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Battery Developments: Cybercab / Tesla's Impact Report Takeaways / Tesla's Supplier Request ⚡️

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Welcome to Electrified, it's your host, Dile Numis, quick shout out to Manuis Patrons, Patrick R and Hamishke. Thank you for choosing to support the channel. Last night on X, Doge designer shared Kathy Wood saying Tesla stock will be worth $2,000 in 5 years to which Elon said possible, but extremely difficult. Doing the math from where we are today that would roughly be an 11X. As the kids would say, an 11-bagger in just 5 years, something that Tesla is no stranger to doing. I'll be honest, when you say the number out loud, it's still a bit jarring because $2,000 per share would be over a $6 trillion market cap. I already know some people out there in the community might be thinking that's child's play. Tesla did a 26X between June 2019 and November of 2021 which is correct. However, going from a $40 billion company up to $8 trillion is a different thing than going from roughly $500 billion to 6.5 trillion. And 11X from where Tesla is at today market cap wise would be an unprecedented feat. But as we know, Elon specializes in making the impossible merely late, but just to give some context to how hard this really is going to be, right now after NVIDIA's historic run they still only sit at a $2.5 trillion market cap. Nobody really knows where Tesla will end up 5 years from now, but what we do know for sure is it's going to be enjoyable watching that story unfold.
欢迎来到《电动化》,我是主持人Dile Numis,特别 shout out 给 Manuis 的赞助者,Patrick R 和 Hamishke。感谢您选择支持本频道。昨晚在X节目中,狗狗设计师分享了凯西·伍德(Kathy Wood)的看法,称特斯拉股票在5年内将价值2000美元,对此埃隆表示可能,但极端困难。根据今天的情况做一下运算,这大概是一个11倍的增长。正如年轻人所说,五年内11倍增长,这对于特斯拉来说并不陌生。老实说,当你大声说出这个数字时,仍然有点令人震惊,因为每股2000美元将意味着超过6万亿美元的市值。我知道社区里有些人可能认为这只不过是儿戏。特斯拉在2019年6月至2021年11月之间增长了26倍,这是正确的。然而,从400亿美元的公司涨到8万亿美元,与从约5000亿美元涨到6.5万亿美元是两码事。从现在起特斯拉的市值增长11倍将是一项前所未有的壮举。但我们知道,埃隆擅长将不可能变为可能,尽管可能有些晚,但只是为了让大家明白这将会有多么艰巨,现在即使是在英伟达历史性的增长后,他们市值仍然只有2.5万亿美元。我们真的不知道特斯拉5年后会达到何种高度,但我们确实知道,看着这个故事的发展将是件令人愉快的事。

For the roughly 9th time this year, we're hearing that Tesla has broken ground on its megapack factory in Shanghai. This time though, it's coming from the official Tesla Asia account and they did have a little ceremony. At the ceremony, the Shanghai Lin Yang Economic Development Group became the first customer for the plants megapack in China and signed a contract with Tesla. I was able to find this from the Global Times, they said the negotiation and signing of the Shanghai energy storage contract took only one month, once again setting a record for the Lin Yang speed. Tesla's megapactory in Shanghai covers around 200,000 square meters, which is roughly 2 million square feet, with a total investment around $200 million. None of the articles I read had a contract size for this deal between Tesla and the Lin Yang Group, but Tesla Chan said they'd be buying 8 Tesla megapacks. They're also confirming this factory aims to export products to overseas market, including the Asia Pacific region. Production is still expected to begin early 2025 and at full capacity we're looking for 10,000 megapacks per year, or 40 gigawatt hours, just the same as Tesla's facility in Leethrop. If you go to the Tesla careers page, you will actually find a few jobs listed and specifically if you scroll past all of these jobs for Tesla's start program, which is their training program, you'll now find 20 different job postings listed, most of them in Palo Alto for Autopilot and Robotics. The only two not in that category, outside of start, a manufacturing job in Nevada and a manufacturing job in Austin, Texas.

