. And let me clarify, I'm not saying that there is anything wrong with that, but there is a clear transition at play. Both Tesla and SpaceX were largely kept alive by government subsidies and tax credits made possible by Democrats, but here Elon was supporting the Republicans. Elon has also made a lot of controversial tweets about the Ukrainian war and the Israel situation. And let me be clear here. Any statement about these conflicts is a controversial one. Likely the best example of the New Elando was an interview at the Deal Book Summit in late 2023.
他会成为罗恩·德桑蒂斯的主要支持者之一,且他的许多言论似乎表明他是亲特朗普的。让我澄清一下,我并不是说这有什么问题,但显然他在经历一个转变。特斯拉和SpaceX在很大程度上依靠民主党推动的政府补贴和税收优惠才存活下来,可是埃隆现在却在支持共和党。埃隆还在关于乌克兰战争和以色列局势上发表了很多有争议的推文。这里我要明确一点,关于这些冲突的任何言论都是有争议的。也许“新埃隆”的最好例子是在2023年底的Deal Book峰会上的一次采访。

During the interview, he was questioned about how he felt about big advertisers like Disney pulling away from advertising on Twitter due to Elon's antics, and that this was his response. When he says Bob, he's referring to Bob Iger, the legendary CEO of Disney. And while it's great that Elon is able to stand up for himself and not be blackmailed, it's also obvious that Elon is no longer the struggling man who was on the verge of tears after his heroes dismissed him. Elon is of such high status that he can publicly and repeatedly tell people like the CEO of Disney to literally f off. And that is what has really changed about Elon.

Nothing has really changed about what Elon is working on. He's still trying to electrify the world, he's still trying to reach Mars, and he's still trying to make humans a multi-planetary species. And regarding his controversial tweets and political statements, he's been doing that the entire time honestly, but no one cared before. The only thing that has changed is that Elon is no longer the underdog, and that has made all the difference. If you're interested in having companies pay you, check out our bond investing platform, Silo, in the description below. But until then, I'm Hari, and I'll see you guys on the next one.