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The Truth About Tesla's FSD Take Rate / Major EV Tariffs / Tesla Engineer on Solving FSD ⚡️

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Welcome to Electrified, it's your host, Dyla Loomis, quick shout out to Minuis Patrons, Richard L, Charles F, Curtis W, and my brother Han Zhen. Thank you for choosing to support the channel. We've learned that Renji Zhu, who was the director of manufacturing at Tesla for just over five years, who was most recently responsible for launching the Cybertruck program at Giga Texas, has now left the company. At this point, based on his LinkedIn post, it's not clear whether he was fired or decided to leave on his own. I bring this up as a reminder that all of the legacy OEMs in the United States should be watching these Tesla layoffs closely and reaching out to all of these ex-Tesla employees. When this round of Tesla layoffs in the restructuring is done, there could be between 10 and 20,000 ex-Tesla employees with incredible experience, that would be a huge value to some of these other companies working on building up their EV supply chains and production lines. Thus, if you support the overall EV movement, this could be a silver lining to what's taking place right now at Tesla. Personally, I think this one is being blown out of proportion, but Gary Black said that Yippet credit card data showed just 2% of Tesla owners with the 30-day trial of FSD have actually subscribed after their trial expired. However, if you keep reading, you find out the sample size was only 3500 users and looking into this Yippet company, I would have some questions about the reliability of even that data. Reading through Yippets about us page, it really does not say anything about what the company actually does, it just talks in vague platitudes.
欢迎来到 Electrified,我是您的主持人Dyla Loomis,特别感谢Minuis的赞助者Richard L,Charles F,Curtis W,以及我的兄弟韩震。感谢您选择支持这个频道。我们了解到,曾在特斯拉担任制造主管五年多的Renji Zhu,最近负责在吉加得克萨斯启动Cybertruck项目,现已离开了公司。根据他的领英帖子,目前还不清楚他是被解雇还是自行离职。我提到这一点是为了提醒美国所有传统汽车制造商密切关注特斯拉的裁员情况,并与这些前特斯拉员工联系。当特斯拉的这一轮裁员和重组完成后,可能会有约10到20,000名经验丰富的前特斯拉员工,他们对其他一些致力于建设EV供应链和生产线的公司具有巨大的价值。因此,如果您支持整体EV运动,这可能是特斯拉目前发生的事情的一线曙光。就个人而言,我认为这一点被夸大了,但Gary Black表示,Yippet信用卡数据显示,在30天试用FSD后只有2%的特斯拉车主实际订阅了。然而,如果继续阅读,您会发现样本容量只有3500名用户,并研究这家Yippet公司时,我对甚至那些数据的可靠性都有些疑问。通读Yippet的关于我们页面,实际上没有说明这家公司到底做什么,只是用含糊而宏大的话语说事。

We also have to keep in mind, as of just 2 days ago, there was still 26% of Tesla's fleet that was still on FSD version 11.4.9. This is just a representative sample from Tesla-Fi, but those with the free trial on version 11 would certainly be less likely to actually subscribe. I think with FSD in its current state, a lot of the general population will only subscribe for a month here and there, maybe if they plan to go on a road trip or drive more than usual. I would guess that those with a free trial of version 12 or better would have a higher take rate than 2%, but I also don't think it's anywhere up near 25 or 30% like some were expecting. Still FSD really is more set it and forget it and the supervision aspect continually comes down and the lag goes away hopefully in 12.4. I'd just speculate there's a lot of people out there where it's just going to take time and not even a month will be enough time to actually trust the system, to understand how it's going to behave in different scenarios, and ultimately for it to broadly be a stress reducing feature rather than a stress inducing feature.

