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Key Details in TSLA Proxy / Elon's "Tesla" Interview / New Atlas to Compete With Optimus ⚡️

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Welcome to Electrified, it's your host, Dylan Umis. Quick shout out to my newest patron Biggie. Thank you for choosing to support the channel. Just a heads up for the upcoming Open Your Trunk feature in the newest Tesla software update. It does require iPhone 11 Plus, but a future update will extend it to Android users. Also in this update, below the turn by turn list and your navigation, you'll now see a progress bar that changes as you drive closer to your destination or next stop. This bar also reflects live traffic conditions on your route if you have online routing turned on. Navigation will now show you at the top of your turn list if a faster route becomes available, it'll reroute you unless you decline before the option expires. There are new wiper controls when you press the wiper's button, you can now adjust wiper speed by moving the left scroll wheel up or down. And when you have the wiper set to a select speed, you can now use the wiper button to actually cycle through those speeds. As somebody who's been using the browser and YouTube TV while I wait in parking lots, this one was exciting. Now you can expand the browser to full screen when you're parked.
欢迎来到《电动之道》,我是主持人迪伦·乌米斯。快速致谢给我最新的赞助者Biggie。感谢您选择支持本频道。提醒一下,即将推出的特斯拉最新软件更新将包括打开后备箱功能。目前需要iPhone 11 Plus,但未来更新将扩展到安卓用户。此外,在本次更新中,在您的导航路线和转弯列表下,您将看到一个进度条,随着您接近目的地或下一站,进度条会改变。如果您开启在线导航路线,该条还会反映您路线上的实时交通状况。导航现在会在您的转弯列表顶部显示当有更快的路线可用时,它会重新规划路线,除非您在选项过期前拒绝。现在按下雨刮器按钮时,您可以通过向上或向下滚动左滚轮来调整雨刮速度。当您将雨刮器设置为特定速度时,您现在可以使用雨刮器按钮来循环浏览这些速度。作为一个在停车场等候时一直在使用浏览器和YouTube电视的人来说,这对我来说是令人兴奋的。现在,您可以在停车时将浏览器扩展到全屏显示。

There are a few others on the screen, but one of note, if you have no passengers in the back seat, now the rear touch screen turns off when you shift out of park to reduce unnecessary energy use. You'll also have the option to hear a chime anytime you're approaching a speed camera. Availability in the US right now, unknown. The CNED post gave us an update about Tesla's megapactory in Shanghai. Now we're looking at construction to begin in May and then mass production in quarter one 2025. This project has been pushed back a few times now. Originally the plan was to start construction in quarter three 2023 and then they were looking at mass production in Q2 of 2024. This factory is expected to have the same capacity as the one in laythrop 10,000 megapacks per year or 40 gigawatt hours. Writers loves recycling these Tesla India news items, but they're confirming that sources are saying Elon is likely to announce a two to three billion dollar investment for a factory in India next week.

Elon plans to meet with Narendra Modi on Monday and the sources are saying Elon is likely to give an investment figure for India without sharing details like a timeline or which state where the plant will be built. Elon is also likely to attend an event organized by the Indian government in New Delhi with space startups. Along those lines after a few years of back and forth, Starlink has finally received an in principle approval from the telecom ministry in India. Thus Starlink now awaits final vetting by the home ministry over certain security matters. The telecom ministry has imposed certain mandates including the know your customer details and customer info of Indian users should not move outside the country. Also today say has made its investor website live for Tesla. So if you want to go submit some questions and vote for others, I'll have it linked below. Tesla has reintroduced 0% financing in Germany, the second time it's done so this year, just two weeks after relaunching it in China. In Germany, the 0% is for the model wide long range all wheel drive and the performance variants. The maximum term for this deal is four years in the US Tesla is now offering a model three lease rate of $299 per month down from 329 this offer ends April 30th. This year through February, Tesla had spent $200,000 on advertising on X.
埃隆计划在周一会见纳伦德拉·莫迪,并据消息称,埃隆可能会向印度提出一个投资数字,但不会透露时间表或建厂的具体州。埃隆还可能参加由印度政府在新德里举办的与太空初创公司有关的活动。经过几年的来来回回,星链终于收到了印度电信部的初步批准。因此,星链现在等待内政部对某些安全事项的最终审查。电信部已经施加了一些规定,包括了解客户的详细信息,印度用户的信息不得转移到国外。另外,今天Say为特斯拉的投资者网站上线。所以如果您想提出一些问题并为其他人投票,我将在下面链接它。特斯拉在德国重新推出了0%融资,这是今年第二次这样做,在中国重新推出0%融资仅两周后。在德国,0%适用于长续航全轮驱动和性能变体。这项交易的最大期限是四年,在美国,特斯拉现在提供每月299美元的Model 3租金,较之前的329美元下降,此优惠截止日期为4月30日。今年截至2月份,特斯拉在X上的广告支出为20万美元。

