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You have only one tip that you've given me as to play against flybeats. Cover up. I am molding under the gun and then I'm paying attention to every single thing that happens. People bet how they look at their cards, how they check. Yeah, I'm not right every time. And sometimes I look really stupid. That's kind of the beauty of laptop. I hope I'm not getting too first. And potentially having pumped it off hundreds of thousands of dollars in one night, like, how did you feel this? Well, GTO is explaining against like a lot of people. I'm telling you. Oh, right.

Finally, it's time. I got you on the podcast. It has been several weeks. Thank you so much for joining here today. I don't think I need to give any introduction. Just look at the background and you see that this guy has a little bit of an idea how poker works. I'm pretty sure he's going to be able to share some wisdom on how to make money consistently. Right.

I think that's what a lot of people don't understand. And also all goal is, and I think also your goal with your community is to teach people how to make money consistently. I think we've met all the people that from time to time had a lucky bank, but then lost it all. So they go for today. Yeah, I'm going to share some secrets. So thank you so much here joining today and taking the time. Welcome. Thanks for having me. This will be fun. It will be a lot of fun. Man, like live poker is booming.

And my very first question, if I would be in your shoes, how do you choose? What do you choose this year to play? Where do you go? You could literally play any week somewhere in the States and you have probably some some big tournaments, cash game streams like it's insane. Maybe you can share us a little bit on what your plans are for this year, but also more from the perspective of for audience. How do you choose good games, whether it's live or online, right? How do you design your schedule to make sure you play the most profitable games? What should they pay attention to?

I think one thing that can be overlooked sometime is the expense of travel, like when you have bankroll considerations. You know, you take the total number of buy-ins that you're playing multiply by a expected EV and then you actually have to subtract expenses, the expenses to get there, you know, the cost of food and hotel, et cetera. And so I think that's something that's often overlooked. You know, now for people like you and me, it's pretty easy. I go to where there's a bunch of big stuff to play. So like, seminal hard rock, WPT in April, WSP, et cetera. But I think that that's something that if I was like on the come up and I was really trying to make money, I'd probably do a lot of like the World Series of poker circuits or like the smaller buy-ins where there's a handful of different things to play. But also the expenses are, you know, a lot cheaper because it's one of like the maybe second tier casinos you could say.

Yeah. So for you, it's just right now, biggest buy-ins get me in those and I don't care about the real. Like I typically don't travel when it's just like a, you know, one good tournament or something like that. Yeah. For me to travel, it's they have to have like a good series. You know, and honestly, like this entire year, 2024, I've just been working on making chip leader coaching as good as I can. I've never actually spent time focusing on the company. I've only focused on playing. So it's been a, you know, a really enjoyable experience because, you know, just like poker business has its own problems and, you know, for problem solvers like you and I, it's like, you got to figure out what where your leaks are in poker, you have to figure out where your leaks are in business and plug them and make them better.

You mentioned that you're not traveling like necessary to just one poker tournament. Where are you right now? Where are you based? So about a year ago, my family and I moved to Nashville, Tennessee. So there's actually no casinos in Tennessee. And so I haven't really been playing at all. I found a couple of like private cash games that are soft to that when I get bored, I'll go play, but they're not very big. So it's more of just like the fact that I still enjoy playing. I like people. It's fun to get out of the house and go do that.

So how is family life in Tennessee compared to the good old days of just grinding? Yeah, I mean, when I was in Vegas, man, there's just like so much to do, so much to play. It's just hard to work on a company. You know, it's like you wake up and there's like, oh, there's an 1100 divination. Now I'm going to go see what's up. But it's like here, it's really easy to have a schedule to go to the gym to. Sleep every night at a reasonable hour and to solve the other problems that aren't poker. And it's been incredibly rewarding. Fox and I have been recording almost every day. We just completed bracelet Hunter 2, which is a review of his 250K final table with, you know, extra interviews and talks of how to play like certain stack sizes and different board textures and stuff like that. So, you know, just a lot of content that we thought people would be excited to see. And now that we're done with that, I'm really excited to start playing again. I mean, this is the longest I've ever gone without traveling to play poker. So, yeah, I mean, April got a two week trip to Florida and then W.S.O.P. I'll be in Vegas the whole time. I'm sending my wife and kid to China for three weeks. So it'll be easy to just focus on grinding. You sent them there, was it on a just for vacation or your friends family over there? No, I was next Chinese for mama's there. And so, yeah, their first trip back was last October's because of COVID. And so my daughter finally got to meet her grandma on that side. And, you know, we wanted to speak Chinese. So having a trip back every year at the timing with the W.S.O.P. coincides very nicely for me to be able to like focus and play 12, 14 hours a day. Gotcha. Gotcha. So you mentioned you're working on a you're working on a new product. What is it that you would say is your let's call it core beliefs or core values when it comes to your approach to poker coaching in general. So like how do you believe that people can make consistent winnings?
田纳西的家庭生活与以前只是埋头苦干的好日子相比如何?是的,我是说,当我在拉斯维加斯的时候,有很多事情要做,很多游戏要玩。工作在公司上真的很难。你知道,起床后,就像,哦,有一个1100个占卜,我现在要去看看。但是在这里,很容易有一个去健身房的计划。每天晚上按时睡觉,并解决其他不是扑克的问题。这真的很有成就感。福克斯和我几乎每天都在录制。我们刚刚完成了《手镯猎人 2》,这是他250,000美元决赛桌的回顾,还有一些额外的采访和关于如何在不同的筹码堆大小和不同的牌桌纹理等方面进行游戏的讨论。所以,你知道,我们觉得人们会对这些内容感到兴奋。现在我们完成了这个,我真的很兴奋开始再次玩牌。我是说,这是我长时间没有出去玩扑克了。是的,四月份一次为期两周的佛罗里达之行,然后就是世界扑克锦标赛。我会整个时间待在拉斯维加斯。我把我的妻子和孩子送去中国三周。这样就更容易专心埋头苦干了。你送他们去那里,只是为了度假吗,还是你的朋友家人在那里?不,我妈妈在那里是中国人。所以,他们去年十月才办了他们的第一次回国旅行是因为COVID。所以我女儿终于见到了她那边的奶奶。我们想讲中文。所以每年回国一次与世界扑克锦标赛的时间很好地符合了我能够专注玩牌每天12-14个小时的要求。明白了。你提到你正在开发一个新产品。在一般扑克教练中,你认为什么是你的核心信仰或核心价值观?例如,你认为人们如何能够持续盈利?

I mean, we have this debate, right? Sovers, GTO, but also, you know, you have cash games tournaments, like what? What do you guys try to teach new and upcoming poker players? The biggest thing we try to teach them is how to think instead of just to memorize outputs, you know, like solvers definitely have their place and they are important and but knowing how to deviate and knowing why the solver does what it does is considerably more important than memorizing an output. If you just memorize an output and you know that versus the big one, you're going to see that small and King seven do sit this deck depth. Well, that's cool. If you get like the same board texture. Yeah, but if you understand why the solvers using Tibet small there and all of a sudden you get a similar board texture or one that's way different. You're like, Oh, I remember that this is a board that my opponent has a lot of auto continues on. So I should choose a larger sizing. So it's more about say that's like the biggest thing. Kind of think. Yeah. So it's more about that to have them understand why we want to do certain things. Yeah, absolutely. Okay. And when did you start playing poker? Um, I mean, I grew up playing just random cards with like a. Change with family members where you couldn't even check raise and it was just like that. Yeah, check raising was not allowed. But then as I get older in college or like high school when the money maker boom happened, I started to play with friends. We use pennies as poker chips and the five and $10 buy in games. And then when I got into college, it really started to get more serious. You know, I was very early on. I was eight tabling cash games and a couple of tournaments on the side. And if I got to the final table in the tournaments, I would quit the cash games and if I busted the tournaments, I would end the session. So, you know, for the longest time, I have always grinded super hard. I think that that's something that is very underrated is, you know, people think that they just deserve a big score or their do or whatever. But in reality, like you got to put in the volume, you got to put in the work. Yeah. I remember getting the final two or three tables and the Sunday majors like six, seven times before I actually even like one one, which it was like pretty discouraging at the time. But you just like realize like you don't always like run good down the stretch and I'm sure I made some mistakes as well. And then I finally had like a big bank roll and focused a little bit more on tournaments starting in probably like 2017 when I was, you know, once I started the company from there, it's just been some private cash games tournaments. And then the company. One was your first year that you would consider you took it more professional and you also started having some more consistent winnings. I was winning consistently. I would say sophomore year, maybe junior year of college. So like 2007. 2007. Did you finish your college or did you drop out? Yeah, I stopped the semester shy. My major was architectural engineering, but like even since freshman year, I knew that I was just had no interest in it whatsoever. Like I found it easy and had like a 3.7 or 3.2 GPA when I ended up dropping out, but it was actually my math professor that gave me the courage to quit. He was like, wait, you're good at this. You make good money at it and you enjoy it. He's like, why are you still here? He's like, you know, I just come back to college and I just took 40 K of my 50 K went to Vegas for three weeks. Met Ben Lamb moved with them a month later and that was that's pretty much it. That's like that's a crazy story, man.
我意思是,我们有这场辩论,对吧?Sovers、GTO,但还有现金游戏锦标赛,像是什么?你们试图教导新人和新兴的扑克玩家些什么?我们最大的目标是教他们如何思考,而不只是记忆结果,你知道,像Solvers肯定有它们的位置,它们是重要的,但知道如何偏离以及了解为什么Solver会做某事比记住结果更重要。如果你只是记住一个结果,并且知道对大哥这种情况,你会看到小哥和国王七这样的深度。那很酷。如果你遇到类似的牌局纹理。是的,但如果你明白为什么Solver选择下注小额,突然你遇到类似或完全不同的牌局纹理,你会想到,“哦,我记得这是一个我的对手会有很多自动继续的牌板,所以我应该选择更大的下注量。”所以说最重要的事情就是思考。是的。所以更重要的是让他们明白为什么我们要做某些事情。是的,没错。好的。那你是什么时候开始玩扑克的?我是指,我从小就和家人玩各种纸牌,有一些规则,比如不能check raise,只是那样。是的,不允许check raise。但后来我长大了,上了大学或者是在米克尔潮流兴起的时候,我开始和朋友玩扑克。我们用一分硬币当做扑克筹码,进行五到十美元的买入赛。当我上大学后,我开始更加认真对待扑克。我很早就开始玩多桌现金游戏和一些边玩的锦标赛。如果我进入了锦标赛的决赛桌,我会离开现金游戏,但如果我出局了,就结束这次牌局。所以长期以来,我一直在非常努力地努力。我认为这是非常被低估的一点,你知道,有些人觉得他们应该有很大的收获或者应得什么的。但实际上,你必须投入更多的手数,更多的努力。是的。我记得在周日的主要比赛中进入最后两三桌六七次,才赢得了一次,当时感到相当沮丧。但你意识到不总是能够在关键时刻好运,我肯定也犯了一些错误。后来,我终于有了一个大本钱,开始更多地专注于锦标赛,大概是在2017年开始的,一旦我创办了公司,从那时起,就只有私人现金游戏和锦标赛还有公司的牌局。那么你第一年开始把它看成是一个专业,开始有更稳定的赢利是什么时候?我会说大学的大二或大三,所以大概是2007年吧。你是毕业还是辍学了?是的,我在最后一学期辍学了。我的专业是建筑工程,但甚至从大一开始我就知道我对此毫无兴趣。尽管我发现它很容易,我的GPA在我辍学时是3.7或3.2,但实际上是我的数学教授给了我辍学的勇气。他说,等等,你擅长这个,你做这个赚钱也开心,他说,你还在这里做什么?他说,你知道,我只是回到了大学,然后花了我五万元的四万赴拉斯维加斯度过了三个星期,然后一个月后搬到了本·兰姆那,就这样,那差不多就是。这真是一个疯狂的故事,伙计。