We also just learned that nearly 2 thirds of US drivers expressed fear of self-driving tech in the latest related AAA consumer survey. 66% of respondents in the survey said they feared self-driving technology, that's an increase from 54% three years ago. At that time, 14% said they trusted the tech, only 9% said they do now. A JD power survey said confidence fell in autonomous tech from 42 on the 100 point scale in 2021 to 37 in their latest survey in October. But there's a silver lining, once consumers experience the technology they tend to form favorable opinions. Consumers who have been in a Robotaxian Phoenix or San Francisco had a 67 confidence score, a full 30 points higher than non-riders. And just so you know, the Los Angeles City Council this month passed a motion in support of proposed legislation in California that if enacted, would allow municipalities to regulate autonomous vehicles throughout the state. AKA, companies would have to go city by city or even county by county to actually get AV approval. And lastly, by the time we get to version 12.4 and 12.5 possibly toward the end of this year, the take rate given this current version today will largely be irrelevant, depending on how good dot four and dot five actually are.
我们还刚刚得知,根据最新的AAA消费者调查,近2/3的美国司机表示对自动驾驶技术感到恐惧。调查中有66%的受访者表示他们害怕自动驾驶技术,这比三年前的54%有所增加。当时,只有14%的人表示他们信任这项技术,而现在这一比例只有9%。JD Power的一项调查显示,2021年100分制中对自主技术的信心从42降至最新调查中的37。但好在有一线希望,一旦消费者体验了这项技术,他们往往会形成积极的看法。在凤凰城或旧金山搭乘过Robotaxi的消费者的信心评分为67,比没有乘坐过的人高出整整30分。另外,这个月洛杉矶市议会通过了一项支持加利福尼亚州提出的立法草案的动议,如果通过,将允许地方政府在全州范围内对自动驾驶车辆进行监管。也就是说,公司将不得不逐个城市甚至县城去获取自动驾驶车辆的批准。最后,当我们可能在今年年底推出12.4和12.5版本时,鉴于这个当前版本,在DOT四和DOT五的表现有多好将成为相当重要的因素。

And it's not like Tesla can't do a free one month trial again in the future. They could do it every quarter. They could do it every time they have a big dot release. So I think we'll see something like this again in the near future. Plus even if the take rate really was only between two and let's say 5% Tesla will still learn a lot from this free trial, understanding where the general population is when it comes to FSD adoption. We also have no idea how this Yippett company is accounting for people who have the trial end, but maybe they're going to wait a week or a few weeks to actually subscribe. It may not be accounting for that group of people. However, with all of that said, I think one of the most important things is we all need to come to terms with knowing that no matter how good version 12 is right now, again to the general public, it's not good enough to pay even $100 per month. So even if the take rate was actually 15 or 20%, that still leaves 80 to 85% of people that do not think it's good enough as it is right now.

Tesla released a schedule 14a telling us that they're actually spending some money to run some ads on both Google search and on X to encourage shareholders to vote for the upcoming shareholder meeting in the filing. They shared some of the ads they're running. They also released a letter to shareholders specifically highlighting voting for proposal three and proposal four, those ones being reincorporating in Texas and ratifying Elon's 2018 compensation plan. They also shared this fact sheet showing that since March of 2018, the total shareholder return in Tesla stock was 1,100%. Tesla also generated $15 billion in profit, which was a turnaround from a $2.2 billion loss. There's some people out there today that are upset Tesla is spending money on running ads like this.
特斯拉发布了一份14a计划表,告诉我们他们实际上花了一些钱在谷歌搜索和X上发布广告,以鼓励股东在提交的上市会议上投票。 他们分享了一些他们正在发布的广告。 他们还发布了一封专门强调投票支持第三项和第四项提案的股东信,这两项提案是在德克萨斯重新注册和批准埃隆2018年薪酬计划的提案。 他们还分享了一份事实表,显示自2018年3月以来,特斯拉股票的总股东回报率为1,100%。 特斯拉还实现了150亿美元的利润,这是从22亿美元的亏损扭亏为盈。 今天有一些人对特斯拉花钱在这样的广告上感到不满。

However, to that I would say two things. One, we have no idea how much money Tesla is spending on these ads. And two, I think the more important point, this just shows how important these upcoming votes are to the future of Tesla as a company. I've said it many times before, but I just think shareholders don't truly understand what the future of Tesla would look like without Elon and if Tesla were to remain incorporated in Delaware. I'll go on record again saying that if Elon's compensation plan vote goes south, just prepare for a lot of turmoil with Tesla stock ahead in that event. In my eyes, this action from Tesla all but confirms that notion.