There's people like Fred from Electric out there that are criticizing Elon for pulling some talent from Tesla to help out with X. But to that I would just say don't forget Tesla was actually paid $1 million from X for their services. Not only that but the interplay between all of Elon's companies has been a huge competitive advantage for Tesla and all of the other companies. Plus it gives the engineers a quick mental break to shift their focus to something else, maybe learn a new thing or two and then go back to their normal routine. I did miss this one last night, but Elon did confirm what we were talking about yesterday. He said not quite betting the company, but going all out for autonomy is a blindingly obvious move. Everything else is like variations on a horse carriage. James down the said Robotaxi Teslas will drive five times the miles of personal cars. That's five times displaced ice miles. Tesla can keep making personal cars, but every effort should be made to accelerate the introduction of and maximize the deployment numbers and usage of Robotaxi vehicles. To that, Elon said this sounds about right.
有像电气公司的弗雷德这样的人在批评埃隆从特斯拉调走一些人才来帮助 X 公司。但我只想说,不要忘记特斯拉实际上是收到了 X 公司支付的 100 万美元作为服务费。不仅如此,埃隆旗下公司之间的相互作用对特斯拉和其他公司都是巨大的竞争优势。而且这也让工程师们能够快速调整思维,转移焦点到其他事情上,也许学到新东西,然后再回到他们正常的工作日常。昨晚我确实错过了这个消息,但埃隆确认了昨天我们所讨论的。他说,虽然不是赌上整个公司,但全力发展自动驾驶技术是一个显而易见的举措。其他一切都像马车的变化。詹姆斯说,Robotaxi 特斯拉将驱动私人车辆的里程数的五倍。这将导致私家车里程数减少五倍。特斯拉可以继续生产私人汽车,但应该尽一切努力加速 Robotaxi 车辆的推出和最大程度地提高部署数量和使用率。对此,埃隆表示认同。

James also posted not going all out on autonomy right now would be dumb and Elon said absolutely. Again, just be prepared for the bifurcation of the Tesla community. Some are going to believe in this vision and will think Tesla is going to solve it and others will not. Nate, an engineer at X said I wish my Tesla had a sticky notes app to which Elon said okay. I don't even need a transition for this one because so many of you have been enjoying Soylent. It's made in America full of vitamins and minerals, it's plant based, it follows the science and became popular via Silicon Valley as the world's most perfect food, so coders and gamers would not have to take a break. Yes, they sponsor the channel but I'm telling you this stuff tastes like a snack so you need to be careful here. The mint chocolate so good. And before you even say it in case you've seen the movie. Soylent is plants, it's plants, not people! Despite the hype that Soylent got from being the best meal replacement through a study of 40,000 people, Soylent has managed to keep their products affordable which in an inflationary environment I find admirable. As I've said before 90% of what we consume should be whole foods, sourced well, organic etc but check the stats here. My go to has become the cafe mocha, it has some caffeine and now fening for focus, 20 grams of protein, no artificial flavors, gluten free, vegan, 2.83 potassium to sodium ratio, I'll repeat, look that up sometime and only 1 gram of sugar per serving plus over 38 other essential nutrients. I know taste is subjective but I'm warning you these are incredibly good and given the nutrition profile in my opinion it's a home run to enjoy every now and then. Plus I really think it's a great option to keep you from reaching for something like ice cream or chips when those cravings hit.