And you spun it up that year or did Vegas give you a hard time? So the series that we played was in the Fontaine lounge at the Bellagio, which isn't even there anymore. It's the hide night club now and it was someone like the toughest series ever. I was playing with like Ruthless and Ben Lamb and just like all the all these sick online guys at the time and then was like race folding every hand and we were seven handed and he like holds under the gun and the cards kind of like arc and they hit the table and they leave their flip over. The dealer has to expose them and it's like ace 10 or ace Jack and I'm like, guys like race folding every hand like what the fuck and I look at him. He's in the two seat. I was in the three and I look at him and I go, you did that on purpose. And he goes, I'm Ben Lamb. We need to be friends and a month later I moved in with him and like that actually gave me the confidence. I had my first 50 K day, my first six figure month that month and or at least when I got home from that trip and I was like playing a bunch of like heads up P. Oh, and tournaments and just like absolutely crushing and then moved in with him lived on the strip for a couple of years, party super hard. And I would say that that chapter of my life is finished now. I completely sober these days. You know, I wanted my child to have like a super parent and you know, have something that I didn't have and I can say that there's definitely some like FOMO and there's times where I miss it, but overall, it's a huge net positive.
你是在那一年蓬勃发展,还是拉斯维加斯给你制造了麻烦?我们打的那个系列赛是在贝拉吉奥的方丹休息室进行的,那里现在已经不存在了。现在是隐藏夜总会,那个系列赛是我参加过最困难的。当时我和Ruthless和Ben Lamb一起玩,还有很多在线玩家,我每一手都在比赛折返,我们七人坐桌,他在枪位抓牌的时候,牌有点弯,碰到桌子上,就翻开了。荷官不得不让所有人看到了,牌是黑桃10或黑桃J,我感叹,每一手都在比赛折返,他居然抓成这样。我看着他,他在二号位,我在三号位,我对他说,你是故意的吧。他说,我是Ben Lamb。我们需要成为朋友。一个月后我搬进了他的家,那给了我信心。那个月我迎来了我生涯中的第一次5万美元的收入日,第一次六位数月收入,至少是在那次旅行后我回来时。我当时在打一大堆头对头的PokerStars游戏和锦标赛,完全碾压对手。然后我和他同住了几年,住在赌城,狂欢了许多。但是现在我完全戒酒。你知道,我想给我的孩子一个超级父母,拥有我没有的东西。我可以说,肯定会有一些FOMO,有时我会想念过去的生活,但总体来说,这对我是一个很大的积极影响。

Yeah, I mean, it looks like that it. I don't know if I can even find the right words for it, but it looks like it. It makes you very proud. It makes you very also more grounded. Would you would you say that now with the responsibilities of being a dad that you say, understand your responsibilities and you want to be a good role model and because you also mentioned going to the gym going early too bad that this kind of like more grown up schedule happened because of becoming a dad or was it also just something where you I'm on all my 30s. I got to go to take it a slower or at least take it my schedule more serious. I had always like party too hard and had a drinking problem, I would say. And then I did have my child. It was kind of like, okay, it's time like I've had enough fun. I'm to be an adult, like you said, you know, like a grown up. Yeah, and it took me a while and really like. I would say like grasp the shift, you know, like for a while, it was difficult. Like I only gave up alcohol and was still like doing drugs and like, you know, smoking weed and stuff like that. And eventually I would like keep drinking and after a while I gave up everything and it's been just downhill and easy since then. Do you regret those times sometimes? Oh, yeah, I have tons of regrets. Absolutely. I mean, I made like tons of mistakes when I was like playing big old private cash games and losing massive percentages of my net worth and at night. And, you know, early in my career before I had a family and responsibilities, like I ran it up to a million and down to a hundred K so many times. And then I finally realized that like I don't need to play the absolute nosebleeds cash games in order to like make a good living. And ever since I have been more responsible with my bankroll, it's just my amount of money in the bank account just slowly climbs up and life's good and much less stressful, I would say.

Why would you? Why would you pay in those games? It was just an ego thing or was it also? I think it was partially greed, but I'm sure you go ahead and do that as well. And it, you know, a lot of the elite poker players, I would say, like a lot of us are very competitive, you know, so I think I did just want to try to beat those games and but the problem was like a lot of them, I would only invite me like when I was drinking and partying. And so it's like, yes, if sober, I'm going to be the best player in the game. But when I'm black, I would drunk, maybe not. Yeah, I hope I'm not getting too personally because I think it's it's probably super valuable lesson you have to you have to teach here because I can imagine the next morning you wake up and you realize that I just punted off several hundred K like how do you feel? Like how many days or weeks did it?

I could just sometimes when I punt it off a hand, sometimes it's for weeks. I'm like, I hate myself. I'm like, damn, I could have played it better. But now just hearing that kind of story of potentially having punted off hundreds of thousands of dollars in one night, like how did you feel? How did you cope with that for the days and weeks after? I've always been like pretty mentally strong, I would say. Early on, I think it was 2009. I had one on one package with Tommy Angela and worked on my mentality. And I actually like purchased it in the hopes that it would help a couple of horses that I had at the time, not knowing that it would be so life changing for me. And the other two horses don't really play poker anymore, ironically, but it helped me. I wanted to bring my first brace at the very next year and I've had a high level of success since working in my mindset.

I think that that's one thing that is very overrated in poker. Like no one wants to work on their mindset because it's not like flashing, right? Did you say it's all rated? Sorry to interrupt you. Did you say overrated or underrated? Under it. Under it. Okay. Like no one wants to work on your mindset. You know, it's one of the most important aspects. I think there's like tons and tons of poker players who could. You know, maybe pass a theoretical test, you know, they know they, some of you send them a hand history. They can get the right answer and it's like, okay, but then they get at the poker table and they just make these mistakes, right? And they know it's a mistake and they still do it. And you know, being able to play your best at all times or as often as possible is kind of a poker superpower. Yeah. Yeah, that's that's a huge thing for sure. But also I think what most people lack is the patience for working on your mindset. I mean, where you are today probably happened through, you know, being like this. Like a rock under pressure that transitioned into a diamond, but this can only happen when there's like pressure, pressure, pressure mistakes, fuckups, but then also having the courage to be open to learn from your mistakes. If you would have just kept drinking and partying and doing all that shit, you probably wouldn't be there where you are today. But so it required also for you to understand, all right, go to step it up.

I mean, of course with a child, I think it should be a no brainer to take things a little more serious and learn from past mistakes. Like I got lucky that I've always been gifted at poker. And what do you mean with what do you think? What do you mean with you have been gifted? Well, I don't know if it was because when I started, I was like final tabling events immediately. Like I'm sure you know that every time you go deep or final table or win or whatever, you learn so much. And so I got really lucky internment specifically to make those runs early and learn a lot, not to mention that, you know, back in the day on full tilt and party poker, it was so easy. Like I remember I was four-tabling one night and these are like 500,000 person events.
我是说,当然,对于一个孩子来说,我认为应该毫无疑问地更加认真对待事情,并从过去的错误中吸取教训。就像我很幸运,我一直很擅长打扑克。你说的是什么意思?你说你很有天赋是什么意思?嗯,我不知道是不是因为我开始时就像立即进入了决赛。就像我肯定你知道,每次你深入比赛、进入决赛或者赢下比赛,你会学到很多东西。所以,在那个时候,尤其是确实很幸运,早期就能取得成功并学到很多,更不用说,在full tilt和party poker,比赛真的很简单。就像我记得有一个晚上我四台比赛,这些都是5万人的比赛。

And I had all four of them were blue backgrounds on full tilt with the final tables. And you know, just having a game style and learning how the opponent like tendencies and population tendencies and saying like, oh, like yeah, like it's hard for him to have a value hand, but I just know that people don't take this line as a bluff or vice versa. It's like, yeah, this is a very bluff oriented line. So I'm going to continue why or something like that. I also think that from the gifted perspective, like my pattern recognition is really high. And so I'm able to kind of grasp those concepts of where people are weak and strong faster than others. So what you say when you started out, let's say your first, the second year, like whatever the period was where you had all those final tables and you were lucky. Would you say you played also winning strategy and on top of that, you've been also lucky or where you just playing bad and you were lucky? Oh, no, I was playing extremely winning strategy. Like as you know, back then, people were under three betting and two passive and two tight in a lot of spots. So you basically just got to be incredibly active preflop had a lot of front sight aggression and you just got to pick up so many pots because people didn't bite back correctly versus preflop. Minarized. Yeah. And so, yeah, I mean, I had an incredibly winning strategy that allowed me to learn as I went, I would say.

Yeah. I honestly, I disagree with you. I don't think you have been very lucky. I would actually say that you've been very unlucky and you made actually the best out of it. If I would take 100 players that did not have, let's say, the proper mindset, yeah, take the average dude and put him in your position. I would say 98 out of 100 would blow up their bankroll. They would go broke because they overestimate themselves. So I honestly, I want students so far in my career that I met in one of our bootcamps. So also said, I want a lot of money early on and because of his upbringing, because of his parents, he understood the responsibility with more money and great power becomes responsibility. But that's not how a lot of people see it. So a lot of students that I met who actually made it or poker friends, right? Like whatever it is, they tell me, yeah, it was really rough at the beginning. So it was for me. So they understood it takes a lot of work and a lot of grind to make it in poker. So for me, I find it very inspiring if I meet someone that says I was very lucky early on my career and yet I made it because I think it's a lot harder. It's a lot harder when people say, oh, Ben, like I'm losing at the beginning. It's hard. Good. Good because you learned early on what it means to be a poker player. I would say most poker players, they think, oh my God, poker is so easy. I have tons of these DMs. So I'll bet you were so right. Like I made five grand. I lost it all. It happens left and right. I honestly think you have been very unlucky, dude. You have not been lucky. Baby, it's a lot harder to make a career from poker if you're that lucky early on.

Yeah, I can see that. I mean, after I won my first bracelet in 2010, there's like a 500 K score in the 5K P. Oh, I swapped out like 7, 5%. So I'm left with like a little over 300 K and then taxes. So like 200 K and I started playing like pretty high stakes P. Oh, and lost like the vast majority of it back went from like 300 back to 100. Had to move down and rebuild. And that's something that, you know, I've done a ton in my career, not anymore, but, you know, moving down and rebuilding the bankroll is something that I do think takes like a little humility. Like, oh, it's like, all right. You don't have this, the bankroll to play the stakes anymore. I have to move down. And obviously when you move down, if you do have that skill set, your win rate goes up. The variance goes down. And it's a lot easier to rebuild when you just go to a stake that you know that you're crushing. Yeah. I think it's almost like a superpower in poker because it's very difficult to admit that you just all right. You got to move down to rebuild. It's it's very, very dangerous. And I think, or sorry, it's very powerful, but it's very dangerous. Like just this example used with your pillow win. You could have easily played the same stakes because you have that proof of winning in P. Oh, so it's like, why would I move down? I can beat it, but let's be honest, was just one tournament. I mean, I don't know anything about your P. Oh, skits, but let's say you just got lucky and you weren't beating the P. Oh, stakes again, not assuming that's the case, but it applies to many, right? They have one big score and then they start losing, but they have that evidence of one tournament. And that could make them believe that they're actually beating the stakes. And I think that's the dangerous cycle.
是的,我能理解。我的意思是,在2010年赢得我第一个手镯之后,在5K P. Oh中得了50万分数。哦,我换出了大约7, 5%。所以我剩下了大约30万,然后扣税。所以大约20万,然后我开始玩相当高的赌注。哦,输掉了大部分的钱,从30万回到了10万。不得不降低赌注重新开始。这是我在职业生涯中做过很多次的事情,现在不再这样了,但是,你知道,降低赌注重新开始需要一点谦卑的心态。就像是,“好吧,现在你没有足够的资金去玩这个赌注了,我必须降低赌注。”显然,当你降低赌注时,如果你有那个技能,你的胜率会上升,方差会减小。当你只去一个你知道自己能打破的赌注时,重建就会变得更容易。是的。我认为这几乎就像是扑克中的超能力,因为很难承认你必须降低赌注重新开始。这非常具有危险性,但同时也很强大。就像你前面获胜的例子一样。你本来可以继续玩同样的赌注,因为你有在P. Oh中获胜的证明。那为什么要降低赌注呢?我可以打败对手。但实话实说,那只是一个比赛。我对你的P. Oh技能一无所知,但假设你只是幸运赢得了一次比赛,之后却无法打败P. Oh赌注,并不是假设这种情况,但它适用于很多人,他们有一次大赛获胜,然后开始输钱,但他们有一场比赛的证据。这可能让他们相信自己实际上是在打败赌注,我认为这是一个危险的循环。

Yeah, I think that that is a really common story. For me, it was that I was just like smoking tons of weed and playing too many tables and like looking back at the sessions, man, like the amount of like red mind money that I left on the table was just like incredible. You know, so there's a lot of like playing bed for what it's worth.