Tesla is far ahead in self-driving cars, but every single car someday will have to have autonomous capability. It's safer, it's more convenient, it's more fun to drive. In order to do that, it is now very well known, very well understood, that learning from video directly is the most effective way to train these models. You also saw Elon talking about the incredible infrastructure that he's building. One of the things that's really revolutionary about the version 12 of Tesla's full self-driving is that it's an end-to-end generative model. It learns from watching videos, surround video, and it learns about how to drive end-to-end and using generative AI predict the path and how to steer the car. The technology is really revolutionary and the work that they're doing is incredible. So I gave you two examples. Quote posting some of those comments on X, Elon said, Thanks Jenson. Now look, Jenson's not wrong and it's always great to have one of the most esteemed and successful CEOs hyping up Tesla and Elon. However, if you look at all of the comments Jenson made after Nvidia's earnings, you'll see that he was basically hyping up all of its biggest customers. With that context out there though, the good news is I think more people are willing to listen to and believe what Jenson Huang says rather than somebody like Timothy B. Lee from Ours, technical. If you know, you know.
特斯拉在自动驾驶汽车领域遥遥领先,但将来每辆车都必须具备自动驾驶能力。这样做更安全、更方便、更有趣。为了实现这一目标,现在已经广为人知、广为理解,直接从视频中学习是训练这些模型最有效的方法。你也听到埃隆谈论了他正在建造的令人难以置信的基础设施。特斯拉全自动驾驶12版的一个真正革命性之处在于它是一个端到端生成模型。它通过观看视频学习,学习如何端到端驾驶,并利用生成人工智能来预测路径和如何驾驶车辆。这项技术真的是革命性的,他们正在做出不可思议的工作。所以我给出了两个例子。引用一些这些评论在X上发布时,埃隆说:“谢谢Jenson。看,Jenson并没有错,拥有一位备受尊敬和成功的CEO为特斯拉和埃隆吹捧总是很棒的。然而,如果你看看Jenson在英伟达财报发布后所做的所有评论,你会发现他基本上是在大肆吹捧它的所有最大客户。不过,在这个背景下,好消息是我认为更多人愿意听取和相信Jenson Huang的话,而不是像Ours、技术方面的蒂莫西·B·李那样的人。你懂的,你懂的。”

A second judge has now found that black workers faced years of widespread race harassment at Fremont. Alameda County Judge Noel Wise cited more than 500 declarations from Tesla workers who swore under oath they experienced or observed racial abuse. These statements cover a period of roughly eight years at Fremont. They're saying the hundreds or thousands of workers who may wish to seek damages from Tesla over their treatment at the factory must file separate individual lawsuits. The expectation is the filing of these suits may be later this year and they could total up to 10,000 cases. The biggest questions for all of these cases will boil down to how much did Tesla know? How long did they know for and what did they do in response?

Tesla has told suppliers to start building components in parts outside of both China and Taiwan by as early as next year thanks to rising geopolitical uncertainties. Suppliers making components like circuit boards, displays and ECUs, electronic controlled units for use in Tesla models sold outside of China have received a request from Tesla. This according to six supply chain executives. The rising geopolitical risks are at least in part thanks to the United States election this year and Tesla is looking to build up supply chains for these components outside of China and Taiwan. Tesla hopes such a proposal can materialize from next year's new projects. AKA potentially a brand new supply chain for the cybercab not reliant on China or Taiwan for those specific parts. A supply chain exec said we serve several American automakers and Tesla is the most aggressive in terms of trying to avoid the risks surrounding China and Taiwan.