The first 500 people to use my link below and my code electrified 30 will get 30% off their first subscription, the link is below. Enjoy. This morning Tesla released a preliminary proxy statement for the upcoming annual shareholder meeting that's going to be held June 13th in Austin, Texas at 330 central time. The event will be online as well so if you were a Tesla stockholder at the close of business on April 15th of this year within the next week or two you should be getting a letter from your broker with next steps on how to vote. As you see on the screen there are 12 proposals in total that are up for voting three of which are actually stockholder proposals. The board has recommended voting for the first five proposals and against the last seven. Numbers three and four however stand out amongst the rest as three is Tesla moving from Delaware to Texas and then four is ratifying Elon's 2018 compensation plan. If you do want to educate yourself with this multi hundred page document it's incredibly in depth and Tesla was called out for not providing and not being forthcoming enough with certain relationships and disclosures and meetings and planning. Well they did everything they could to rectify that with this document. It's going to be way too much for most people so my advice would be look at the proposals and then pick the few that mean the most to you and then if you do want to learn more or you need info about how you want to cast your vote use the table of contents to click around and get to that specific part.
使用我下面的链接和我的代码“electrified30”有优惠30%折扣的前500人,链接如下。享受吧。 今天早上,特斯拉发布了即将举行的年度股东大会的初步代理声明,将于六月13日在德克萨斯州奥斯汀330中央时间举行。这个活动也将在线进行,所以如果您是今年4月15日闭市时的特斯拉股东,在接下来的一两周内,您应该会收到您的经纪人寄来的关于如何投票的下一步的信函。屏幕显示的是总共有12个提案需要投票,其中有三个是股东提案。董事会建议投票支持前五项提案,反对最后七项提案。然而,编号为三和四的提案在其中脱颖而出,其中三是特斯拉从特拉华州搬迁到德克萨斯州,四是批准埃隆2018年的薪酬计划。如果您想了解这份数百页的文件,它是非常深入的。特斯拉被批评没有提供足够的关系、披露和会议规划信息。他们尽力通过这份文件来纠正这一点。对大多数人来说,这将是太多了,所以我的建议是看看这些提案,然后挑选出对您最重要的几个,然后如果您想了解更多信息,或者需要关于如何投票的信息,请使用目录点击相关部分。

As always you should definitely vote your shares as you see fit. I just feel obligated to say this if somehow the vote does not go in Elon's favor and this 2018 complaint does not get ratified that leaves major question marks for Elon's future at Tesla and not only that but there could be some major financial implications as you're about to find out and because I'm still seeing people out there that for some reason don't think this is true here it is in plain language in the document because the Delaware court second guest our decision us voters Elon has not been paid for any of his work for Tesla for the past six years that plan was 100 percent performance based it was all stock options and all of those options right now have been taken away from Elon just so you know Tesla formed this special committee to put together this document it was originally going to be Kathleen Wilson Thompson and Joe Gebia but Gebia recused himself and then Tesla brought on a few advisors