P.O.O. was my early grind game. You know, I built my bank role playing P.O.O. Oh, really? Yeah, it was already it was always P.O.O. Cash and no limit tournaments and even participating in the Gal fun challenge. I actually felt like I had a significant edge in the early going. Like it started off like he was up 200 K and then I was up 300 K and then I had a kid and we took like two or three weeks off.
P.O.O. 是我早期玩的游戏。你知道, 我通过玩 P.O.O. 积累了我的银行存款。真的吗?是的,我经常参加 P.O.O. 的现金和无上限锦标赛,甚至参加 Gal fun 挑战。起初我觉得自己有一定的优势。一开始我赚了 200K,然后变成 300K,后来我生了个孩子,我们休息了两三周。

And when I came back, he absolutely destroyed me. So I felt incredibly confident that I had a significant edge and then, you know, while I was having a kid and a newborn, he went and figured out where I was deficient, where I was unbalanced and came back and just absolutely crushed me. And so, you know, again, like losing to Phil Gal fun.
当我回来时,他完全击败了我。所以我觉得自己非常自信,认为我有明显的优势,然后你知道,当我有一个孩子和一个新生儿的时候,他找出我哪里不足,哪里不平衡,然后回来击溃我。所以,你知道,再次输给Phil Gal很有趣。

I don't think takes away from my P.O.O.O. skill. You know, he's one of the best heads up P.O.O. ever. But I do feel very confident in my P.O.O. skill in general. Not as good as my Nolan and tournament, I would say, but definitely something an area that I'm strong in.

Do you play any online or online tournaments, online cash or mostly live right now? Oh, yeah, I play. I don't really play online cash. Oh, you know, once twice a year, I'll find like a poker club and grind it for a couple weeks that a friend will be like, Hey, this is a really good spot. You should come put in some volume like to go a little off topic.

Like that's one of the best ways to make money in poker is you find a good spot where you're a favorite in it and you're, you know, confident you're going to get paid. You're not going to get cheated. You go and you put in the volume and, you know, my wife's always been incredibly supportive of that. If I'm going to work for, if I'm going to grind for 12 hours a day every day because it's a good spot, she'll handle everything she needs to. And, but in general, like I'll still play a couple times a month on ACR on Sundays.

One of the things I like to do to record content for our Tripletor AI subscribers is think of it as like a private Twitch stream where I record my screen cameras on. Well, that's my talking through my thought process. And yeah, so it's one of the easiest ways for me to one stay sharp in tournaments, which I think is pretty valuable and to record content for the subscribers. So I've definitely enjoyed making those videos and I do think they keep me sharp.
我喜欢为我们Tripletor AI的订阅者录制内容的事情之一是把它看作是一个私人的Twitch直播,我在录制时会打开我的屏幕摄像头。嗯,这就是我讲述我的思考过程。是的,这是我保持在比赛中保持敏锐的最简单方式之一,我认为这相当有价值,并且可以为订阅者录制内容。所以我确实喜欢制作这些视频,我认为它们帮助我保持敏锐。

And one of the other aspects of like playing regularly is the game always evolves, right? You know, it's think of like a rock, paper, scissors thing where you throw rock long enough and the general population pool is eventually going to start throwing paper. You need to figure out like what scissors is. And so I think that that's something that, you know, playing at least semi regularly, even though I have been focused on the company for a little while.

It's definitely important to stay sharp and prepare for the WSOV. Yeah, what do you think are the main difference between live and online when it comes to the skill level of poker players? Hmm. Well, the biggest like people always say it's like, oh, it's a completely different game. And I always just say like, no, it's the same game, but live poker just has an extra element of information, like your ability to look at your opponent.

Like you get to a new table online and it's like, or six, seven, four, two, it's like, yeah, you really don't have any info other than maybe their stack size or the location. But live, it's like people send me a hand history and they're like, so I get to a new table and I get in this hand with this guy with no info and I'm like, how old is he? Like, how does he stack his chips? Like, what is he wearing? Is it a girl or a boy? You know, it's like, you always have some information immediately and you get to make conclusions about your opponents much faster. Yeah. But regarding like the actual like the initial question of the primary difference, I would say that like live people are afraid to look stupid.

And so they don't pull the trigger on in certain spots if their cards have to show. So they're afraid to like pull the trigger on a bluff that they might online or they're afraid to like call an all in because the cards have to get shown and they look stupid. Yeah. So would you say what would you would you say that live people, love less and big pots or important spots, basically?
因此,如果他们的牌必须亮出来,他们就不会在特定的场合下扣动扳机。因此,他们害怕像在线上那样扣动扳机进行虚张声势,或者他们害怕跟注All In,因为要亮出牌,这样会显得很蠢。所以你觉得现场玩家在大注或关键时刻爱下注更少吗?

Yeah, absolutely. Yeah. Okay. I mean, I don't have as much live experience. I mean, I grind a couple of Vegas, I think three WCPs and one EPT. I would say the level of theory. So like the elements of poker are life a lot worse. You see people doing a lot more blunders than online online. You have on average, I would say a higher skill level. If I compare, say the 5K Titans on stars or the 10K GG million with a 5K live event or a 10K live event, it's like so much softer life. Like you sometimes have. You sometimes have two or three very bad players even on a 5K or 10K or like the 5K 6 makes W. I mean, WCP is a bit special. I think EPT is a little tougher, but still you have like most of the time, at least one big fish on your table, sometimes even two and even also the regular since they grind the live series, they put a lot of more volume. They don't have as much time to study, which makes a lot of sense for you to play an entire series. They're also not. They're also not. I study. No, no, it's yeah, you can't blame them, right? It's no, of course. No, it's getting win.
是的,绝对是。是的。好的。我是说,我没有太多的现场经验。我去过几次拉斯维加斯,我想参加了三次WCP和一次EPT。我会说理论水平方面。就像扑克的要素,在现场时要差很多。你会看到人们犯更多的错误,比在线上要多。一般来说,我会说在线上的技能水平更高。如果我比较一下,在Stars上的5K Titans或者10K GG million和一场5K或者10K的现场比赛,现场的水平就会软很多。有时候你会遇到两三个非常菜的玩家,甚至是在一场5K或10K的比赛上,或者5K 6人桌的WCP比赛上。我是说,WCP有点特殊。我认为EPT会更难一些,但是你依然会在你的桌上看到至少一个很弱的玩家,有时候甚至会有两个,甚至连那些经常参加现场系列赛的常客也因为他们要投入更多的时间来打比赛,导致他们没有太多时间去学习。参加整个系列赛是很有意义的。他们也没有太多的时间去学习。对吧,你不能怪罪他们,是吧?当然。是的,胜者。

Yeah, like one of the things I've noticed playing like private cash games is the regs are absolutely terrible because they don't have to improve because they can beat the fish because the games are so good. Yeah. And so like one of the reasons people online started improving is because they had to. Yeah, I agree. I agree fully. And I think that also brings a bit of a danger and I can see that myself that if you play a lot online and then you play live, you really have to unbrainwash your mind that as you mentioned, it is the same game, but then it is also kind of a different game. You very often have these spots where you're just pot, pot, pot with value. And then once this guy with a hat, it's just sitting there playing no hand for five orbits and then he re raises you. And if you think about which blockers I have to defend on my flop. Sorry, I can't help you. But the thing is, if you're in this online grind for several months, it is, it is, you really need to pay attention, be aware and maybe meditate on it. Do whatever the fuck it is that now you play against players who either bluff like crazy. I think also life, you just have these guys like, I'm going to steamroll everyone, you know, like, I'm gonna, I'm gonna own them, gonna destroy them. I'm the table captain, you know, they're not falling. They hate it when you race into their big blind. They hate it when you three by 10, you just three by them twice and then five all is like, they get all angry and mad at you, you know. And then on the other side, you have like very, yeah, very passive and weak opponents who is something like, I don't know, like 15 big blinds. You regem ace jag and then you get the two minute 10 call with a screen because they always put your name's king, you know. And it happens, you know, online this stuff barely happens, but they don't know what pre flip charts are. They don't know what, what a server is. And so this is, and I think this is also an advantage that you have. I noticed this in my coaching sessions that people that learned poker 10, 15 years ago have it so much easier. To go into these extremes, extremes of, I know it's a good spot to bluff. I don't care what my block cards are, you know, and then on the other side, yeah, you're top of your range, but if you never blast. And this is what a lot of players struggle with their learn poker through a solver. I mean, my cards only matter if the opponents thinking about my range instead of the absolute value of their hand strength. Yeah. No, absolutely. So that's, I think also in the coaching sessions, the most difficult part is to teach them that level of thinking. And this is something that we'll never be able to teach you. That's one of the reasons I had so much success teaching Alex Foxen is because he was already like very aggressive, willing to take like all of the, you know, cold for bed or whatever aggressive spots. And teaching him like the slight sizing difference in live tell stuff and basically just like telling him, even from an online perspective of like you don't have to be in this box. Like you don't have to be restricted by what you're supposed to do. Like in poker, we can literally do whatever the fuck we want. And that's like one of the beautiful aspects of the game. And I think that a lot of the people who maybe started in the last five years, like you mentioned, is they are really stuck inside the box and they're not able to do the things they need to do to exploit as much as they should.
是的,我注意到一个事情,在私人现金游戏中,常规玩家表现得非常糟糕,因为他们不需要提高水平,他们可以击败鱼群,因为游戏非常好。是的。因此,人们在线开始提高水平的一个原因是因为他们必须这样做。是的,我同意。我完全同意。而且我认为这也带来了一些危险,我自己也能看到,如果你经常在线玩,然后再去现场玩,你真的需要洗脑自己,就像你说的,这是同一款游戏,但也有点不同的游戏。你经常会碰到这种情况,在你以有价值的底池下注后,有个带着帽子的家伙坐在那里,五轮都不玩牌,然后突然重新加注。如果你考虑我需要用什么牌来保护我的翻牌,对不起,我帮不了你。但事实是,如果你在线打了几个月,你真的需要注意,意识到可能需要冥想一下。因为现在你要对抗那些要么疯狂吹牛要么就是一直被动的玩家。我觉得在现场,你有这些家伙,说我要碾压所有人,我要打垮他们,我是桌面上的船长,他们不会放弃。他们讨厌你进他们的大盲站。他们讨厌你三倍加注,你三倍加注他们两次,然后再五倍加的时候,他们就会生气,对你发火。另一方面,你有一些非常被动和虚弱的对手,他们可能只有15个大盲。你三倍加注A-J,然后他们拿着A-10等两分钟才决定跟进,因为他们总是把你当成国王。在线上这种情况很少发生,但他们不知道什么是翻牌表,他们不知道什么是策略。我觉得这也是你的优势。我在辅导课中注意到,学了10到15年扑克的人要容易得多。去决定这些极端的情况,我知道这是一个好的吹牛机会,我不关心我手牌是什么,然后另一方面,你是最强的手牌,但如果你从不大胆下注。这是很多玩家在学习扑克时遇到困难的地方,意味着如果对手考虑的是我的牌型,而不是手牌的绝对价值。不,绝对不。我认为在辅导课中最困难的部分是教会他们那种思维水平。这是我们永远无法教会你的东西。我能成功地教会Alex Foxen的一个原因是因为他已经非常激进,愿意接受所有冷对注之类的激进局面。教他現場信息手势中的轻微下注差别以及基本上告诉他,即使从在线扑克的角度出发,你也不必被拘束在某个框框里。在扑克中,我们可以做任何我们想做的事情,这就是游戏的美好之一。我认为在过去五年中开始的很多人,就像你提到的那样,他们真的被困在框框里,无法进行剥削的操作,尽可能发挥自己的优势。

Yeah, that's a very good point. When you think about it, that, and this is probably something, I'm going to make, I mean, I made this prediction already several times, but in five or ten years, we can truly incorporate the ability of solve future or consider your future game, your own edge into a tournament. That's why I was so fascinated when you reviewed the hand against Ricksby. I hope I'm not triggering you anywhere, anyway, and I don't hope, I hope you don't have the Gagans Ricksby, the W Supreme with Ace King. He doesn't get Aces, he's not supposed to get Aces. Right, chance guy.