The East Brandenburg Chamber of Commerce and Industry seized the protests against Tesla as a threat to the region's economic development. We just had one company settle here in the region that was a ray of hope for all young people who wanted to stay in the region. This will be permanently damaged by these actions. According to the current economic report, 80% of companies rate their situation as satisfactory or bad. The willingness to invest is also low. Translation, the protests against Tesla have further deterred investors in the region. The protests over the weekend did end on Sunday. However, some groups announced further actions. The Grunhida Municipal Council is expected to discuss the planned expansion of the Tesla site on Thursday.

We have Merrick Cubic who was the ex-founder of Fluence Energy with some interesting comments on battery energy storage. An overlooked milestone, cumulative stationary battery storage installed globally is set to overtake Pomp-Tydro in 2025. Just four years ago, in 2020 you can see the Pomp-Tydro in battery storage total market was 90% Pomp-Tydro. This year, that number is expected to be down to 56% for Pomp-Tydro and then the flip is expected to happen next year. Here's his takeaway. My intent here is only to correct a misconception of just how significant a role Bess is already playing in world power grids. Bess is now arguably just as mature and bankable of an asset class as Pomp-Tydro which has long been considered an energy storage gold standard of maturity. The difference for me is that Bess still has an exciting learning rate still ahead of it. Continued cost, density and performance improvements over time are guaranteed as it continues to scale, hence the hockey stick growth.
我们有Merrick Cubic,他是Fluence Energy的前创始人,对电池能量存储有一些有趣的评论。一个被忽视的里程碑是,到2025年,全球安装的累积静态电池储能量将超过Pomp-Tydro。仅仅四年前,在2020年,你可以看到电池储能总市场中的Pomp-Tydro占90%。而今年,预计Pomp-Tydro的比例会降至56%,然后预计明年会发生翻转。以下是他的观点。我的意图仅仅是纠正一个误解,即Bess已经在世界电网中扮演了多么重要的角色。Bess现在可能已经像Pomp-Tydro一样成熟和可靠,后者长期被认为是能量存储成熟度的黄金标准。对我来说,不同之处在于Bess仍然有令人兴奋的学习率。随着规模的扩大,随着时间的推移,成本、密度和性能的持续改进是有保障的,因此产生“曲棍球棒式”增长。

Tesla has again been sued by an environmental non-profit that accused Tesla of violating the Federal Clean Air Act hundreds of times by letting the plant in Fremont emit harmful pollutants. The Environmental Democracy Project has said Tesla has been exposing nearby residents and workers to excessive nitrogen oxides, arsenic, cadmium and other harmful chemicals. The non-profit wants an injunction to halt excess pollution plus civil fines of up to 121.3 thousand dollars per day per violation. You may recall back in February, Tesla paid 1.5 million dollars to settle a similar lawsuit. This time around the lawsuit is focusing mainly on the operations in Fremont when it comes to the paint shop.

Today the Biden administration has announced a major increase in tariffs on Chinese EVs and solar panels and some other materials as well. Chinese EVs will be subject to a 100% tariff 4 times the current 25% rate. Biden's economic advisor said the move is to offset China's unfair practices and subsidies into level the playing field for US automakers and auto workers. China is simply too big to play by its own rules. China is using the same playbook it has before to power its own growth at the expense of others by continuing to invest. Despite excess Chinese capacity and flooding global markets with exports that are under price due to unfair practices.