I spent a lot of the day reading through this just so you could understand some of the most important points on Tesla changing its incorporation from Delaware the special committee initially considered all US states as well as the possibility of incorporating outside the US after narrowing things down to Texas and Delaware the committee said there were three differentiating factors Texas is Tesla's home state they of course have plenty of operations in the state Texas statutory law on corporate constituencies would better align with Tesla's mission driven culture and Delaware has an established and respected business court and the largest body of corporate case law in the country whereas Texas just created a business court the committee balanced these considerations and concluded that in its business judgment it's in the best interest of Tesla and all of its stockholders for the company to reincorporate in Texas they also concluded based on the advice of its financial and academic advisors that there was no convincing evidence that reincorporating Texas would affect Tesla's market value it's minor but relocating to Texas will save Tesla $250,000 per year in franchise tax payments on Texas having less established case law

they said Texas's silence in these areas does not mean Texas law is or will be meaningfully different from Delaware law Texas courts often look to Delaware law to fill gaps in Texas law one advantage of Tesla moving to Texas according to the committee was that home state incorporation means the legislators and the judges making corporate law and the jury's deciding fact disputes in corporate cases are drawn from the community in which the company operates that's important because the local decision makers in Texas will have a deeper understanding of Tesla's business they also said that Texas unlike Delaware has an express statutory provision that would allow though not require Tesla's directors and officers to consider the company's mission in exercising their fiduciary duties so as many were expecting a bit more flexibility and understanding being in Texas

they said scholarship demonstrates a high level of reversal rate for decisions of the Delaware Court of Chancery this focus on precise facts and circumstances means Delaware decisions may be less predictable for an innovative company like Tesla you don't say one of the main risks with Tesla moving to Texas was indeed Delaware having much more extensive case law as again Texas's business courts were just created and will not start hearing cases until September 2024 but again these Texas courts can always lean on established precedent in Delaware and then if you really want to get into the weeds of the differences between Delaware and Texas they laid out this chart that goes on and on for pages for this to be approved they'll be looking for the affirmative vote of a simple majority of the outstanding shares and then we have proposal for which talks about Elon's 2018 comp plan

we've been over this in the past but if you need a brush up it has all of the information there for you if Elon's comp plan is ratified then all of the deficiencies and any wrongs found by the Delaware court in connection with that performance plan should be cured the 303.9 million options issued to Elon pursuant to that plan will be restored to Elon compensating him for his nearly six years of service to Tesla

and Tesla may be able to argue that the plaintiffs attorneys are not entitled to that five billion dollars of the attorney fee award the special committee decided to fully stand behind Tesla's board as they did not substantively re-evaluate the amount or the terms of Elon's 2018 plan aka they're asking for ratification of the exact same plan with no changes

this part's really important the special committee noted that dozens of institutional stockholders have unprompted told the company's investor relations team they disagree with tornettas invalidation of the 2018 plan seven institutional stockholders including four of the top 10 felt strongly enough to seek a meeting with the board chair and raise the issue having four of the top 10 biggest institutional investors effectively already on board with Elon's 2018 comp plan is going to go a long way toward getting Tesla that majority vote

and shout out to Alexandra and Amy and everybody else behind this movement they put in the letter more than 6,000 individuals claiming to be stockholders owning more than 23 million shares sent unsolicited letters and emails to the board or to the court supporting the reinstatement of Elon's plan the special committee found this stockholder feedback powerful and persuasive

the committee held an interview with Elon and Elon said he wants to be treated fairly and with respect he said he feels he worked extraordinarily hard and made many sacrifices to meet the terms of the deal he made it clear that his ownership interest in Tesla is also very meaningful to him and he confirmed the 2018 comp plan had been motivating and that ratification of it would motivate him to continue devoting time and energy to Tesla

and don't forget if Elon gets these options back and then exercises them he still has to hold those shares for a period of five years the committee was cognizant of the possibility that its redomestication decision could be wrongly perceived as being made in direct response to the tornado opinion and with the intent to award Elon compensation in a different jurisdiction that he could not get in Delaware that seems like a savvy move by the committee to hold the votes now to avoid that criticism

now here's where things get serious and we really have to think about the future of Tesla if this goes south if it's not ratified Tesla may need to negotiate a replacement comp plan with Elon and that could likely take substantial time in light of all of the criticisms of the 2018 plan in light of the committee's interview with Elon they said any new plan would need to be of a similar magnitude to the 2018 plan and listen to this when talking about a hypothetical replacement plan for the one in 2018 they said for illustrative purposes this new grant of 300 million fully vested options the functional equivalent of what Elon had before that Delaware decision could potentially result in an accounting charge in excess of 25 billion dollars with a B depending on certain timing and valuation factors