Oh, he's king of hearts. Well, over a hundred bigs deep. Here we go. Oh, he's got a smile. He's never bringing bad mojo to the tables. But he feels he's got Rigby. Because he knows what Rigby plays. Wow, an ace for the stoic. Real light four bets in a button versus big-line spot. You also know. Did he say all in right there? Oh, oh! Oh, my goodness. Chance Corneth, welcome to the table. He is the shorter of these two monster stacks. Oh, my God. Holy shit. He's just knowing. It's been like this the whole. His man there.
哦,他是心之王。而且,他有超过一百大盲的筹码。我们开始了。哦,他微笑着。他从不给桌上带来不祥之气。但他觉得自己有着对手的阵容。因为他知道对手会怎么打。哇,对于冷静的玩家来说是很轻松的四倍加注按钮对大盲的位置。你也知道。他在那里说全推了吗?哦,哦!哦,天啊。欢迎Chance Corneth来到这个牌桌。他是这两大怪物筹码堆中更短的那个。哦,我的天啊。天啊,他就是知道。整个比赛都是这样。他的对手。

Yeah, it's really good. Rigby in line to shoot up the leaderboard once again with almost 6.3 million of his Aces can hold. It's for that shoving for a hundred bigs. Gets action. Bullets. Chance Corneth can't believe it. His fate riding on hearts in Broadway. No hearts. Horse flops. Yeah, Queen of Hearts. One heart there. I love a sweat. Four diamonds. I already called the turn. That's right. He called for it. Yeah, just so wrong. That's a rule. You can ask for it on the grid. It's not really a rule to guideline. Four diamonds. I've called it. Let's go! Let's go! Wow. Wow. It's like someone with your edge, probably solverwise, called. Right? Theory always called. But if you consider your own edge and like. Terrible. Yeah. And that's what I mean. Terrible. It's like, I wasn't even settled, right? Like, the weirdest thing happens.

So, like, this is pretty crazy. So, the floor is shuffling the cards for a table break, right? And he hasn't shuffled. The dealer does the high card to see who gets the first card, you know? And the dealer goes, where was the high card? And then he shuffles. Sorry, the floor man goes, where was the high card? The dealer points it to see. And he shuffles like three more times. And then he passes them out. And he looks at me and he says, if your card has X on it, you're at the future table. And I look and I'm just like, so fucking sure that I'm going to be at the future table. And so I was like a little bit shook from that because like, if you actually look.

So, we're in this tournament, the main event with 600 people left. And the last like 10 people that get moved to this future table are literally like made for TV. Like myself, other elite pros, big fish, like whatever. And I look at this and I'm like. I'm one of the best in the world at pattern recognition. And I was like, I could just see that this was just not a good thing. And this just does not feel random to me. And obviously like, it can never be proven. They had never made it. Also, it was great that you got the card with an X on it to get moved to the future table. I think there's at least a high chance in whether it was rigged or not. Mentally, I was very hung up on it. And so like, you know, we talked about the importance of playing your A game. And so I'm like, kind of shook by this. And I'm like, fuck, like one, now I have to go to this feature table and show my cards. So I can't really do some of the stuff you get to get away with in the main event. And then second of all, like I get moved there and, you know, I'm like getting my tweets ready to tell you my team to like put out tweets that I'm at the future table and just like, I wasn't like settled. Yeah. I was battling like a terrible sky in my eye, which is actually still little there. I have an eye doctor next week. And I just like was sick. And I get to the feature table and I just wasn't settled. And I get there and three that and it literally never crossed my mind to the world. It was just like, I guess I'm all in. I didn't even think about the number of big blinds. Didn't even think about like the edge in the tournament. And like looking back on it, I think it's like the most trivial fold ever. In fact, I think I should just like flat be open pre and just like play like a single race spot. Like I did the entire tournament and just have the top of my range on a single race spot. But that's the void variance against Rick's be use probably the only guy in this table and put you in tough sports post-warp or.

Yeah. Yeah. I mean, like I accumulated the entire event just raised in C bit. Three that in C bit, you know, the occasional double barrels, the occasional bluff catch. And I did have a couple of nice like, you know, four bit fluff spots, but I didn't go deep in the main event every year. Like I seem to by getting in 120 big blinds per day. You know, that's just like not how I do it. And I also got kind of wrapped up in the war that is reek. And, you know, that's not actually how he bluffs. Like he doesn't format shove. His aggression is like very front sided and flop and like, you know, a certain spots like that. And yeah, I mean, I think that was like one of the biggest mistakes I've ever made in the main and sure enough, he just had aces and I was just dead. Yeah.

Would you have caught if you know that he jams three dues and you basically 60 70 30 for your tournament live or 65 35 whatever else you've also received it? I mean, with seven and a half million, the future stack equity at 30 K big blind is like probably high enough to like take a 70 30 there. Yeah. But I don't know. Like it's hard to say. I mean, this is an interesting conversation with the conversation that comes up every year that if someone opens jumps the first hand, you have 300 big blinds with aces and the big blind, would you call or not? Yeah, that's like a common topic. Yeah, probably it's aces. Yeah.
如果你知道他下注三张二,而你基本上就是赌局存活的60 70 30或者65 35的话,你会不会下注呢?我的意思是,拥有七百五十万筹码,未来以30K的大盲注作为赌局资产,可能在这种情况下做一个70 30的决定是足够明智的。但我不确定,很难说。我的意思是,这是一个有趣的话题,每年都会讨论的话题,如果有人在第一手牌开跟下注,而你手里有300个大盲注的红桃A,你会跟注吗?是的,这是一个常见的话题。可能是红桃A。

I mean, I don't know. I don't know what you want to wait for. I mean, at some point you have to risk your you cannot just wait for the 100% 0% equity spots on the river to put in your tournament live. But I think with aces, I snap it off every day, every time. Yeah. Like in that tournament, as a lot of people, yeah, they should call it off as me. I genuinely think that I have probably one of the top five are lives in the world in that tournament. And so I should be avoiding all in risk preflops spots. But with aces is still probably not one of the ones that you should be holding. Like I would say there is noticing a player that where you would just be able to justify because the thing is, yes, edge is very, very important, but it's not guaranteed you're going to realize that edge in this very tournament. Like if you could guarantee you realize that edge every single time because you still rely on luck to have those spots appear where you can realize your edge. So I think at some point we hit a certain scene.
我的意思是,我不知道。我不知道你想等什么。我的意思是,到了某个时候,你必须冒一些风险,不能只是等着在河牌上出现100%、0%的股权机会才下注。但是我认为,拿着两对A,我每天都要all in。就像在那场比赛中,很多人,他们应该像我一样all in。我真心觉得在那场比赛中,我可能是世界上前五名生存者之一。所以我应该避免所有的all in前翻牌局面。但是拿着两对A可能还不是你应该放弃的牌之一。我想说的是,有些局面没有什么可以让你放弃的玩家。因为是这样的,是的,优势非常重要,但不能保证你在这个比赛中就能实现这种优势。如果你可以保证每次都能实现这种优势,因为你仍然依靠运气来产生能让你实现优势的局面。所以我认为到了某个时候,我们会达到某种共识。

Yeah. Yeah. I mean, the pick up hands. Yeah. I miss like there's a lot of like things that can happen. I mean, for you or for someone like you or me or good players in general who understand the concept of exploitative poker, it's yours and you don't necessarily need to pick up the car. You need to pick up the spots, right? If you play against someone that you know how to exploit them, you not always need cards for that or these like very good cards, like decent cards and off student A's or student King, you know, to get a lot of light and frisky in certain spots or he does the job.
是的。是的。我的意思是,抓取机会。是的。我想象中会发生很多事情。我的意思是,对于像您或者像我这样的玩家或者懂得利用型扑克概念的优秀玩家来说,这是您的事情,您不一定需要抓住底牌。您需要抓住机会,对吧?如果您与一个您知道如何利用他们的对手对战,您不一定总是需要牌,或者这些非常好的牌,比如 decent 的牌和一对 A 或者一对 K,您就可以在某些局面中轻松愉快地玩耍或者完成工作。

I saw her head like wait, wait, wait, wait, wait, wait, wait. What was it three, it was all from the big blind or? I'm going to find a two in the time I got 16th. I actually threw that eight do eight doo soft from the small block. Oh, it's eight doo. Sometimes they had to. Yeah. And both times they had the stone bottom and both times they like snap folded and I was just like, yeah, just tell me what people tell me. Laughs. I'm real. I just like laugh at him. One of the strong ones. I don't just randomly think about the eight. Use and run into like aces like when I do it, I've been playing with these guys for three days and I know that they're at the bottom or like King eight suited for that. I'm like, I don't for that shove King eight suited in the main event unless I'm.
我看到她像在等待,等待,等待,等待。这是三个吗,都是从大盲注出牌吗?我想找到一个2,我拿到了第16名。我实际上从小盲注处抛弃了8杆。哦,是8杆。有时候他们必须这么做。是的。两次他们都拥有最差的底牌,而且两次他们都很快地放弃了,我只是像,是的,告诉我别人告诉我的那样笑了。我真的只是笑他们。我是那种强者之一,不会随意想着8。使用8然后碰到像A一样的牌。因为我和这些家伙一起打了三天牌,我知道他们最差的牌可能是像K8 suited这样的。我不会为了那种底牌在主赛事中推手。

Frickin shirt. Yeah. You know, like you play with these people for days and days and you actually get a chance to develop reads and it's really fun. You know, like a tournament like that is. The yearly opportunity. Like it's just one of the coolest opportunities that we have. You know, it's the softest thing you run deep and like you said, the opportunities that you get in that tournament to accumulate chips or just second to none. Yeah. You would just talk about life poker tights and you don't want to share it. Don't share it. I would totally respect that. But if you want to share some, what would be for you the biggest life tights or the most reliable life tights? Yeah, I can give some tidbits for sure. But ironically, about 13 months ago, I created a live poker product like live sales product. I have like a chip leader coaching table here.

I had a production like team home and record it. Yeah. Highest quality product I've ever made. Probably the most valuable product I've ever made and I chose not to release it. And then I had my. I just didn't feel like I wanted to release it right then before the World Series. I thought it was more valuable for me to use the tells on the high rollers and, you know, I had seven final tables last summer. And so I was happy with my decision. I do think I'm going to release it in the fall. You know, it's just first it's it's very. I love the money and then release the secrets.

Yeah. I love the money and then release the secrets. Yeah. But. Live tells. Okay. So. People send me stuff and they just say like, Hey, so this guy did this. And I don't know if I should like call is this week or strong and I'm like, that's not how it works. Right. So this illusion of of live tells is like I have this, this knowledge of them. No, get it wrong. I do have knowledge and there are things that I can just sit down at a table and say like, this probably week, this is probably strong, et cetera. But that's just not really how live tells work.

You know, when I play poker, I am the most focused one. I am folding under the gun and then I'm paying attention to every single thing that happens. How people bet, how they look at their cards, how they check like all of these different little things. And I'm keeping track of the information and saying, okay, like when he did this, he was weak. And, Oh, when he did this, he was strong and you get more confirmations of weak and strong. And eventually you are able to start making conclusions based on your action. So like the equivalent, I would say is like online poker. There's times when you have a HUD on someone and they've only played like 30 or 40 hands and they haven't played a hand yet. Well, it's like, yeah, it's only 30 hands, but like we still still probably tight, right? And so like you get to make these conclusions that like, yes, I don't have certainty, but it still increases the frequency that you get to be correct.