The tariff rate on solar cell and semiconductor imports from China will double to 50% while the rate on certain steel and aluminum imports will increase to 25% more than triple the current level. The hikes will take effect this year for EVs, steel and aluminum and solar cells and next year for semiconductors. Already China has said the US politicization and weaponization of economic and trade issues are typical examples of political maneuvering. China strongly expresses its dissatisfaction. It will seriously impact the bilateral relations. The US should immediately correct its wrong practices and cancel the tariff measures imposed on China. China will take resolute measures to defend its own rights and interests.

It's true that this will not have a major immediate impact because most of the major Chinese EV makers are not exporting their vehicles to the United States yet. And reading between the lines given the administration is doing this during an election year this most likely has more to do with politics and trying to win the battleground state of Michigan. This move is most likely to be celebrated by Detroit because if those Chinese EVs were to undercut the US auto market they most likely would suffer the most. Also part of this new tariff plan we have tariff rates going up for lithium ion EV batteries from China. The tariffs will rise from 7.5% to 25% this year.

At the moment it's unclear exactly how all of this will play out but one thing to keep in mind for Tesla any batteries they're importing from CATL from China could be impacted from these new tariffs. The expectation right now is that when it comes to EVs that will be impacted there are only two. The poll starts to involve those S90 hybrid. And yes this move by the administration is not fully in line with transitioning the US to a sustainable economy but clearly the administration places a higher value on protecting the American workforce. The big question right now is how is China going to respond. This could be a problem for the US because if you go back to 2023 data you'll see the US had a $279 billion trade deficit for the year.

So given the United States exports significantly less to China than it imports from China I think China has a bit more leverage here than the US would like to admit. Again though I think a lot of this is political as over the weekend Trump has proposed attacks of 200% on every car from Mexican plants. However that one would have significant impacts on the US auto market right out of the gate because Ford and GM and eventually Tesla will be making vehicles in Mexico. When it comes to that Trump comment I'm not sure he'd even be able to do that unless he were to repeal the entire NAFTA agreement which seems unlikely.

Also the tariff rate for battery parts will increase from 7.5 to 25% this year tariffs for natural graphite and permanent magnets will go from 0 to 25% in 2026 and tariffs for certain critical minerals will go from 0 to 25% this year. As part of the move Biden has vowed that the US will never allow Beijing to unfairly control the market for EVs saying China heavily subsidized all these products pushing Chinese companies to produce far more than the rest of the world can absorb and then dumping the excess products onto the market at unfairly low prices driving other manufacturers around the world out of business. And frustratingly the Trump campaign said Biden's action today is a week in futile attempt to distract from the grievous harm his insane EV mandate is doing to the US auto industry and how his radical policies are wiping out thousands of American auto jobs. Trust me I'm not at all getting political here but just sticking to the facts you can certainly make the counterpoint that the inflation reduction act has brought thousands of new jobs to the United States which are all very closely related to the EV industry. We've been talking about it all year the political posturing is in full effect and we should expect it for the next few months. For now I'll just say it's a guarantee that this is not the end of the story now China is up to bat.

This one is squarely in the rumor mill but Tesla Chan is saying the image is speculated to be the center console of an upgraded model Y vehicle potentially project Juniper. The main difference would be the chrome trim around the wireless charging pad. I believe this is from Shanghai but either way we're most likely going to have 3-6 months of leaks and speculation and sightings before the actual launch of Model Y Juniper. We have the sympathy strikes against Tesla in Sweden actually ramping up Sweden's biggest union today through its weight behind the strike. Yif Matal said the strike is ongoing and we have no signs of reaching an agreement in the near future. More than a dozen unions have launched action in support of Yif Matal with Unionen the latest and the biggest. Unionen began a blockade on Tuesday affecting work for Tesla when it comes to equipment inspections. They said if Tesla seeks to circumvent the blockade by hiring other providers Unionen was prepared to do more. The good news despite all of these sympathy strikes Tesla's new vehicle registrations in Sweden have broadly kept pace with the market. Only Elon did say that these strikes in Sweden are largely in the past but now some of the largest unions in the area are trying to prove him wrong.
这则消息纯属传言,但特斯拉长(Tesla Chan)称这张图片被认为是经过升级的Model Y车型的中控台,可能是Juniper项目。主要区别在于无线充电板周围的镀铬装饰。我认为这可能来自上海,但无论如何,在Model Y Juniper真正发布之前,我们很可能会经历3-6个月的泄霩、猜测和目击事件。实际情况是,在瑞典,对特斯拉的同情罢工实际上在升级,瑞典最大的工会今日力挺这场罢工。Yif Matal表示罢工仍在继续,我们尚无迹象表明在不久的将来会达成协议。十几个工会已经发起了支持Yif Matal的行动,而最新的、最大的是Unionen。Unionen于周二开始了封锁,影响了特斯拉在设备检验方面的工作。他们表示,如果特斯拉试图通过雇用其他供应商来规避封锁,Unionen已准备好采取更多行动。好消息是,尽管所有这些同情罢工,特斯拉在瑞典的新车注册量与市场基本持平。Elon曾表示,瑞典的这些罢工基本上已经成为过去,但现在该地区一些最大的工会正试图证明他是错误的。