Of note, Tesla's request came before the United States announced it would sharply raise tariffs. Supply chain security is of course important to Tesla but this move if the suppliers can actually oblige may ultimately lead to higher costs if these Chinese Taiwan based companies have to set up operations outside of China and Taiwan. It was reported earlier this month that LFP cells at the cell level coming from China were going for around $56 per kilowatt hour. That was 40% below last year's average outside of China. Fast forward a few days in Bloomberg NEF is saying now that price is even lower at $47 per kilowatt hour half as much as such batteries outside of China. As we've talked about BYD and CATL make most of the world's LFP at the moment but there are some companies like Mitra-Chem in California and South Korea's SKON that plan to start making LFP cells in 2025 and 2026. Those prices however are for LFP cells in battery storage. They're saying LFP cells for EVs are about $10 per kilowatt hour more. This survey was of LFP manufacturers and the participants said they charged $47 per kilowatt hour for LFP cells in April in China and an average of $90 per kilowatt hour at the system level. In a recent quote for delivery in Europe a Chinese battery maker said it would sell LFP for $114 per kilowatt hour at the system level that compared with an average price of $157 per kilowatt hour in December. Two major takeaways obviously LFP battery prices are coming down significantly and quickly. And two as we would expect most of these Chinese companies charge more for their LFP exports than they sell them at domestically. We won't know for sure but this could work out incredibly well for Tesla to secure a ton of LFP cells for the cybercab right now at these low prices and hopefully lock that in for a few years because as we've learned over the years most markets ebb and flow.
值得注意的是,特斯拉的要求是在美国宣布将大幅提高关税之前提出的。供应链安全当然对特斯拉很重要,但如果供应商实际上能够满足要求,这一举措可能最终会导致更高的成本,因为这些中国台湾的公司可能不得不在中国和台湾以外建立业务。本月早些时候有报道称,来自中国的LFP电池在电池级别的价格大约为每千瓦时56美元。这比去年中国以外的平均价格低了40%。不久之后,彭博新能源财经(Bloomberg NEF)表示,现在这个价格甚至更低,每千瓦时47美元,是中国以外类似电池的一半。目前博世和宁德时代制造了大部分世界上的LFP电池,但也有一些公司,比如加州的米特拉化工和韩国的SKON计划在2025年和2026年开始制造LFP电池。然而,这些价格仅适用于储能电池中的LFP电池。他们表示,用于电动汽车的LFP电池每千瓦时要贵约10美元。这项调查是针对LFP制造商进行的,参与者表示他们在四月份在中国以每千瓦时47美元的价格销售LFP电池,系统级别的平均价格为90美元。最近在欧洲的一份报价中,一家中国电池制造商表示将以每千瓦时114美元的价格销售LFP电池,而去年12月的平均价格为每千瓦时157美元。显然,两个主要的发展是LFP电池的价格正在迅速大幅下降。正如我们所期望的,这些中国公司大多数为他们的LFP出口收取更高的价格,比在国内销售的价格要贵。虽然我们不能确定,但这对于特斯拉来说可能是一个非常好的机会,以目前的低价获得大量的LFP电池用于Cybertruck,并希望能够固定这个价格一段时间,因为我们多年来所学到的是,大多数市场都有起伏。

Joe Rogan just had some comments about Elon saying he's my favorite billionaire that dude's wild he's a wild boy. I'll buy Teslas as long as they sell them just to support that dude. You need an Elon Musk in this world. You need a wild boy. You need a dude who's got $200 billion who dunks on people. We like Elon for many more reasons than just his dunking on people but if you're a fan of the dunking we have something for you later in this episode. Alright guys so my golf trip is now behind me and my focus is shifted back to fitness. I have a long way to go to get back to where I'd like to be as some of you know life forced me off the fitness path for a bit but it's always been a huge part of my life. So all I will say for now just be on the lookout.

The same goes for AG1 the sponsor of this video. We have some exciting things to share next month and it'll go a long way to proving how AG1 is actually backed by research despite some fudge you may see out there. One thing I know for sure is we're all different so ultimately you just have to try it for yourself. For me having it has always given me peace of mind knowing my body is getting what it needs even when my eating gets off the rails or I'm on the go. And to those of you that have lower energy than you'd like if you have the means it's certainly worth a shot given that you may just be lacking some basic nutrition.

I initially checked out AG1 as I wanted to support Lex Friedman years ago and if you happen to be in a similar boat with Electrified you can get 5 travel packs and a 1 year supply of vitamin D3K2 for free. The link is below and the QR code is right on the screen. Just so you guys know I am not glossing over this but Axios just put out one of its annual surveys and the short story is that Tesla has fallen dramatically from where they placed in 2021. Back then they were 8th and this survey is effectively for brand reputation. Fast forward to this year and Tesla has fallen down the list 263 just behind Ford at 55. The only other automaker lower on the list was the VW group at 69. And the general public in the United States still view Honda and Toyota very favorably ranking them at 7 and 12 out of this list of 100 respectively. But we're going to move on quickly because
我最初查看AG1是因为我多年前想支持Lex Friedman,如果你和Electrified处于类似的处境,那么你可以免费获得5个出行包和1年供应的维生素D3K2。链接如下,二维码也显示在屏幕上。只是让大家知道,我并没有忽略这点,但Axios刚刚发布了一项年度调查,简而言之,特斯拉的声誉已经从2021年排名大幅下降。当时他们排名第8,这次调查实际上是针对品牌声誉。快进到今年,特斯拉在名单上下降到263位,刚好落后于第55位的福特。排名比特斯拉更低的唯一其他汽车制造商是大众集团,排名第69。美国大众对本田和丰田仍然非常支持,将它们分别排在这份名单的第7位和第12位。但我们将快速过渡,因为...