So I played with like a few orbits with this, this online killer in the 250 K last year and he opens MP and I'm in the small blind and I'm like, all right, this guy is not at the top. And I threw that nine 10 off from the small blind and it comes like nine five six rainbow check that call turn seven or eight check that call River shut down when. And he like couldn't believe that I threw that the nine 10 like it's just obviously not a hand that would be in the solver, but it's like, think about the range that you could read that profitably if you know your opponent doesn't have the top four percent of hands.
所以我和一个去年在250K大赛中玩了几轮,他是一个网上杀手,他在中位开牌,而我在小盲位置,我想,好吧,这家伙不是顶级选手。于是我从小盲处扔掉了9 10,然后就是九五六的彩虹牌,看了一下,跟注了,转牌是7或8,再看了一下,再跟注河牌就关闭了。他简直不敢相信我扔了那个9 10,显然这不是一个solver中会出现的手牌,但是,如果你知道你的对手不是手牌最好的四个百分比之一,那么考虑一下你可以有利可图地读取的对手手牌范围。

So now they're opening 24% of hands and you get to take out this top four and okay, well, say I'm only 80% right or 70% right. We still need to take out the top three percent. You still get to wait that. And so it still becomes like incredibly valuable. And so yeah, I'm not right every time. And sometimes I look really stupid. And sometimes like, I look really smart. And but like that's kind of the beauty of live tells is like being able to discount or wait. People being stronger week won't really allow you to do some extremely fun stuff even at anybody level. Yeah. I mean, this is what most people don't understand how sensitive GTO or also ICM is. If you just reduce a certain strategy by one, two, three, four percent or make it more aggressive. Your entire range from like, let's say, bluff catching only 30% of the time turns into bluff catching 100% of the time or it turns into falling 30% of the time into falling 100% of the time. And same for three bets.

If someone let's say the GTO defense frequency would be 50% if he falls 60% you can throw that kingles off. It doesn't really matter. It's not like, oh, you need to have a solid read that he forwards 50% of the time. No, when you're very certain that it's just like, he's not having those top hands, which are three, four percent of his range. You go absolutely bananas. And if you actually don't do it, you don't understand poker. Or you don't understand how poker works at the real time. And that's something that, yeah, and early in my career, like, yeah, I studied live tells. I did a lot of different things. I watched the gender viral series. They read the Mike Carroll book. I watched this show called My To Me that had like a micro expressions expert. I just found fascinating. I liked the show. So I was like really big into live tells early on, you know, watching that. Felivi checkers on like Jack Jack X, where he's six bed shelves.
如果有人假设GTO防御频率为50%,但他实际上只有60%,你可以抛开那些计算。这并不重要。不需要确切地知道他会前出50%的时间。当你非常确定他不持有那些顶级牌时,你就可以采取极端的策略。如果你不这样做,你就不了解扑克。或者你不懂得实时扑克如何运作。那是我职业生涯早期的一件事情,我学习了现场tell。我做了很多不同的事情。我看了詹姆斯邦德系列。读了迈克·卡罗尔的书。我看了一个叫做MytoMe的节目,有一个微表情专家。我觉得这很迷人。我喜欢这个节目。所以早期我非常关注现场的tell,观察费利维在类似J J X的局面上的行为,当他六注推的时候。

Yeah. I was in a big heavy. And so early in my career, like, I actually just got the stats of my W. S. O. P.s. lifetime. But early in my career, I haven't assisted through them or I would share the numbers. But I didn't have incredible success in the world series. Like, I was looking for live tells excuses to make mistakes. And I would call. I would see the guys cards. I would lose. And I would think about it and I'd be like, Oh, like, I should have known he was strong because of this. And like, I should have known he was strong from a poker theoretical perspective too.

But I was so hung up on the live tells at the time. And I learned a lot. And I paid a lot to learn these things. And, you know, now I have a much, much better self control and my ability to like put the poker theory first and then use the exploits to go from there. And yeah, man, it's it's really fun. Like the stuff you can do with live tells is just. Second to none. I think. Yeah, I can. I mean, I, it's even online. Like the my thing every single time on stream, I make calls or for just be based on timing tags. Exactly. It's absolutely. And certainly.

I mean, those online are incredible. Like people snap up in the bottom and. Tank open the top. You know, there's like a lot of different things where if you're paying attention and taking notes. But yeah, well, you get tricked sometimes. Maybe the guys are aware that he's been doing that and it doesn't always work. It's the same in live poker. But where like it still weights it towards being correct. So it's it's really fun. And I have always used quote unquote live tells on online as well. Yeah, because online, most people feel more protected.

So they pay less attention to tests because they think, Oh, I'm unreadable. So the details you pick if you pick out a lot more reliable. One very strong one for me for online is when you have boards where you have very little check raises and there's a draw. And you know that like also against the player type that is typically not that aggressive. So like weak regulars or also recreations in general that are not known to black phrase draws on the turn. So if they tank call on the chair and you can almost reduce all of the strong draws they have.

And now if the draw gets there and I'm sitting there with two pair or set and disorder actually wants you to check back just because he has so many draws. But knowing that he wouldn't tank so long to call with a good draw on the turn. I was able to put in so many value bets because it was more likely that he wasn't sure if he should raise his top here hand or maybe bottom to pair and also there's some money on stake. But then they have a hard time falling on the river because they're so attached to the hand. Right.

That's the biggest leak and trade off recreational. And I think that's probably in terms of Terrence that made me the more like for sure hundreds of thousands of years and deep in the chairman where I know just based on the timing Terrence. I put in another 25 big blinds and if you translated it to equity in these buy-ins it's it's a lot of money. Yeah. And that's why I really like to pay attention to those even good wrecks.

I actually a couple of weeks ago I had also very good known online wreck messaging me telling me about a league I had in my game which I greatly appreciate. I'm not going to say the name about a timing tell I had. But when you play 2025 tables and you stream like you do I have a lot of leaks. It's normal. Right. Yeah. So and I can I saw for myself like wow I would actually consider myself I pay attention to it. And that gave me more confidence to pay even more attention to it because I know a lot of people out there that I'm playing against pay even less attention to it and I can even exploit it better.

Yeah absolutely. I mean it's like you don't have the results you have online by playing purely GTO. Yeah yeah of course. You, Darwin, had like the other elites that are online like they don't. I think like really GTO style. Like none of us plays even close to GTO because this is an argument I see but Ben a GTO board would completely destroy entities. Yes you're right.

But even those who put in a lot of time like when you take a scale from zero to 100 and 100 is absolute perfect GTO. We are probably not even at 10% even 5%. It's impossible. If you look into some of these final table ICM sims post-flop mighty way. It's so bad the way we play according to theory that you cannot even get or probably over 10%. We have a bit of understanding with pre-flop and like seabed in and which boards to seabed wide and which turns which turn to bear aggressively.

But our frequencies are all over the fucking place and the amount of different sizes you're so opposed to apply just trying to come with this argument that a GTO board would destroy. Chairman poker just shows you that you don't understand GTO. Yeah the dynamics change so much constantly. Yeah. I always find it funny like while we're bashing GTO stuff so in our chip leader platform we have like 4000 hands. And Fox and I actually grabbed the hands from our database inserted them into this brain where you have to like learn different things in order in order to unlock like the future aspects of it. It's like you have to learn opening before you learn calling and open before you learn squeezing before you learn facing squeezes you know etc.

And people like sent me this hand like one of our students and they're like this doesn't say what GTO wizard says. And I'm like well GTO wizard's playing against like a bot right? I'm telling you I'm telling you when someone like see that's here. This is not a continuum. Yeah and it's like GTO is assuming that like at a position checks 55% on this board because it's heavy on the imposition player. And it has a balance checking range and I'm telling you that people don't have a balance checking range on 985 to tone. I was like when you're playing against opponents and they check here. They have like the weaker portion of the range and when they bet here they have the stronger portion so we can exploitably fold here.
人们发给我这手牌,就像我们的学生之一,他们说这不符合GTO向导的说法。我说,GTO向导是在与一个机器人对战,对吧?我告诉你们,当有人看到这种情况时,这并不是一个连续的过程。 是的,GTO假设在这个局面上检查55%的手牌因为这对位玩家有优势。它具有平衡的检查范围,我告诉你,人们在985面板上没有平衡的检查范围。 我说,当你与对手对战时,他们在这里检查时有较弱的手牌,当他们在这里下注时有较强的手牌,所以我们可以选择性地弃牌。

And it's like no GTO wizard and all of these just pure solver outputs is one of the reasons poker is still fucking like still so fucking soft. Yeah because like people don't learn to think they're literally just like they don't want to learn how to think and I don't know if it's like they're sealing his intelligence or if it's just laziness. But like when they are only trying to memorize these outputs man it's making people worse and I love it. I 100% agree and I was actually about to make a tweet today but I haven't had the time that I think we are. Maybe from the past 10-15 years I would say best times of poker. It's online. It's gotten insanely soft live poker. The schedules are insane. The guarantees are insane. If you look at it because I had a day to yesterday and I looked at the schedule on GG. You have 300k guarantee, 500k guarantee. Even 10-15 years ago when we were playing and was considered to be good times we wouldn't have those. You had like maybe this $200 Sunday million was the biggest one. Yeah it's freaking insane. And also the sites even ACR has a decent schedule and there's some other sites and poker star still has a good schedule. It's mind blowing to me that people say poker has gotten so tough and it's unbeatable and poker is dead. Honestly people say that since the beat.

When I started playing poker 2009, poker is dead. Every single year poker is dead. I don't know a single year where people wouldn't say poker is dead. It was like alright. Yeah okay sure. A lot of that is the variance of say you play live and you just get a really tough table drop for a week in a row. And it's like man this is fucking brutal. How good is everybody? Then you have another week where you're playing with all fish and bad rigs. I really like what something you said earlier in our conversation a couple of minutes ago. You said that you learn from your mistake and I think. or you paid. You paid to learn. And I think that's also something that a lot of people need to understand. A lot of poker players that actually try to make money, they pay but they play poker and then they pay to gamble.

But actually if you have that mindset of you pay to learn. If you lose you pay to learn. And even if you had a bad session what can you learn? What could you have done better? And I see this pattern over and over again when I talk to very successful people. They have this mindset I don't really care about the outcome. Alright I want money today or I can learn something today. And you did the same apparently with life tips to a level where you would say that you even recorded a course on life. I would never dare to do that because I don't have the experience. I could probably do one for online life tips but it would be a lot smaller. But not for life poker. So I think this is where people really need to start understanding.

Alright it's not about just making money about learning from your mistakes. But what do you try to tell your community or if you have private coaching to help them change their mindset from being so results orientated. Which is a big thing in poker right? Like the biggest thing I would say. I remember during COVID I was grinding online like GG and party and stuff. But I remember specifically on party going on like 100k downswing or something which isn't like very big. And I was so focused on like A's king against 5's. Flop ace, river 5 losing a flip right losing a flip on the river and I was so focused on that. And then when I actually went back and reviewed the session which not enough people do. Yeah you can review and see that I lost a lot of coin flips I ran below expectation. But when I was looking at spots where I defended the big blind and then it went check check on the flop. I was missing like all of these like turn leads. I was check calling too wide facing a double barrel and I was making all of these like multiple big blind mistakes.

And then of course yeah then someone opens and I jam 13 big blinds and get called by 5's. Well I should have had 18 big blinds and he would have folded right? Yeah and so there's like so many situations especially in tournaments where like everything compounds. And so yeah when you are running bad I would say that everyone focuses on the fact that they ran bad instead of focusing on the fact that maybe they're playing too many tables. Maybe they're missing a lot of Cb spots or they're continuing to widen certain other spots. And you know it's like I don't get mad when it rains outside. So you got to focus on what you can control. And in poker you know you can't control the all-in. That's just the fun part right? Let's see do I win? That's like the enjoyable aspect for us to generate. And so I would say just like focus on what you can control. You know focus on where are you leaking money? Where are you not accumulating as much as you should be? I remember looking through my head one day like. I was winning from the cut-off. I checked and I was like. The fuck? Like clearly how leaked on the bike I should be making. And I figured it out that like I was through that frequent sun was like two and I was getting either continued or forbade against my open frequency was two on the button which substacks behind and I was getting ripped on too often.