Tesla has filed the Model 3 performance with the MIIT in China which is the last major regulatory hurdle before the car can be officially sold in China. This also matters for Canadians because it looks like they'll be receiving the Model 3 performance from Giga Shanghai not from Fremont. Charlie Billello gave us an update on the used Tesla vehicle market we're now down to a record low of $31.1,000. However it appears as though we're approaching a local minimum as for the past few weeks this number has flattened out. Unless Tesla enacts more price cuts for new vehicles and or their next gen lower price vehicles begin hitting the used market this number for Tesla could stabilize right around $30,000 and maybe hold above it. Thanks for my people in New Hampshire if you missed it you're about to get your first Tesla dealership and service center it's currently under construction. The goal is to open by the end of the year.
特斯拉已向中国工信部提交了Model 3性能车型,这是在汽车正式在中国销售之前的最后一个重要的监管障碍。对加拿大人来说也很重要,因为看起来他们将从上海超级工厂而不是弗里蒙特工厂接收Model 3性能车型。查理·比勒洛更新了我们关于二手特斯拉车辆市场的信息,现在价格已经降至创纪录的31.1万美元。然而,似乎我们正接近当地价格的最低点,因为过去几周这个数字已经趋于稳定。除非特斯拉对新车实施更多的价格削减,或者他们的下一代价格更低的车辆开始进入二手市场,否则特斯拉的价格可能稳定在30,000美元左右,并且可能会保持在这个水平以上。感谢新罕布什尔州的人们,如果你错过了,你即将拥有你的第一个特斯拉经销商和服务中心,目前正在建设中。目标是在年底前开业。

Cox Automotive did a 2024 EV adoption study and they said a second significant wave of shoppers ready to consider buying an EV is poised to begin entering the market in the second half of the decade. They said while we've seen EV sales growth slow and consideration dip we believe this is part of a normal growth curve and not the end of the story. We remain bullish on the long term future of EV sales in America as many skeptics today will be carefully considering an EV by the end of the decade. With more infrastructure, education and technological innovation and improvements we believe EV sales will continue to grow in the long term. The study projects EV consideration will notably increase in 3-5 years with 54% of current skeptics expected to become active EV considers. Within 10 years 80% of today's skeptics will have become EV considers.

Currently only 45% of consumers in market for a vehicle within the next 12 months say they're considering an EV that's down from 51% last year. While current EV ownership is heavily tilted toward luxury and high earning households, the study shows the EV market is casting a wider net attracting Gen Z, multicultural and less affluent shoppers. In 2021 62% of EV considers were looking at used EVs. Today 77% are considering used EVs. Meanwhile Ford continues to be the most considered EV maker not named Tesla. Still apart from Tesla a majority of vehicle shoppers are not even aware of EV offerings from other major automakers.