if you actually look at the methodology you'll find each company score is comprised of a statistically significant sample size of 325 respondents. Thus not a big sample size at all but at least according to this poll Tesla's rankings have indeed been falling the past few years. A Tesla investor the Scottish Mortgage Investment Trust said today it will continue to back Elon's 2018 pay plan. They are however yet to decide on Tesla's move to Texas. The trust owns less than $1 billion of Tesla stock but replying to the news Elon said much appreciated they keep their word on a deal. Elon spoke at the Viva Tech conference and he had a few comments on Tesla.
如果您真的看一下方法论,您会发现每家公司的得分由325名调查对象组成的一个统计上显著的样本大小组成。因此,并不是一个很大的样本量,但至少根据此项调查,特斯拉的排名确实在过去几年有所下降。一家投资特斯拉的苏格兰抵押投资信托今天表示,他们将继续支持埃隆2018年的薪酬计划。不过,他们尚未决定特斯拉是否要搬到得克萨斯州。该信托持有不到10亿美元的特斯拉股票,但在回应这一消息时,埃隆表示非常感激他们信守承诺。埃隆在Viva Tech大会上发表讲话,并对特斯拉发表了一些看法。

You know I kind of stop I don't have like a news loads on me and I rarely read news articles on me. In fact even Walter Isaacson's book I asked Walter if should I read the book and he said no so then I didn't even read the book on myself. So I actually don't quite know what the public perception is except that you know the nature of news is that it is going to be salacious. You know it is going to be somewhat of a caricature because the more sort of crazy something sounds the more clicks it will get. Elon Musk it's Karen Cho from CNBC.
我有点停下来了,我没有很多新闻关于我,我很少读关于我的新闻文章。实际上,连沃尔特·艾萨克森的书我都问过他应不应该读这本书,他说不用,所以我连那本关于我的书都没读。所以我其实不太清楚公众对我的看法,除了你知道新闻的特性就是会夸张,会有些夸张因为听起来越疯狂,点击量就会越高。埃隆·马斯克,这是来自 CNBC 的 Karen Cho。

I think it's fair to say there are lingering doubts about your commitment to bring a low cost EV to market in a landscape where the likes of BYD can produce a car for about $10,000. Are 100% tariffs from the Biden administration the green light you need to push ahead with this low cost EV and if so what is the timeline for deliveries? Well I mean it's difficult for me to answer questions about a publicly traded company that are of such a significant nature. Neither Tesla nor I asked for these tariffs. In fact I was surprised when they were announced.

You know Tesla competes quite well in the market in China with no tariffs and no differential support. So in general I'm in favor of no tariffs. I'm also actually in favor of no tax incentives for EVs but provided that there are also the tax incentives for oil and gas must also be eliminated. So I'm in favor of no tariffs and no incentives for electric vehicles or for oil and gas. And if they're all taken away I think that would be for the best. I think generally things that inhibit freedom of exchange or distort the market are not good. Well actually I think that there's a lot of charging infrastructure.

You can travel certainly anywhere in Greater Europe using Tesla superchargers and Europe actually has a lot of pretty good third party superchargers and you can travel anywhere in North America, anywhere in China, Japan. So I think actually the freedom to travel with high speed charging is solid in most parts of the world and will be solid everywhere. And here's that dunk that I promised you. Hi Elon, it's Priha Shavasta from Business Insider. Taking it to Tesla, Tesla's had a bumpy few months looking at flagging sales at home, stock market decline, layoffs. When you look back are there any things? We can stop the question right now because I don't think Business Insider is a real publication. Okay. So let's do one for the next question. Alright, thank you. So next question before. Oh, the real question is did the audience start clapping in agreement with Elon that Business Insider is not a real publication or did they just not know how to react?