And so like just like focusing on those like little aspects of what should my stats look like? Where am I leaking? Like I didn't want to go along with a student who was just getting destroyed in a spot and I looked at his EP Fold to 3 bet and it was like 20% and I'm like. Probably and then he was just like calling shoves way too wide against like you know opening with like Jack's head suited and calling 15 big bunch of and when you really like figure out where your leaks are and focus on the things you can control. Then you can't just blame it on running bad. Like people choose to blame it on you know losing all ends instead of choosing to focus on the things they can control. Yeah. This I mean I see it in our discord is one that people typically analyze their bust out hands but you shouldn't I mean of course analyzing a bust out hands should be part of your studying routine but it doesn't has to be a priority. It starts with the very first hand you might lose already five big blinds there. You might lose big blinds or you could have won more big blinds with like most of the times for me when I go over hands from my own or students is they skip clear value bets with hands. Like so often so like the most typical spot what people don't understand is you 3 bet ace king it checked to the river is like a 7 high board 8 high board you can always value bet against ace queen ace Jack's like 90% of the time it's a screen is Jack. Like yeah and just the sun.
因此,就像专注于那些小细节,我的统计数据应该是什么样的?我哪里泄漏了?我不想跟一个在某个位置被摧毁的学生一起参加比赛,我看了他的EP Fold to 3 bet,大约是20%,我说“可能”,然后他就开始向太宽的位置喊注了,比如用J头花色牌开局,然后又跟15大注一把,当你真正找出自己的泄漏点并专注于你能控制的事情时,你就不能一味归咎于运气不好了。人们选择归咎于输掉了所有底牌,而不选择专注于他们可以控制的事情。是的。我的意思是,我看到我们的Discord里有人通常会分析他们的出局手牌,但你不应该,我是说当然,分析出局手牌应该是你学习的一部分,但它不必是首要任务。它从你可能就失去了五大盲注的第一手开始。你可能会输掉大盲注,或者你本应该赢得更多大盲注,就像大多数情况下我回顾自己或学生的手牌时,他们总是错过带牌的价值注。就像最典型的情况是你3 bet了Ace King,到了河牌是7个高牌板或8个高牌板,你总是可以像Ace Queen或Ace Jack一样价值注,百分之九十的情况是可以的,就像是一个很简单的情节。

And then if you put it in a solver and they're like no it's supposed to be check what dummy they start betting everything on the churn to also the freeze play you know it's like I don't want to face a tough river decision. So even if it's pocket do's is you know and it's in it's very natural I do it myself like he 3 bets me I call it high board alright turn another low card alright I can bet every made hand. So now and that's what a lot of people do and if you would adjust the solver where 90% of the time who would be betting everything on the churn now on the river he always has ace queen ace Jack and you will be surprised the amount of hero cards you get because people are curious.
然后,如果你把它放在一个解算器中,他们会说不,应该是检查一下什么傀儡他们开始把一切都押在河牌上,也是冻结打法,你知道,就像是我不想面对一个艰难的河牌决定。即使是对二,你也知道,这是很自然的,我自己也这样做,就像他三次加注,我跟注,高牌板,再出一张低牌,好吧,我可以押每个有牌子的手。现在很多人都这么做,如果你调整解算器,在河牌上90%的时间里他们会押所有的东西,现在在河牌上他总是有A Q、A J,你会对你获得的英雄牌数感到惊讶,因为人们好奇。

And it's just so easy to miss these spots right especially when you deepen the tournament just put in those 7 big blinds they want to have a look because they think they're trouble. Yeah they love paying to see your hands. It's like the funniest thing about poker is you know it's a spot where like you said. I open six is get three bet I call come short I call a small bet. Runs out bricks and it's just a spot where sixes are just always good and yeah in theory I can't bet three quarters right but like you can throw a couple big blinds out there.

You know you can like have these small bets that are actually betting two big blinds into 20 on the river when they call half the time with worse and you're always good you're still making a big blind. Yeah you know like there's so many spots that I think people you know there are a lot of like spots where you can value that then lead for larger sizing. But I think that just in general people are very showdown happy and their goal is like okay like instead of thinking about the hand they're often just like so excited to get to showdown.

And I think that is definitely a big league people have. Yeah it's I don't know when I watched. I think it's only a couple years ago but was also coaching video from someone who said. We never want to bet less than half pot on the river in position because otherwise we reopen the action I'm like. Oh my god. I can't see thousands of dollars I'm up in like it's P.O.L.L. cash but like just mid betting the river. I'm up probably $50,000 mid betting the river over the course of like a 10 year period. You can even just order a third you know when the pot is 30 big blinds and you bet 10 big blinds. Yeah but I wasn't thinking back then I was just like this guy can't call I am the best hand how do I get value and I would just mean that all of these rivers over and over and over and now it's a little more sophisticated don't get me wrong. But I've always been looking for those like small river value that's and I think that that you know the I think people are afraid to get raised.

Yeah it's just 100% it's that yeah. That's the other thing is like think about like the instant street as I call it it's like we bet the river they fold we bet the river they call we bet the river we get raised like they're getting raised is such a sliver. And it's the same reason people don't want to like three that age jack button verse cut off is because they're afraid of getting for that right so they're afraid of this like very uncommon instance when it's like three betting age jack button verse cut off it's like what they can call it worse. They can fold equity so like all of these things are combined and if you really just think about like the overall instant street of how you get value and like how your hand wants to play itself. Like don't get hung up on that sliver of the comment. Yeah no 100% and I also do understand where it comes from and I see it left and right.

Of you have another GTO coach coming to the surface and trying to teach poker but they just don't have the results and it's listen. This is a development we will go through you see it in the fitness industry you see the business industry you see it in crypto you see it everywhere right when the. Tech gets more sophisticated people just sit down I take a 10 step course on marketing and now I teach people marketing but you can probably you know it for yourself how fucking difficult it is to run a business. It's not just you take a 10 step course on YouTube and then you can teach people how to make a million dollars with a business finding the right people keeping them. Being disappointed over and over and over again writing good emails copywriting ads everything it's a fucking mess I love it and I'm pretty sure you love it as well otherwise you wouldn't be around.

And that's the problem these days and I always tell people listen like first the results right if someone did not go through the same process where you want to go please don't listen to them. And that video made me also realize and I was wondering like it's so sad because I think there are a lot of like you like really good coaches out there that have fun that like phenomenal practical advice you know but it's so hard to grind your way through the amount of bullshit to find the people that can actually keep help you understand how the game works and if you would if you go back to that server thing. Yeah of course in theory because a guy is supposed to raise 20 30 40% of the time against your min bet against your one quarter against your one third. But does it happen in reality? No if you would again reduce this by just a couple percent you start min betting the crap out of them or a third or quarter. And it's just something when you're so stuck in your server world you're going to miss so many great opportunities on making so much more money. Yeah I couldn't agree more.

Like you said like from a company perspective like having some of it's been there before like I purchased raise your edge courses. That's great and I can tell that you've like worked on the company aspect as well. Like you know stop fucking email you made please but clearly we increased it. We put it on value every day dude. Clearly you've like worked a lot on the company and you know from my perspective with our company like we had to coaching for profit which is how I found Foxen. I was like I used to doing it. So we had the problem is people would lie about how much they were going to play which hurts our expected value. Some people wouldn't pay which hurts it again. And then also like time isn't scalable right so like how can I really build like a big company on that.
就像你说的,从公司的角度来看,就好像以前已经有些经验,我购买了Raise Your Edge的课程。那太棒了,我能感觉到你也在努力改善公司方面。你知道停止发那种糟糕的邮件吧,但显然我们增加了价值。我们每天都在努力增加价值,伙计。显然你很努力地为公司工作,对于我们公司来说,我们必须进行盈利教练,这就是我找到Foxen的方式。我曾经做过这个。我们的问题是有些人会谎称自己要玩多少,这损害了我们的预期价值。有些人则不会支付,再次损害了价值。而且时间也是无法扩展的,对吧,所以我该怎样真正地建立一个大公司呢。

So a couple years ago we shifted towards a subscription product and stand on products similar to you. And I can honestly say that if it wasn't mine and Foxen's face on it we would have like failed as a company because we didn't like run the company like it was meant to be run. Because like you said it's like a shit ton of work to actually have all the email funnels that adds the social media content like all of the different stuff is a lot of work. And like now that we're actually working on the company I expect you know we're going to get our name out there a lot more and like you know you have we have the like the social proof right. Like you have results I have results you know like when people see that like they should be learning from people like you and I. It's very clear to me.

When I make a live sales product so you can make the online with me we'll just. Oh that would be probably a sick product yeah I think that would probably but I also like. I mean I already feel very bad like I listen I'm I'm I'm rethinking this year in terms of my streaming and just record everything off stream put in the course. Because I we can monitor like what are the most like what do people enjoy watching the most watch time. And that's why we made it was great because you can measure the performance of all of the paid content like every single video and people just love the life place. I'm like fucking it's such a. It's like it's like like the thing is I give up so much if you for streaming people say but it's good for your business. No it's terrible it's like the worst.

Possible business decision that I stream on Twitch period the amount of like. It's not like of course on Sunday we always. Like what percent. Yeah of course of course we know that we also see that Sunday Monday yes the sales a little bit higher. But when you spend eighty ninety hundred K buy ins and you also give up a lot of ev because every motherfucker knows exactly how you play as you've been playing. As you've been playing on the feature table on the main event right you you're not getting away with the stuff and that's a lot of money. I felt like it was rigged to take me to the feature table and it's just stealing equity from me and like I literally watched it happen.

I was like holy shit I'm about to go to the feature table like I could just tell and it happened and I just was like what the fuck I was like random. And I'm like looking at the floor man and it was just like the weirdest thing and so I don't necessarily want to blame my bus down on that but. Looking at a hand that theoretically I think is a huge mistake and then in real life I didn't even think about calling a hundred big minds proof of the days can you do it. You know so it's like one of those like funny situations where you don't really like. You know there's so many different factors like you don't know if the guy's like fighting with his wife or as a kid like running around and screaming like when they're playing online. And so like people are influenced by a lot of like outside factors and it makes it difficult if you are paying attention.

You can tell if at the live poker table if this guy is like clearly fighting with his wife on his phone or has something going on you know or is like. Step in a way to make business calls it's like the guys probably not gonna like run some sick elaborate ball off like he's just gonna play his cards you know. And having these different like aspects and knowing what's going on like live focus really fun. Like I enjoy online as well but that extra element is very enjoyable. Yeah for me just the slow pace life. When you play it when you 15 or you just 10 tables online it's really rough to just play a couple of him. And if you really pay attention you can actually make it a lot more action over pay attention to the reach you can start playing more hands and more loose style. So yeah I have notes in my phone. Like I'll get to a new table and I'll be like what was my telling him and I got my phone and like what. Look it up. Yeah. Dude because it's like I keep track of all those things. It's like you would online like you know you have a time until online you're writing it down right. Yeah. No no of course. Do you when you play live. Sorry go ahead. There was a delay I didn't want to write. When you play live when you play live you probably also have experienced this where oh it's this live crush or trans corona and I just want to you know I just want to bluff him once you probably have it played against these players just like I just want to outplay him once. But then you also have the other spectrum where I don't want to mess with this guy like I just get out of his way. Is it something for you that how do I describe it the best. I sometimes have it live and online and I was wondering if you experience it similar where you're not sure if this is this one of these guys he's just like he knows how I play the game that I want to avoid like high variance situations and then you know he bets very big onto the river he could be either the guy that just like wants to bluff you so he has a nice story to tell to his friends I black I bluff this pro or is this is one of the players it just like he's or she's always going to have it. But you're not really sure maybe new table you don't have a read yet you know. That's like sometimes cross your mind and if so how do you approach that.
你可以在现场扑克桌上看出来,如果有人明显在电话里和他的妻子吵架,或者有其他事情发生,或者是在开展业务电话。这些不同的方面和了解实时情况真的很有趣。我也喜欢在线玩,但额外的元素非常有趣。对我来说,慢节奏的生活。 当你玩在线15张或只有10张牌桌时,只玩几张牌确实很辛苦。如果你真的集中精力,你实际上可以让更多的动作注意到你可以开始玩更多的手和更松散的风格。所以是的,我在我手机上记了笔记。当我到达一个新桌子,我会想起我该注意些什么,然后我从手机上看。因为我记得所有的东西。你知道,你在线上是有时间的,你会写下来。当你玩现场时。对不起,继续说。 当你现场玩,你可能也经历过这种情况,哦,这是这个现场高手或传统球员,我只想虚张声势一次,你可能曾经和这些玩家打过,就像我只想一次击败他一样。但你可能也会有另一个谱,我不想惹这家伙,我只想让开。对你来说,是否有这种感觉,我有时在现场和在线上都有这种感觉,我想知道你是否有类似的经历,你不确定是否这是这些家伙之一,他知道我玩游戏的方式,我要避免高变异的情况,然后你知道他在河里下了很大的赌注,他可能是那种只是想虚张声势,这样他就有一个很好的故事告诉他的朋友,说我蒙混过这位职业选手,还是这是其中一个玩家,他总是会有。但你不太确定,也许在新桌子上你还没有读懂。这样的事情有时会出现在你的脑海中,如果有的话,你怎么应对。