The survey included 2.6,000 American vehicle shoppers and it was done in quarter one of this year. Their methodology was structured to capture a broad spectrum of demographic variables including age, income, geography and current vehicle ownership. We got the final Tesla China data for April. We're looking at 63.7,000 units produced, 31.4,000 domestic, 30.7,000 export for a total wholesale of 62.1,000 for the month. Thus adding up the wholesale figure for January through April of this year we're currently 7.8% behind the pace of January through April of 2023. We also got the weekly Tesla China data it came in at 9,800 comparing that to the same week in quarter one that number was 5,600. So Tesla making up a bit of ground quarter over quarter but we're still down 4.6% quarter over quarter. And looking at the year over year figure Tesla is down 13.9%.

Just to show a quick example for the impact of Tesla's 0.99% financing for the Model Y for this month. Using these assumptions right here on the left your monthly payment would be $891. Then using those same assumptions but dropping the interest rate down to 0.99% from 7% before your monthly payment goes down to $769. However, what most financially literate people actually look at is the total cost of the loan with the 0.99% financing you're looking at $57.6,000 over 5 years. Compare that to $64.9,000 with 7% financing everything else setter as parabas. Thus with this offer from Tesla that individual would be saving over $7,000 over the life of the loan.
只是为了快速展示特斯拉本月对Model Y提供的0.99%融资的影响的一个简单例子。根据左侧的这些假设,您的月付款将为891美元。然后使用相同的假设,但将利率从之前的7%降至0.99%,您的月付款将降至769美元。然而,大多数财务知识丰富的人实际上关注的是贷款的总成本,通过0.99%的融资,您将在5年内支付57.6万美元。将其与7%融资的64.9万美元相比,其他一切都作为基准。因此,通过特斯拉的这个优惠,这个个人在贷款期间将节省超过7,000美元。

Tesla has appointed Bon Egleston as the new head of the 4680 program. He's been tasked with driving down 4680 production costs significantly. His mandate includes not only continuing production without further layoffs but also ensuring Tesla's 4680s become cheaper than those offered by major suppliers like Panasonic and LG by the end of the year. But listening to the Q1 call it sounded like Tesla was already on track to pull that off by the end of this year. I also disagree with what drive Tesla said later in the article in that 4680s are also expected to power future models like the RoboTaxi CyberCab. At this point, at least to start, I think that's unlikely as the CyberCab will most likely use LFP selves and to our knowledge Tesla is not making 4680s with LFP tech inside.
特斯拉已任命邦·埃格尔斯顿为4680项目的新负责人。他的任务是显著降低4680生产成本。他的任务不仅包括继续生产而不再进行裁员,还包括确保特斯拉的4680电池比像松下和LG这样的主要供应商提供的更便宜,直到年底。但从第一季度电话会议的讨论中可以听出,特斯拉似乎已经在今年年底前实现了这一目标。我还不同意在文章后面特斯拉所说的4680电池还将被用于未来车型如RoboTaxi CyberCab。至少从现在来看,我认为这是不太可能的,因为CyberCab很可能会使用LFP电池,据我们所知,特斯拉并没有在4680电池里使用LFP技术。

They also said if Tesla does not drop costs by the end of the year that a failure to do so might lead to Tesla reconsidering the viability of the entire 4680 program. They've invested too much, they've come too far, they've made too much progress to stop at this point, even if they missed their goals they'll continue to make the program better. Bond has been at Tesla now for over 7 years working mainly on cell manufacturing. Mercedes who originally wanted to go all EV by 2030 is now saying they're stopping development of their MB.EA large platform. The reason for this is disappointing sales figures for current luxury electric cars. Now like many others, Mercedes is saying we will be able to flexibly offer vehicles with both fully electric systems and electrified high tech combustion engines well into the 2030s.

Kyle Vogt, the former cruise CEO, has launched a new company, the bot company focusing on humanoid robots for in-home sale, has teamed up with some former Tesla employees and they just raised $150 million. The bot company is already valued at $550 million. The startup aims to create home robots capable of handling household chores like cleaning and laundry. The company's business model is centered on selling these robots directly to consumers with the added feature of customization through a discord like chat server. As mentioned, Kyle Vogt is teaming up with former Tesla tech lead and manager for AI, Paril Jain. At Tesla, Paril was leading the planning, imitation learning and reinforcement learning team for Tesla AI. His team was focused on building the foundation models for autonomy that can scale to vehicle as well as humanoid platforms.