Tesla released its impact report for 2023 today. So if you have the time I'd encourage you just to leaf through it and maybe stop and browse on the topics that may interest you personally, I will however share a few of my highlights. You can go to Tesla.com slash impact to see an abbreviated version of this report. There's more pictures. It's prettier to look at and it really covers Tesla's main highlights. But the actual report itself is 160 pages. Talking about the semi, Tesla said charging with electricity is around two times cheaper per mile than refueling with diesel. Operators can see estimated fuel savings of up to $150,000 within their first three years of ownership.

Just a fun fact, more than anything in 2023, Tesla's solar owners generated enough electricity to power all Tesla locations, including manufacturing, support, research, sales, service and delivery locations more than three times as much. Tesla has been called out for this in the past, but at the end of 2023, around 90% of Tesla's mobile service fleet were EVs. We'd like that number to be 100%, but it's great progress as in 2020, EVs only made up 65% of Tesla's mobile service fleet.

Tesla's doing a march of the nines of sorts when it comes to supercharger reliability, setting a new record for 2023 with 99.97% uptime. Here's a great data point anytime somebody says, oh, those Tesla vehicles that are recalled all the time, 99% of vehicles recalled globally in 2023 did not require a trip to a service center. Tesla received 5.9 million job applications in 2023. Tesla highlighted its battery passport for the Cybertruck 4680 cell and they called out 0.17 kilowatt hours per kilogram of energy density or 170 watt hours per kilogram.
特斯拉在超级充电器可靠性方面取得了显著的成就,2023年实现了99.97%的正常运行时间,创下新纪录。每当有人说特斯拉车辆经常召回时,这一数据点都很有意义,2023年全球召回的99%的车辆都不需要前往维修中心。特斯拉在2023年收到了590万份工作申请。特斯拉强调了Cybertruck 4680单元的电池护照,他们称之为每公斤0.17千瓦时的能量密度,或者是每公斤170瓦时。

That's effectively the industry average for this type of chemistry, but that checks out because they said on the Q1 call by the end of the year they want to be better than their suppliers so they're not there right now. Tesla is already doing a non-trivial amount of recycling at both Gigah Austin and Giganavada, saying 3 gigawatt hours of battery materials were sent to Tesla's recycling partners, which is enough for 43,000 plus Model Y rear wheel drive vehicles. And at Tesla's recycling facilities they said 650 megawatt hours of battery materials were processed at their battery shredding facility, which is enough for 9,000 plus Model Y rear wheel drive vehicles.
这实际上是这种化学工业的平均水平,但这是合理的,因为他们在第一季度电话会议上表示,到年底他们希望比供应商表现更好,所以目前还没有做到。特斯拉在Gigah Austin和Giganavada已经在进行相当数量的回收工作,表示已经将3吉瓦时的电池材料送给特斯拉的回收合作伙伴,这足够生产43,000多辆Model Y后驱车辆。而在特斯拉的回收设施,他们表示已经处理了650兆瓦时的电池材料,这足够生产9,000多辆Model Y后驱车辆。

My takeaway is always the same after going through these reports and that's that Tesla really is a mission-driven company first and above everything else. Eli Burton and Anwar Beck had a chat with Rob Maurer, they talked about Tesla and everything going on as of late, so figured I'd give you at least a quick clip. And right now we went through a hype cycle and now we're probably in the trough of a cycle and that'll probably flip again at some point.
我的理解总是一样,浏览这些报告后,特斯拉真的是首先是一家使命驱动的公司,超过一切其他因素。Eli Burton和Anwar Beck与Rob Maurer进行了一次谈话,他们谈到了特斯拉和最近发生的一切,所以我想至少给你一个快速的片段。现在我们经历了一次炒作周期,现在我们可能处于周期的低谷,这种情况可能会在某个时候再次发生变化。

So of course when you're in that trough, the business is going to suffer, it's going to hurt and people are going to look for someone to blame that for. And like I said, there's probably some validity to some of those criticisms, but is that enough for me to say like, oh, what Elon has done for that period to get Tesla to where it is today? Am I just going to ignore that through all that out because of maybe there's been a little bit more focus on Twitter for a couple of years now or something like that? No, because ultimately I think Elon is still like he's been with Tesla for two decades, right? Like this is his baby, like this SpaceX, the other companies, they're all incredibly important to him and he's not just going to let it fail.