Didn't for a while but then like a few summers ago I won WPT Choctaw right like the end of May and then I got. I don't know I passed all of their like early events and I got second to D Peters and 100k like high roller bounty and for the next like couple of weeks I was just getting absolutely destroyed like getting called in spots that like the bluffs like just should work and I'm just like man like what is going on like whatever. I got a very good game I was like I was like I'm going to be like a lot of people I'm like, I'm just like a lot of people I'm going to be like. I'm like, I'm like, I'm just like, I'm going to be like, okay six minutes a couple of weeks after that and I get in this hand with this guy where I get it in with like 90% equity and peel up. I'm like, what just happened in the reporters there and I double up and the guys like well at least I made the blog that's what I was trying to do and I was like. I didn't really connected it first and now I think that you know as one of the known players like the EV you have when people start to get scared you know and just open every hand is extremely high. The EV you have when you know people are just trying to fuck around is extremely high playing tighter. And so knowing and trying to decode what level those people are on and if they are the avoidance or the you know confrontational type is really important. So yeah I mean sometimes you don't know and you wish you did but yeah definitely. I mean I do understand it listen I don't want to take the fun away from people off like if like listen if I would be playing a football game and Christian or an idol would be my. Like I would try to win a dribbling against him you know even if I would get absolutely smoked just like just having this story all you know I had a joy with Cristiano Ronaldo if you have a nice story to tell so I can relate to that. But if you come because I see it sometimes with the regulars that try to battle with you like we have five weak opponents and you're forbidding me with King 5 suited I had a crazy hand from the six max WCP 5K was like what the fuck are you doing dude. You're just like trying to give me this entire stack because obviously like I could see I could have a base on this ego you just he wanted to be the table boss. I'm like I wasn't even playing all of hands against I was just playing my game trying to exploit the weaker opponents and I think this can also really hurt your win rate. Yeah if you're in a war. Yeah.
有一段时间没有玩了,但像几个夏天前,我赢得了WPT Choctaw比赛,就在五月底,然后我还参加了他们的一些早期比赛,最终在一个高额奖金赛中输给了D·彼得斯,奖金是10万美元。接下来的几个星期里,我一直处于被彻底摧毁的状态,被叫注的时候甚至连虚张声势都无法成功,我就在想,发生了什么。但我得到了一个很好的游戏,我意识到,当人们开始感到害怕时,你的EV会变得极高。当你知道人们只是想瞎搞时,保守玩牌的EV也会很高。所以了解和尝试解读别人所处的层次,他们是回避还是对抗类型,真的非常重要。所以有时候你可能不知道,但你真心希望知道。我明白,我并不想剥夺别人的乐趣,如果我在踢足球比赛,而克里斯蒂亚诺·罗纳尔多或者一个偶像是我的对手,我会努力跟他对抗,即使我会被击败,只要有这个故事,我就感到快乐。但有时候我会发现,像那些常客们总是想和你对抗,我们面对着五个较弱的对手,而你却用K 5 suited跟我下注,我在WCP 5K六人桌赛中经历过类似荒谬的局面,我就在想,你这家伙到底在想什么。你只是想送给我整个筹码,显然,我能看出这是基于自尊心的,你只是想在桌子上当老大。但我其实并没有和所有人对抗,我只是在玩我的游戏,试图利用那些较弱的对手。我认为这也可能真正伤害你的胜率。是的,如果你想要一场战争,我也可以陪你玩。

The WPT Choctire won Foxson and I were at the same table and the other seven people or six people were just fucking whales right. The weak passive dream spots when you're running into a running deep in a tournament like obviously it's the perfect dream where you just get to win every pot. Yeah. And he's like three to my right and he opens and I just three that get it like three that massive and get it in 10s versus a screen for like infinite and he's like. And I like it wasn't even thinking like in my head I'm just like this guy's opening every hand so this is my adjustment. But it's like Fox and I have so much like meta and like you know we talk poker we're friends like just so many different aspects of it that we always just end up going so hard against each other for some odd reason and it's. I mean I've held over him and been pretty like fortunate but he's always like why the fuck did you get that in against me that's such a point and I'm like well. If I bust you like I pretty much win the tournament with 27 left so like it can't be that bad. And then funny plot twist you end up being both the whales at the table because you're just going going and war against each other. Yeah.
在WPT Choctire冠军赛中,我和福克斯坐在同一张桌子上,其他七个人或六个人都是废物吧。当你在一场比赛中深入进行时,弱点梦想点似乎就是你只能赢得每一手的完美梦想。是的。他坐在我右边三个位置,他加注了,我只是把口袋10对整个推进去,无限大,他就说。我心里根本没想什么,只是觉得这个家伙每手都在加注,所以这是我的调整。但福克斯和我有很多元元素,我们谈论扑克,我们是朋友,我们总是以一种奇怪的方式彼此对抗。我对他有优势,也比较幸运,但他总是说,你为什么要和我对抗,这太冒险了。我回答说,如果我把你淘汰,我几乎就赢得了这场比赛,剩下27个人。所以这并不是什么坏事。搞笑的情节是,最终你们两个都成了桌上的废物,因为你们相互展开了激烈对抗。是的。

He's getting in 70 big points per unit ends in the South with tournament. I mean that's always a tricky part playing against friends isn't it you never really know okay. What's what's going on here is he going hard against me or is he going to take it easy on me like what's the. There's two different types of friends just like there's two different types of people playing against like big names or whatever. Yeah. And there's some friends that avoid and there's some friends that absolutely go to war and so I do think it's important to know which ones which there's like very few that are in the middle they're just like trying to play the correct ranges and like the situation. The vast majority of people are polar in that regard.

I mean honestly if you just think from a pure EV standpoint when you're with a friend who's also good poker player and it's maybe you have one or two other regulars but you have three, four, five very bad players. This is the optimal decision to take a chill with your friend maybe just flat A's King 80 Bakes cut over his hijack. You should also reduce your your three betting forwarding frequencies because the smaller the stick to pot ratio the more often someone busts from you and the longer you're at the table the more you realize you true. All right. Right. We all talk about sample size and that's actually the funny part about poker is that all these Gd owners. Understand.

Supposedly math very well. But think about it the higher the sample size the closer to your true our right. If I play five hands on a table versus 200 hands. What in what instance am I going to be closer to my real our right. Yeah, but here's the problem with that statement is they have to think about it. They're just sitting there memorizing all outputs they're not thinking that's the thing is like they just know that they're supposed to that this size or. This texture so they do it. And it's like me it's like. Hmm. I'm pretty sure by how he checked that he's weak so I'm just going to bet massive with my air or I'm pretty sure that he's strong with this check and I actually have something I'm going to bet massive with my value. And so like thinking your way through the situation is like so much more fun than anything else. Yeah, I mean it's just easy concepts if you think about variants how variants in its nature works.

What would be the best advice let's say. A poker player I'm sorry someone has no experience with poker doesn't even know the roots and you have only one tip that you can give him he has to play against flyby. What is what would be advice to give this person. I brought up. Thank you. That was a good blow. No, it was actually I don't know what is the Twitter conversation and someone actually. Which phone was it and actually I think the best advice would just go all in every hand. Because if you don't even know maybe he knows the roots but that's pretty much it because the more streets you play the more parts the more mistakes and the bigger the mistakes. And you lose of course he's going to lose right.

The question is how little is he going to lose and if he goes all in every hand. Ivy also needs to start falling more because he also understands the longer the game goes. The higher his our eye right he doesn't want to get better the way he wants to wait for a good hand. So you actually have a lot of like profitable open pushes and now at least for let's say 5 10 15 hands. He's going to make profitable decisions. But if he starts min raising in three but I can call it no fucking way he's going to. And now and because I always like to approach things from the extremes and now if we take it to the opposite as a very good player.
问题是他将会输多少,如果他每手都all in。Ivy也需要开始加速下降,因为他也明白游戏进行得越久,他的优势就越大,他不想让改善的机会擦肩而过,他想等待一手好牌。所以实际上你有很多盈利的推注机会,至少在接下来的5-10-15手牌中。他会做出盈利的决策。但是如果他开始最小加注,我绝对不会跟进。现在我总是喜欢从极端的角度来考虑事情,作为一个很好的玩家。

You want to avoid those high variance spots in order to realize you really be you really are right. Speaking about future game and this is why think platforms like yours are so good where. You just understand how realistic poker works. You know you have someone that explains you poker. If you think about math at school. A service nothing but a teacher writing the equations and results on the table without explanation. You might see the results and you might remember it until tomorrow but are you going to be able to apply it for yourself. Probably not so you need someone to explain it to you. So and that's why some of you are and I can see that you have like a very realistic approach to the game.

And I am always trying to people and I don't even care if it's for me or for me because some people might not like you. Some people might not like you or some people might not like me or like you. So you should also learn from. I was like no, sorry I meant first I was about to say but with of us. But like having someone that really helps you to understand why it's just so powerful. If you start a poker right now or if you want to make your first winnings. Check out chip leader coaching. I think you guys are doing a great job over there. And I think I saw also tweet where you also that you have like video explanation. So like people can go through spots and quiz them but you also have like little video explanations right having them to understand how the sport works. Yeah

so initially when we went through and did like you know 3500 4a explanations they were all written. And so for the last like couple of months all the five new hands that we have a weekly are actually video explanations. So it's like a much more elaborate like you get a lot more of the concepts I think. You know it's like you can only write so much about a spot but like the 30 second to two minute video you can really give a lot of information. And it's actually a little bit easier for us to put out the content that way and it's much better for

the students. So I'm really happy with that change we made. I mean the reason why I'm saying this because I don't know how this is for you. I always try to teach things from the way I learn it. And sometimes I would watch a course or something and I just I didn't resonate with this person. And I was just like you know somehow the stuff he was teaching was good but it's just not we didn't match. We didn't have also private coaching for business or like I had a mindset coach as well like next to AID role. It's like somewhere we didn't hit off

and I think that's natural. Like you know it's of course the expertise is important but also like I can resonate with this dude. He looks like a dude I could learn from right kind of attitude. And this is why I mentioned like he doesn't this person doesn't like you or doesn't like me. I said you twice. But that that's what I was trying to say. It's important as well. Do you still work with? I'm sorry. Go ahead. Go ahead. I think that's a little bit of a delay. Do you still work with any coaches like do you have maybe a poker coach or do you have like a mental coach or like a business coach? Do you still have like mentors in your life right now? Yeah
我认为这是很自然的。就像你知道的,当然专业知识很重要,但我也能 resonated with 这个家伙。他看起来像我可以从中学到东西的人,态度对。这就是为什么我提到他不喜欢你也不喜欢我。我说了你两次。但这就是我想说的。这也很重要。你还和谁合作吗?对不起。请继续。请继续。我觉得有点延迟。你还和任何教练合作吗?比如说你有没有德扑教练或者心理咨询师或者商业教练?你现在生活中还有导师吗?是的。

absolutely. I would say that most of the mentors I have right now are from the business perspective. We joined the social club here in Nashville and the average age is probably you know 15 to 25 years older than we are. But they're all incredibly successful people like I can confidently say that my wife and I are in the bottom five or 10% success levels of the people there. And they take time for lunches. I've had a guy there go through our entire platform and give me advice on how to improve it from the emails to the sales ages to the actual content itself. Multiple people that have done stuff like that for me. And as far as poker coaching like improving myself

I would say that when there is a question that I have, Fox and I will make a video on it. I'd say like one of my favorite things to make content on for the students and I'm sure this is the same for you. Yeah. Is if it's something you want to learn about the content that you're going to create is probably better. Yeah, 100%. Do you do you also have a mindset coach or would you say I'm not so good. I'm good more

yeah, I mean I have a couple. I still talk with like Tommy Angelo I've used Elliot row. We have two guys like Dionne Jagru and that you and who we made a mindset product with. And you know so I do have those people in my life. I would say that I don't really use them very often. Like someone use the analogy for me of like mindfulness and like can I play your a game as like this mountain right. And different people start at different stages on the mountain to get to the top and you know have the best possible mindset for life for poker or whatever. And I would say that like even though I'm not at the peak of the mountain like my mindset's not perfect. I would say that like I'm still somewhere near the top. And there's a lot of other areas in my life

That I want to get better at whether it's routinely working out or business or you know father husband like so there's a lot of other areas in my life I choose to improve right now than my mindset. I would say. Could you imagine playing poker until the end of your let's say like until a very old age. Yeah, yes and no. Like I'm starting to move into like investing in businesses and consulting in them like I've been fortunate enough to learn a lot in the last. Sorry, let me just chat to learn a lot in the last year or so about business specifically. Okay. And I truly enjoy the space like understanding the customer acquisition retention, you know, like different aspects of it. And that's definitely been something that I want to move towards eventually. Like I wouldn't say that. Like I'll still play poker like I'll always play poker. I'll probably like I don't know that I'll always go out for seven weeks for the World Series like I'm planning to again this year. Yeah, you know, being away from my family is like it's a trade off everything in life is a trade off. And like I thoroughly enjoy being home being able to wake up and cook my girls breakfast being there when she comes home from school. You know, like those are things that I enjoy. But I also like what I'm 12 days away from being able to go to Florida and grind for 10 days and like I'm really looking forward to that too. But probably if I've been grinding every single day online, like maybe I wouldn't necessarily be looking forward to that. And so like life is kind of a balance.