And then on X, Paril announced his move. He said as for Tesla, talking about version 12, it finally seems closer than ever to a robotaxi. While I had always planned to help Tesla get to the final destination of global deployment of robotaxis, I think it's time to accelerate the rest of the robotics industry and build more bots that give people time back. You will love the upcoming versions of V12 and obviously actually SmartSummon. The team is on an amazing trajectory to continue pushing forward more improvements on the road to being driverless. And don't miss what McHale said who also just left Tesla. Tesla will achieve self-driving and have the biggest autonomous fleet in the world.

This became obvious to us internally in the past few years and is becoming obvious to everyone else as FSD rolls out. We got a counterpoint from George Hott saying, It's like investors learn no lessons from the graveyard of self-driving car companies and now we have to speed run it again for humanoid robots. The same scammers will profit and the same public will lose. To which Kyle Vot said aside, George said you aren't as bad as figure robot but still give 130 million back, drop the hype narrative and ship an incrementally useful product. To which Paril said, ship an incrementally useful product on it. NHTSA has now opened an investigation into Waymo thanks to 22 incidents in which the company's cars were involved in collisions or may have violated traffic laws. The word is, Waymo vehicles have crashed into objects like gates, chains and parked cars. This probe covers an estimated 444 vehicles.
这在过去几年对我们内部变得明显,随着FSD推出,对所有人也变得明显起来。我们收到了George Hott的观点,他说:“投资者似乎没有从那些自动驾驶汽车公司的坟墓中吸取教训,现在我们又不得不为人形机器人加速奔跑。”同样的骗子会获利,同样的公众会受损。Kyle Vot则在一旁说,George说你不像机器人一样糟糕,但还是要退还1.3亿美元,摒弃炒作叙述,推出一个渐进式有用的产品。Paril补充说,把渐进式有用的产品上市吧。现在NHTSA已经针对Waymo展开调查,因为公司的车辆涉及了22起碰撞事件或可能违反交通法规。消息传出说,Waymo的车辆曾撞到过门、链条和停放的车辆等物体。此次调查涵盖了约444辆车辆。

Just to clear the air on this one from yesterday, Tesla hiring back, some of the roughly 500 members of the supercharger team that were let go. Chief among the personnel coming back is Max Dezegar, the director for charging for North America. He was one of the top managers after Rebecca Tanucci. It's still not immediately clear how many laid off workers have been rehired. In case you did not have a chance to read the Musk biography, this is just how he operates. His philosophy has always been to delete, cut and remove as much as you can, whether it's from a product, the workforce or a process. The thinking goes, if you're not looking to add back roughly 10% of what you cut, then you didn't cut enough in the first place. That's because once you make those mass cuts, then you can actually see where problems crop up and where you actually need people, aka who or what is essential.
为了澄清昨天的事情,特斯拉正在重新雇佣大约500名超级充电团队的一些成员。其中重要的人员包括北美充电主管马克斯·德泽加。他是继丽贝卡·塔努奇之后的高级经理之一。目前还不清楚有多少被裁员的员工已经被重新雇佣。 如果你没有机会读马斯克的传记,这就是他的操作方式。他的哲学一直是删除、削减,尽可能地去除,无论是产品、工作人员还是流程。思想是,如果你不打算重新增加大约削减的10%,那么你一开始就没有削减足够。这是因为一旦进行大规模削减,你就能看到问题出现的地方,了解实际上需要什么人或什么是必不可少的。

Case in point, what Elon did with Twitter. When in, laid off a majority of the staff and then started hiring people back slowly. How about a Tesla example. There was a time when Elon said he was going to close most of the retail stores, but just a few days later, Elon then backtracked on that decision. Don't forget, at the time this was March 2019 and analysts said the seemingly spontaneous yet dramatically altering strategic decisions does not lend to a lot of confidence. A friendly reminder, since March 2019, Tesla stock is up over 893%. The exact same thing is happening today. Plenty of people are doubting Elon and his judgment saying that he's making rash decisions, the same thing people were saying over 4 years ago. As it turned out, Tesla did just fine over the last 4-5 years.