any replacement compensation plan would likely have to be less than 10% of the size of the 2018 award to avoid a new accounting charge for compensation expense that's greater than the reversal of the 2018 charge translation if Tesla has to come up with a replacement plan for the 2018 award it's not going to go well for Elon and wrapping this up the ratification could also be challenged in these novel circumstances by stockholders both before and after the vote so unfortunately even a favorable ratification vote by stockholders may not fully resolve this matter the committee could not predict with certainty how a vote to ratify this plan would be treated under Delaware law under these novel circumstances

right here the ratification could get subsequently overturned and the Delaware court or a different one may find the ratification is not fair to stockholders i'm not a lawyer but reading through a lot of this document i feel like it would be very difficult to argue that these shareholders were not actually informed this time around with this document they also clarified right now there is no such new compensation plan planned by Tesla just one more time for good measure elon has not received compensation in nearly six years honestly how would you feel if you sacrificed for a company for six years and then the shareholders decided to vote against you getting compensated for that time when originally everybody voted for it that paired with the fact that elon still wouldn't have the level of ownership he feels comfortable having at tesla to develop ai at the company is not good for tesla's future this is really only step one in a process that may take the next 12 to 18 months to actually come to a final solution tesla and the board are officially appealing to delaware decision but that's going to take time to play out this cloud of uncertainty will most likely linger into 2025 but for now we just have to focus on step one which is the voting

tesla does have a new website support tesla value dot com covering some of the main highlights from that proxy document i'll have this linked below be on the lookout for that communication from your broker on the next steps on how you can vote and then if you're in europe i'll have this thread below with some information on what you'll need to do to actually be able to vote your shares i'd love to know how leo plans to vote as he just boosted his share count to 27.6 million a cool 4.3 billion dollars again definitely vote your shares as you see fit but i am not going to be shy about sharing where i stand don't forget elon helped generate a 10x return in tesla stock from the beginning of 2019 through 2023 and that's after the tesla stock underperformance as of late for all of that work and all of that shareholder value created elon has received zero dollars in my humble opinion the sooner we can get elon paid and a new compensation plan it may be created once tesla is able to move into texas then deal with the texas courts the faster that all happens the better things will be for tesla stock just one day after boston dynamics retired the hydraulic atlas today they unveiled a fully electric version and as we speculated this one is designed for real world applications hunday is the majority owner of boston dynamics and they will be building the next generation of automotive manufacturing capabilities this will serve as a perfect testing ground for the new atlas applications this coming from a press release from boston dynamics it's also somewhat ironic the prior version of atlas was not a good apples to apples comparison with optimus but it sounds like the new electric version that has an automotive based future may actually be boston dynamics also has spot and stretch which they've already made deployments of and they said similar to those rollouts they'll be partnering with a small group of innovative customers starting with hunday to test and iterate atlas applications over the next few years the prior version of atlas could already lift and maneuver a wide variety of heavy irregular objects and they're continuing to build on those existing capabilities and they're now exploring several new gripper variations so far bd has over 1500 deployments of their spot robot we don't know a whole lot about bd on the software ai side but they were talking about reinforcement learning and computer vision and they said they recently launched their orbit software which provides a centralized platform to manage your entire robot fleet as we've been talking about the humanoid space is heating up very quickly and yes this video is impressive the range of motion seems great i still want to see what those hands can do
特斯拉确实有一个新的网站support tesla value dot com,涵盖了一些来自代理文件的主要亮点。我会在下面提供链接,请留意您的经纪人发来的与投票下一步相关的通知。如果您在欧洲,我会在下面提供一些信息,告诉您实际上需要做什么才能投票。我想知道Leo打算如何投票,因为他刚刚将股份增加到了2760万股,价值43亿美元。当然,请根据自己的意愿投票,但我不会掩饰我自己的立场。不要忘记,自2019年初至2023年底,特斯拉股票经过表现不佳后,马斯克帮助创造了10倍的回报,而这是全部工作和股东价值创造中,马斯克一分钱也没有得到。在我看来,只要我们能够让马斯克得到报酬并制定一个新的薪酬计划(这可能会在特斯拉能够进入德克萨斯州之后创建,然后处理德克萨斯州法院的问题),情况越快解决,对特斯拉股票就越有利。就在波士顿动力公司退役液压Atlas机器人的第二天,他们推出了一个全电动版本,正如我们所推测的,这个版本是为实际应用而设计的。现代汽车是波士顿动力公司的多数股东,他们将构建下一代汽车制造能力。这将成为新Atlas应用的完美测试场所。波士顿动力公司发表的新闻稿提到,先前版本的Atlas虽然无法与Optimus进行逐苹果比较,但似乎新的电动版本,具有基于汽车的未来,实际上可能是波士顿动力公司的产品。波士顿动力公司还有Spot和Stretch,他们已经进行了部署,并表示,类似于这些投放,他们将与一小部分创新客户合作,首先与现代汽车合作,以在未来几年内测试和改进Atlas应用。先前版本的Atlas已经可以举起和操作各种重型不规则物体,他们正在继续建设这些现有能力,并且正在探索几种新的夹具变体。到目前为止,波士顿动力公司已经实现了1500多次部署他们的Spot机器人。关于波士顿动力公司在软件人工智能方面,我们了解不多,但他们谈到强化学习和计算机视觉,并表示,他们最近推出了他们的轨道软件,该软件提供了一个集中平台来管理整个机器人技术团队。正如我们一直在谈论的,人形机器人领域进展迅速。是的,这个视频令人印象深刻,运动范围似乎很大,但我仍然想看看那些手能做什么。