I do still truly love grinding and building stacks. I like people, which, you know, life poker adds that element. And I don't think I'll be playing poker forever, but I think I'll play the main event every year forever. Like there's certain tournaments. I think I'll always play. I'll always play like a little bit at the very least. And like I still want us to like go battle in the tritons. So I'm definitely not done with poker yet. Just because I gave actually playing poker kind of the back burner for a little while doesn't mean that doesn't mean I'm done. You know, I'm going to grind a lot in the next five years, I would say. And I kind of consider these like our money making years, you know, like how old are you? I'm 35. How old are you?

I'm 37. Wow, you I would have get I thought actually younger than me. You're looking good, man. Thank you. Dude, quitting alcohol was like huge for me. Alcohol, gym, son. Yeah, there's a lot of things you can do to just stay healthy.

Would you consider being a husband, being an investor, being a poker player, being a businessman, being a father like this? All these different things for the day to day basis, 10 days you focus on family, 10 days you go grind. That this is a crucial or let's say the most important part for being happy for like for yourself. Does it bring a lot of like where the where does most of your happiness come from?

When when do you consider yourself as being the most happiest? When I solve problems, I would say, but not like other people's problems. Like say it's like a company problem, something we've been trying to like solve and then you finally solve it. Yeah, I'm just like so excited, right? Or but I truly enjoy going to to go and play poker for like a couple weeks at a time. And so like I do think that happiness comes from different aspects. And as a professional poker player, especially when I was like traveling a lot, it's like a different type of balance. It's kind of the way you described it where it's like, okay, for these two weeks, I'm going to go over and do this like work stuff. And then I'm going to come back and I'm going to spend a week with the family. But that's one of the nice aspects of like focusing on business and being home is you can have that balance in today instead of intro. So it's always a trade off. It's tricky. But so the balance for you comes from being able to do different things that challenge different parts of your brain. Let's say problem solving being a father or did I misunderstand it? No, I mean, I'd say your spot on. You know, there's different joys and things that make me happy. Like the joys I get from being a family man are different than the joys I get from being a businessman or a poker player. And they all are joys in different ways. And when I'm home, I just try to be content. It's like, all right, we have plenty of money. I can spend time with my family. I don't have to feel the stresses to accomplish certain things. But I also like enjoy giving myself deadlines.

Like when Fox and I were recording bracelet under 2.0, we gave ourself a deadline. We made it, you know, because you know how hard it is to like launch a product by like the date that you're trying to do it by. And you know, hitting those goals like I remember last year, I set a goal for what I wanted to have the live tells product completed. You know, so like having those goals and accomplishing them is really important. And maybe your goals are family oriented. Maybe your goals are fitness oriented. You know, so having goals in general, I think, and achieving them because those goals have to be just financial goals can be at every aspect of life. Yeah. And so setting goals and accomplishing them, I think is really important.
就像福克斯和我录制 2.0 版手链时,我们给自己制定了一个截止日期。我们做到了,你知道的,因为你知道在规定的日期推出产品有多难。你知道,实现这些目标就像我记得去年我设定了想要完成的实时产品的目标。你知知道,设定这些目标并实现它们真的很重要。也许你的目标是家庭导向的。也许你的目标是健身导向的。你知道,拥有目标并达成它们是真的很重要。也许你的目标是家庭导向的。也许你的目标是健身导向的。你知道,拥有目标并达成它们真的很重要。因为目标不仅仅是财务目标,可以涉及到生活中的方方面面。是啊,设定目标并实现它们,我认为是非常重要的。

What do you struggle the most with right now on a personal business level? I'm not sure actually. Like there were tons of stuff that we struggled with three months ago. I would say that our ads from a business perspective are like very mediocre at best. Like they are getting better. Like social media is one content like there's there's four ways to communicate with people. There's like one to many warm, which is email. Or we'll say one to one warm, which is email one to one cold, which is like with scraping, which neither you and I are due to one to many warm, which is social media and one to many cold, which is like paid ads. And so like having those different aspects of a business for different things that we struggled with, but our emails are getting better, but they're still not the same quality as yours are. Yeah. So that's like one of the areas we struggle the most with on business.

Prioritizing date night is an area I struggle with. I'm advertising good in your date night. Like you saw me on a personal. Okay. Okay. Yeah. Yeah. You know, like from that aspect with my wife, like Brooklyn date nights is always something that I've struggled with. I'm pretty good at like hashing out time for my daughter. I'm not that good at hashing out time for my friends. So like, you know, there's it's really difficult for me to be like when you have like a mind that really focuses on optimizing, like I'm sure you do as well. It's hard to optimize every single aspect, right? Because if I'm going to optimize this one, I have to spend time on it, which means these other ones get neglected and it's hard, you know, and I hold myself to a pretty high standard and achieving those expectations I have for myself have always been difficult. Yeah.

Do you sometimes fear that? Um, do you have do your friends and family member, like also understand that part or do they sometimes get mad with you if you let's say don't call them or you don't have time or is it do you do have like an environment where people, hey, you know, we know he's working hard and we didn't don't need to spend time every single weekend. Like what you say you are in a good environment where people like very supportive and also a path with, you know, that's your journey, right? You have so many different projects going on that, you know, come spend every single weekend with your friends or even sometimes probably guess for several months in the row. I don't know. I don't know all it is for you. Yeah.

That's actually something I've always been very fortunate with is the level of support I've had from family, wife, like all of that. So like, yeah, like I said, my wife understood last summer that I was just going to go grind in Vegas and he picked up the slack at home and, you know, when I'm home, I help a ton with the kid. I would say more than 98% of dads. But when I'm traveling, it's, it's a lot of work to be effectively a single mom for attendees and my wife does an incredible job at that. She's supportive. But I mean, no one's, you know, impervious to the issues, right?

Like I think of it as like in skin with abandoned. So like you take a bad beat. No big deal. You shake it off, right? But you take like 10 bad beats in a row and it starts to penetrate you a little bit more. It's the same in life, right? You get someone cuts you off on the road. It's like, whatever, no big deal. But it like keeps happening over and over. It starts to bug you. But it's the same as being a parent, you know, if my wife's the full time parent for a couple of weeks and maybe my daughter's acting up. Well, I'm sure the first couple of times it's no big deal and it doesn't face her. But if things happen enough that she probably needs a break and needs a little more support.

And so we all need to port in different aspects of our life. And I think that I've been really lucky to have that. Yeah. Man, thank you also so much for giving us so much insight into your private life as well. I know you're very busy, so I want to keep you for too long. I have one last question though. As someone like you being very busy and being very competitive, what do you do to what brings you the most pleasure in terms of enjoying yourself? If you, for some people, it's watching a movie, for some people, it's watching, playing a video game or reading a book. What is it that you enjoy doing if you have some time off?

One of my biggest life leaks still because it's just from a peer enjoyment perspective is I love betting on a sport and so they. Really? Yeah. What kind of sport? What kind of sport? It doesn't matter. It does matter? Really? Anything good. Oh, yeah. I just love it, man. Even if you don't have an edge, even if you don't really know anything about that sport? Yeah. Okay. I just. Yeah. I mean, I have no pit-spet, so no gambling with anything with a pit boss, no blackjack, no bocchrot, all of those.

I'm like seven or eight years into a ten-year, ten thousand dollar bet with Beeb. So I've, I don't drink or smoke or do drugs anymore, so I limit. But I am a degenerated heart, right? I do have these life leaks and, you know, sweating a game, like go into our social club here and sweating a UFC fight with a friend was like so much fun last week. And like, you have this underdog that's like drawing dead and like all of a sudden they just like knocks the other guy out and you guys are all like celebrating having a good time.

And yeah, that's like one of the most fun things I do for just me. That's like, you know, there's a lot of stuff I do for like others or for family or something like that. That's the one leak I stole on myself there. Man, is it really a leak? Like listen, like I know that people know me for like also being very harsh on like being the best version of your set, but I think everyone needs something to like just let go, you know, just having a good time. Whether it's even like, listen, I'm completely against weed. Like I know also like I would say 90 out of 20 poker players, I know that smoke weed, it's bad for them.

But there's always the exception and I would always say don't bet, don't do sports betting. But obviously it's good for you, you know, or at least you find pleasure and enjoyment and you do it out of enjoyment and pleasure and not out of distracting yourself from problems. You cope with something and then you know, it also ends up in a certain addiction. I mean, you probably addicted to a certain degree a little bit, but I'm like, I'm lucky that one of my biggest addictions is playing poker.

Yeah, I happen to be winning at it, you know, so I've always had an incredible time. But are you really addicted to gay? I think it's more the addiction to being better and the competition is bigger than the addiction to getting it in with a flush draw or calling the river bats. As long as that addiction is bigger, you're good. But if the addiction to chasing a draw against all odds becomes bigger, then there's a problem. But I think having something in life where you can let go and just having a good time is very important, you know.

Yeah, I agree with that. Otherwise, what are we actually doing here? Yeah, I'm pretty sure at least like 75% of life is living it, so. It is, it is. But the problem is most people take it as an excuse to not get shit done, you know, and then it's like, I'm just living life. But like, that's the problem. Some people take it as inspiration and some people take it as an excuse. So you just got to choose how you use it.

Yeah, sometimes you just need time to just like, you know, watch a TV series or a couple of movies and just like take some time off and, you know, I'm lucky we have like this guest house with like my office that has a living room and like stuff in it. And there's been days where I'm like, I'm going to go to work, but like, I just go straight to the couch. Yeah, I mean, come on, we have been working pretty hard and I think it's important to also have that kind of reward, right? If you really did something and the day when it on the thirst is like, today I'm just going to go play some goals like with a buddy, have a beer, go for it.

Like I think especially as a man, like having these good times and just like being a goofy little kid, I mean, it's so much fun, isn't it? Like, that's the other thing that I do for pleasure is golf with friends. Okay, you good at it? No, I'm fucking terrible. Yeah. Yeah, but it's really fun. We can still gamble and give handicaps and of course, of course, the gambling is involved. Yeah. Yeah. I could not see myself golfing. I don't know. I would be too impatient. I don't know.

Like somehow I have a lot of my friends go over like most of my friends go over and they come with me, come with me, come with me, join me. I introduced him to go and I was like, no, I don't want to go. Yeah, it's not that. Yeah, it's like on my list to do like one of the things I want to get good at, but I just haven't had the time yet. I enjoy fishing though. I find fishing a lot more exciting than playing golf. I don't know why because most of the time you're sitting there as well. Maybe it's more than eight. I mean, golf, you're also beautiful nature, but I don't know. Sometimes it's weird. I grew up fishing. I get it. It's peaceful. You sometimes go?

Yeah. Yeah. Yeah, you hit the spot. It's peaceful. It's just a world of chaos. Yeah. Absolutely. Listen, man, thank you so much for coming on here today and everyone is watching. Don't forget to check out chip leader coaching. If you guys want to learn more about poker. So, yeah. Again, thank you so much. It was a two pleasure talking to you. I wish you all the best. Maybe we get to meet or maybe we even get to play against each other at the WCP this summer. Don't touch my big blind. Let it be a warning for you. I promise. I promise. I'm staring at you.

All right, guys. Thank you so much for tuning in and see you next time. It was a great episode. And if you liked it, don't forget to smash that like button. See you guys. Ciao.