Porsche is planning to roll out a hybrid version of the 911 and it looks like it'll make it stay view later this month. When Ford said it was going to cut around $12 billion in EV spending, things like this should be expected, Ford has now begun cutting orders from battery suppliers to stem EV losses. For what it's worth, CATL said its cooperation with Ford is moving forward as normal. Stellantis and Leet Motor put out a press release saying that their joint venture is now complete 51% for Stellantis. The companies are now laying the groundwork for their T03 and C10 vehicles first in European markets, then expanding to India and Asia Pacific. The gist of the partnership will be Leet Motors technology and products along with Stellantis supporting in areas like overseas channels, services and marketing. Stellantis has said this move is only going to be complementary to their own EV plans, but you don't partner with an EV maker from China if you're overly confident about your own EV prowess. Yes, there can be strategic benefits, but oftentimes these joint ventures can bring unnecessary levels of complication.

Crews said starting this week its AVs will begin supervised autonomous driving in Phoenix. To begin, these rides will have a safety driver present. This will be a testing and a validation phase. They've talked about their over 5 million driverless miles before, and they said they'll begin supervised autonomous driving in Phoenix and will gradually expand to Scottsdale, Paradise Valley, Tempe, Mesa, Gilbert and Chandler. Rivian has informed state officials it plans more layoffs in California. It's planning to lay off more than 120 employees, including 89 in Irvine and 28 in Palo Alto. The job losses will begin in June. US sales of Volvo's battery powered XC40 recharge and C40 crossovers plummeted 65% in the first quarter to just 970 vehicles. The owner of Volvo Cars in Memphis said dealers are accepting fewer EVs from the factory saying we just don't see the consumer interested in EVs. Volvo has adjusted to reality by dialing back EV supply while ramping up plug-in hybrid vehicle allocations. In the first four months of the year, Volvo's plug-in hybrid sales in the US surged 55% to 10.1.

Carnival Corporation, the world's largest cruise company today announced 100% of its ships across the global fleet are equipped with Starlink. The upgrade rivals on land connectivity experiences. The added bandwidth also boosts each ship's operational and communications capabilities with more continuous onboard equipment monitoring and real-time connectivity and data sharing between ship and shore teams, along with the enhanced versatility to more quickly roll out new guest services and features. Tesla stock closed the day at $177.55 up 3.29% while the Nasdaq was up 0.75%. It was a lower volume day for Tesla trading about 16 million shares below the average volume the past 30 days. And in case you missed this meme from Elon about Reuters, I had to share it as I was actually LOLing when I saw it. Hope you guys have a wonderful day. Please like the video if you did. You can find me on X linked below and a huge thank you to all of my Patreon supporters.
嘉年华集团,世界上最大的游轮公司,今天宣布全球舰队的100% 船只都安装了Starlink。 这一升级使其在陆地网络连接体验方面具有竞争力。增加的带宽还提升了每艘船的操作和通信能力,实现了更持续的船上设备监控以及船舶和岸上团队之间的实时连接和数据共享,同时增强了更快推出新客户服务和功能的灵活性。 特斯拉股票收盘价为177.55美元,上涨3.29%,纳斯达克指数上涨了0.75%。 特斯拉的交易量较低,约为过去30天平均交易量的1600万股以下。 如果你错过了埃隆关于路透社的梗,我分享给大家,当我看到时实际上是哈哈大笑。 希望你们有一个美好的一天。 如果你喜欢这个视频,请点赞。 您可以在下方找到我的X链接,对所有赞助我的Patreon支持者表示衷心的感谢。