So I think anyone that's interpreting like on a period of time where some attention was on Twitter as like a lack of attention on Tesla or lack of interest or something like that, I think is wrong. I think the Walter Isaacson biography demonstrated that. I think it showed that Elon still spends the majority of its time on Tesla even during that period where it's extremely difficult for him to do that. So I think it's just people like looking at the stock, looking at what's happening in the market and saying like, oh, you know, I don't like the deal on posting on Twitter and he's been way too involved here. I didn't like that he sold. Like yeah, obviously no Tesla investors are going to like that he sold, but is that enough reason for me to say like this guy who's been probably the one of the best in history at doing what he does? How I want him gone? Yeah. No, it's just like it's just nonsense to me.
所以我认为,任何人如果将一段时间内关注度集中在Twitter上解释为对特斯拉缺乏关注或兴趣不足之类的看法,我认为是错误的。我认为沃尔特·艾萨克森的传记展示了这一点。我认为它表明埃隆即使在那段极为困难的时期,他仍然将大部分时间花在了特斯拉身上。因此,我认为人们只是看着股票,关注市场的动向,然后说像,“哦,你知道的,我不喜欢他在Twitter上发帖子,他在这里参与得太多了。我不喜欢他卖了股票。” 是的,显然没有特斯拉投资者会喜欢他卖掉股票,但这足以让我说像他这样可能是历史上做好自己工作的人之一离开吗?是的吗。不,对我来说,这只是胡说八道。

It was good to hear from Rob. I'll have the full chat linked below. Kia released that it's upcoming EV3 will be coming to the United States, but they have not yet announced an actual date for when it'll go on sale in the US. We also don't know much about the vehicle other than the long range EV3 should have an 81.4 kilowatt hour battery pack and get around 350 miles of range. Kia also said regenerative braking settings can be controlled from the steering wheel, the first for a Kia vehicle. And in terms of pricing, all they said is that the goal posts are between $30,000 and $50,000.

So far, this is just for the Model S and X, but Tesla has just released a new paint color calling it Lunar Silver, the cost $2,500. They're calling it a clean silver with a pronounced metallic effect and subtle blue tint. As always with colors, I like to see it in the sun in different lighting because these pictures always look really, really good. Jeep released a video comparing its upcoming Wagonear S, which is a pre-production model, and the whole video was comparing itself to the Tesla Model Y, free advertising for Tesla. Most of the video was highlighting the Wagonear S is doing 0-60 in 3.4 seconds with the rollout subtracted. The Model Y performance does it around 3.5 seconds, but hopefully we have Juniper sometime in the next 12 months, maybe that number gets bumped down.
到目前为止,这只适用于Model S和X,但特斯拉刚刚发布了一种新的涂装颜色,称之为月光银,售价为2500美元。他们称其为干净的银色,具有明显的金属效果和微妙的蓝色色调。像往常一样,我喜欢在不同的光线下看到它,因为这些图片总是看起来非常好。Jeep发布了一段视频,将其即将推出的Wagonear S与一台预生产模型进行比较,整个视频都在与特斯拉Model Y进行比较,对特斯拉来说是免费广告。视频中大部分展示了Wagonear S在减去起步后,仅需3.4秒即可实现0-60英里/小时。而Model Y性能版大约需要3.5秒,但希望在未来的12个月内我们可能会看到Juniper,也许这个数字会下降。

The Wagonear S is supposed to be hitting the markets in the fall 2024. People's stock closed the day at $173.74 down 3.54% while the Nasdaq was down 0.39%. It was a lower volume day for Tesla trading about 25 million shares below the average volume the past 30 days. Don't forget, check out AG1 links below if you're interested and get yourself in that mindset of something is better than nothing, both when it comes to nutrition and wellness, but also fitness and performance. Hope you guys have a wonderful day. Please like the video if you did, you can find me on X-linked below, and a huge thank you to all of my Patreon supporters.
Wagonear S预计将于2024年秋天进入市场。人们的股票收盘价为173.74美元,下跌了3.54%,纳斯达克指数下跌了0.39%。特斯拉当天交易量较低,比过去30天的平均交易量少了约2500万股。如果你感兴趣,请查看下面的AG1链接,调整好自己的心态,明白有总比没有好,无论是在营养和健康方面,还是在健身和表现方面。希望大家有一个美好的一天。如果你喜欢这个视频,请点赞,你可以在下面的X-linked上找到我,非常感谢所有我的Patreon支持者。