this one is for ice vehicles but the phantom braking is not just a tesla problem honda is apparently struggling with this as well nitza has received over 1200 complaints and there were 50 reported injuries and 31 crashes the executive chair of four just said the lack of visibility into policy is a major challenge for the auto industry our planning time frame as a company is a lot longer than election cycles the problem is when we're whipsawed back and forth we can't turn on a dime this yet another challenge for legacy auto during an election year having that extra level of uncertainty given that biden and trump are kind of opposites when it comes to evs

as of today rivian is starting a new round of layoffs something they did earlier this year in february rivian said this was a difficult decision but it won to support our goal to be gross margin positive by the end of the year it's still unknown the scale of the reduction this time around they also said until the end of april there are one t and r1s orders will include a complementary stealth ppf valued at $5,000 rivian also confirmed the trimotor variant and a new premium trim level for the 2025 versions of the r1s and r1 t to the rivian layoff news elon said inevitable google maps is now releasing some ev charging features of their own they'll basically be helping drivers find good places to charge and not only see them on the map but understand how to navigate to certain sites that can be hard to find users will be able to leave a review of each site which would actually be a pretty sweet feature for tesla especially if you could sort by most recent

tesla stock closed the day at $155.45 down 1.06% while the nazdak was down 1.15%. it was a lower volume day trading about 12 million shares below the average volume the past 30 days don't forget check out soilent linked below if you're interested hope you guys have a wonderful day please like the video if you did you can find me on x linked below and a huge thank you to all of my patreon supporters you
特斯拉股票收盘价为155.45美元,下跌了1.06%,而纳斯达克指数下跌了1.15%。当天的成交量较低,约为1200万股,低于过去30天的平均成交量。如果你感兴趣,不要忘记查看下面链接的Soilent!希望大家有一个美好的一天,请喜欢这个视频,如果你喜欢的话。你可以在下面找到我的x链接。非常感谢所有我的 patreon 支持者。